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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: PlanetsEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: Aleen
Region: Mid Rim
Sector: Bright Jewel Sector
System: Aleen system
Suns: 1
Moons: 1: Trohlu
Grid coordinates: L-7
Trade routes: Celanon Spur, Entralla Route
Rotation period: 31 hours per day
Orbital period: 399 days per years
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Surface: Type I (breathable) / Underworld: Type I (breath mask suggested)
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Primary terrain: Surface:*Rocky mesas and buttes, Desert plains, Isolated forests / Underworld:*Geological and arboreal root caverns, Luminescent vegetation groves
Surface water: Shallow seas
Points of interest: Jedi chapter house, Aleen mainframe station, Aleen Underworld, Great Seal
Native flora: Legends|Arbozoic trees
Fauna: Can-cell, Sagcatcher, Scatalpen
Native species: Aleena, Kindalo, Orphne's species
Primary language(s): Surface:Aleena/ Underworld: Kindalo
Surface: Monarchy
Underworld: Anarchical consensus
Population: Surface: 18,000,000; 99% Aleena, 1% Other /Underworld: Unknown
Major cities: None
Major imports: None
Major exports: None

Description: Aleen was a planet located in the Mid Rim that contained two unique environs: the surface world inhabited by the Aleena and the Underworld, the domain of the Kindalo.

A desert world on the surface, Aleen's upper crust contained a second major environ that contained a series of complex caverns with its own unique atmosphere. Formed by the growth of the unique arbozoic trees, the caverns were also comprised of tunnels carved by water, lava, and tectonic sheering. Maintaining a unique climate and an atmosphere dangerous to the surface-dwelling Aleena, the Underworld was inhabited by the tree-like Kindalo and the mystical being, Orphne. Just as the Aleena could not breathe in the Underworld environment, Kindalo were harmed by the unfiltered oxygen of the surface world. To this end, the planet's two sentient species made the conscious decision to recognize the divide between the two environs and remained separated. Aleena colossi dotted the surface of the planet, standing as relics of their ancient society abandoned in favor of a simpler lifestyle.

The homeworld of both the Aleena and the Kindalo species, Aleen was a world of two distinct environs that had a shared, yet separate history. Establishing a strong culture and a fierce army, the Aleena built towering monoliths that were vital to the religious orders that formed on the planet. The Infinite Empire controlled the planet at its height, and the Aleena and the Kindalo served as client species the reigning Rakata.

After the Infinite Empire collapsed, the Aleena experienced an expansionist era, during which they settled other worlds and spread out into the greater galaxy. Aleen Minor became a major colony of the Aleena species, and would go on to become the center of Aleena culture in the distant future. The Aleena came into conflict with the Kindalo that lived beneath the surface of the world, and the two cultures waged a terrible civil war that caused great damage to both societies through the use of technological weapons. When life on Aleen was nearly destroyed by the fighting, a compact was formed that secured the notion that neither society would interfere with the other again. To this end, the Great Seal was forged to serve as a reminder of the compact, and was placed within a primary tunnel opening that allowed access to the Underworld.

Vowing to leave behind the society that caused the near apocalypse on Aleen, the Aleena entered into an era of self-imposed seclusion and scaled back development considerable. Forming into kinship clades known as tahikos, the individual settlements maintained contact with a planetary government that advised the King of Aleen. Over the course of the millennia, Duros spacers discovered Aleen and eventually introduced the Jedi Order to the world. Establishing a chapter house over top of the Great Seal, the Jedi protected the world for a time, before abandoning their chapter house and allowing it to fall into disrepair.

Around 21 BBY during the Clone Wars, the planet began suffering from groundquakes caused by the Kindalo because the Great Seal had been opened under mysterious circumstances. The Kindalo thought the Aleena were responsible, and so caused massive groundquakes in retaliation, prompting the Republic to send a squad of clones led by Wolffe, also accompanied by C-3PO and R2-D2 for translation, to undergo a relief mission. There, the droids discovered the Underworld and were able to seal the breach and restore balance to Aleen. Although the clones were skeptical, the Aleena were overjoyed. When the Galactic Empire came to power at the end of the war, the Empire established a observation post on the moon of Trohlu.

Aleen Underworld

The Aleen Underworld was an ecosphere located within the upper crust of the planet Aleen and the habitat of the Kindalo.

The Underworld of Aleen was created millennia in the past as the arbozoic trees which dotted the surface grew, died, and decayed. Their expansive root systems, once desiccated, left behind massive caverns in the upper crust of the planet where a unique atmosphere formed and the Kindalo species evolved. Additional tunnels were created as water, lava, and tectonic plates moved below the surface all across the planet. Because of the tectonic activity, the separate atmospheres of the planet confused planetologists from the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire. The Great Seal was designed by the Aleena to symbolically close off the Underworld to the surface dwellers as a compact between the two races of the world.

The government within the Underworld was unique to the Kindalo. Practicing a type of absolute consensus, the Kindalo required all members of their species to vote on matters of import in order to take action. Action required a unanimous agreement by all members of the society, which caused xenobiologists and political theorists from offworld to speculate that the Kindalo species was extremely small. The Underworld was also home to the mysterious being called Orphne. Encountered rarely by visitors throughout the planet's history, Orphne resided within her own domain within the Underworld.

Jedi chapter house

The Jedi chapter house was the center of Jedi activity on the planet Aleen long before the Clone Wars began.

Long before the Clone Wars, the Jedi Order established a chapter house on the planet Aleen. The chapter house was the site of the Great Seal, the artifact which separated the surface world and the Underworld; historians debated which preceded the other. Used by the Exploration Corps, the site employed local building techniques and favored a balance of above and below ground construction. For unknown reasons, the Order abandoned Aleen and their chapter house, allowing it to fall into disrepair and eventually collapse.

During the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic established an excavation site at the ruins of the chapter house where Republic researchers attempted to understand the groundquakes plaguing the world. When the Republic conducted a mission to give relief support and to assist the natives, C-3PO and R2-D2 were led to the site by Aleena guides and they both accidentally fell into the hole. After coming out from a water spout, R2-D2 closed the seal, restoring the balance on Aleen.

When the Jedi Order was exterminated at the end of the war, the Galactic Empire searched out old academies and temples of the Jedi and destroyed them. Despite being in severe disuse, the Empire used orbital bombardment to level the remaining structures that still stood at the chapter house site. The Aleena rebuilt the sections of the temple surrounding the Great Seal, where they worshiped Orphne, the protector of the arbozoic trees.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.