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Section of Site: ExaltedBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Era: Canon: No

The Celestial Temple of Light

            The Celestial Temple of Light is surrounded and hidden by valleys and forests, of to the far East near the start of the Meander River. This is a large Manse protected with many ancient First Age Solar Circle spells and spirit guardians. The temple has been crafted with great artistic skill; a true master of geomancy has shaped the power of it.

            The gardens within and around the temple have been designed by a master gardener to work well within the geomancy of the temple in general. The features of the garden still look well kept, but natural at the same time.

            Guardian spirits are assigned to guard or protect various important sites by the Celestial gods. Around the gardens and within the temple itself are many Orichalcum statues of Celestial Lions and Lion Dogs (the statues of the temple allow Celestial Lions and Lion Dogs to Materialize for half the normal cost in motes of Essence). Should the temple be found and attacked the Lions would appear to animate and defend it from invaders or thieves.

            Anyone within the grounds of the Temple of Light is immune to any form of divination or magical detection, from outside the area.

            Katanaka Pride was one of the Solar Exalted of the Eclipse Caste. He was working with the Gold Faction Sidereals of the Cult of the Illuminated. He found the temple and was using it to train and organize a place for the Solars to rest and recover from their hunted lives. Master Pride has created a small library of manuals for all the Charms of the Mantis-Style martial arts. Somewhere within the temple there is also another secret library containing manuals with instruction of many martial arts styles and their Charms, including some Celestial styles. Included in the secret library are three manuals on sorcery, the Emerald Manual of Terrestrial Sorcery, the Sapphire Manual of Celestial Sorcery and the Adamant Manual of Solar Sorcery. Each holds instruction on the appropriate level of spells. Between all three books all the spells from Exalted page 217 to 223 can be learned and any others the Storyteller decides are also written in the books.

            Within the grounds of the temple is a great astrological observatory. Unfortunately this amazing orrery device has been neglected and is now damaged and is in much need of repair. Astrology is discussed on page 251 of Exalted.
Repairing the observatory is going to be a difficult and long task. Fixing the orrery will cost Resources 5 and require specially crafted components weighing several hundred pounds that can only be obtained in large cities like the Imperial City, Nexus, Whitewall or the Varang City-States. Doing so could also be risky as it could draw attention to the characters and lead people to the temple.

            Reactivating the observatory will also require a one of infusion of 20 motes of Essence. The infusion of power allows the orrery to then draw the remaining power it needs from the Manse around it.

Exalted ?2001 White Wolf Publishing Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Exalted and its trademarks are used without express permission from White Wolf Publishing Inc.

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