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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Imperial Munitions CDP-15 Combat Disruptor Pistol
Model: Imperial Munitions CDP-15 Combat Disruptor Pistol
Type: Heavy Disruptor Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: Disruptor
Ammo: 15 (3 with standard power pack)
Cost: 3500 (power packs: 200/25)
Availability: 3, X
Range: 3-5/15/30
Damage: 7D

Somewhere between a pistol and a carbine, the CDP-25 is a brutal weapon from Imperial Munitions using disruptor technology.  Desiring a hand weapon capable of dropping an enraged wookiee (or any number of large tough alien members of the Rebel Alliance) in urban fighting, as well as being able to knock through walls and cover,  Imperial Munitions studied captured disruptors made by outlaw techs and other criminals.  In order to make a disruptor fit for military use, the range and ammunition capacity needed to be addressed.  The solution they arrived at was to dump even more energy into the system, boosting the range and even the damage.  However, this produced extreme recoil and cut down the already anemic ammo capacity.  Running out of design budget and approaching deadline, Imperial Munitions simply added a foregrip to control recoil, and a very bulky high capacity power pack.  The result is a bulky pistol or small carbine that produces an extremely loud and bright blast that can drop an AT-ST.

Many Imperial Officers dislike the weapon and refuse to issue it, considering it a terror weapon, but many others consider it excellent equipment for close in combat or when facing rebel units of composed of wookiees, barabels or other races able to shrug off normal blaster fire.  The weapons are often found in the hands of Storm Commandoes as well, and sometimes in the hands of police forces on restless worlds as they are believed to inspire 'obedience'.  They are also at times used to counter rebel armor.

With the foregrip removed and with a standard power pack inserted the CDP-25 is as concealable as most heavy blaster pistols and fits nicely in a holster.  In this configuration it is somewhat popular with assassins and some bodyguards and undercover agents.  Fired without a foregrip any more shots in the same round suffer a +10 recoil penalty, and +5 in the round after.  Heavy armor such as spacetrooper armor negatives this penalty.

Criminals love the weapon and a healthy demand exists on the black market, and it is also used in illegal death duels.

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