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Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Some Assembly RequiredEra: Canon: No


Elements (8-17-point Quality)

Giles: "The Earth is definitely doomed.”

-7.22 Chosen


            In the new millennium warriors will rise marked by a sign to defeat the Shadowmen. Each of the Elements is selected before birth to show the way. The Elements are a group of warriors who defend the world from the Shadowmen. Each is specifically aligned to one of the elements of the universe. Like the Slayer there appears to be only one of each of the Elements so far (or they are very rare and these are just the first of humanity’s defenders). Although the Elements start with three levels of Hard to Kill (they can have up to 10 levels in total).

            They also gain an Adversary (the Shadowmen, their traditional enemies) worth three points. Only an Element can destroy a Shadowman. Like a Slayer an Element's powers will continue to grow the longer they survive. How each of their powers will increase and what direction that growth will take is unknown at this time.
            Elements cannot be Slayers, Vampires or Werewolves. If they are turned into undead their abilities and powers return to the source.

            Unfortunately for the latest recruits, Os has killed the Element of Earth. This happened right before the White Warrior was able to convert him to her cause.

Air 14-point Quality
Air is everywhere. It surrounds us at all times. Invisible and untouchable, it is constantly moving, unsteady and impossible to hold. Air is spontaneous, erratic and volatile. With fire it can cause explosions of cataclysmic power. With water it can unleash punishing torrents of rain. Those who underestimate its power do so at their own peril.
Attribute Bonuses: +2 Strength, +4 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +1 Perception.
+1 Acrobatics
Special: Adversary (the Shadowmen) (3)
Emotional Problems (Fear of Commitment) (1)
Hard to Kill 3 (3)
Reduced Damage (One-Fifth Damage Falls/Large Blunt Trauma) (5)

Earth 14-point Quality
Earth is
Attribute Bonuses: +3 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +4 Constitution.
+1 Getting Medieval or Kung Fu
Special: Adversary (the Shadowmen) (3)
Hard to Kill 3 (3)
Reduced Damage (One-Half Damage Everything) (5)

Fire 17-point Quality
Fire is fierce, hot and deadly. Left uncontrolled, its fury rages, until finally it consumes itself. But when harnessed, fire is a formidable force. It fights the dark and the cold. Working with the other elements, it grows even stronger. It can boil water, explode air and temper steel. Alone it’s deadly even to itself. But when united with the other elements, it has the strength to conquer worlds.
Attribute Bonuses: +3 Strength, +3 Dexterity, +2 Constitution.
+1 Kung Fu
Special: Adversary (the Shadowmen) (3)
Hard to Kill 3 (3)
Reckless (2)
Reduced Damage (One-Fifth Damage Fire/Explosions) (10)

Metal 12-point Quality
Metal is brash and showy, but strong and deadly. It is arrogant and rigid, but it will not compromise and it never surrenders. It is not subtle, but it is honest and bold and always ready to fight. It can be blunt, precise, hot, cold, molten or solid, but it is never weak, and it is folly to enter battle without utilising its force.
Attribute Bonuses: +4 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +3 Constitution.
+1 Getting Medieval
Special: Adversary (the Shadowmen) (3)
Hard to Kill 3 (3)
Reduced Damage (One-Fifth Damage Metal Weapons) (5)
Showoff (2)

Water8-point Quality
Water is the giver of all life. It’s patient, steady and timeless. Without it there is only dust. Water is deep and mysterious. It seeks serenity. But when combined with other elements it has apocalyptic force. United with air, it can lock the world in a prison of ice or pummel it with blistering rain. Combined with fire, it can scald. On its own, water can also destroy with unmatched strength. It must be respected.
Attribute Bonuses: +3 Strength, +3 Dexterity, +3 Constitution.
+1 Acrobatics or +1 Kung Fu
Special: Adversary (the Shadowmen) (3)
Hard to Kill 3 (3)
Honorable (Serious) (2)

Names of characters and the distinctive likenesses thereof are used without permission.
? 2001 In-Motion AG/World Media Fund. All Rights Reserved. Image used without permission.


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