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Captain Lorth Needa (Human Imperial Officer)

Captain Lorth Needa (Human Imperial Officer)
The Raza

The Raza

Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Captain Slavin
Type: Imperial Officer
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Hair color: Black, later graying
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Fair

        Blaster: 4D+2
        Dodge: 4D+2
        Bureaucracy: 5D
        Planetary systems: 4D
                Planetary systems; Ryloth: 5D+2
        Tactics: 4D+2
                Tactics (Imperial): 5D+2
        Willpower: 4D
        Intimidation: 4D+1
        Languages: 3D+2
                Languages; Twileki: 5D
        Communications: 4D
        Capital Ship Piloting: 5D
        Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+2
        Vehicle Weapons: 5D
        Walker Operation: 5D
        Bargain: 4D+2
        Command: 3D+2
                Command; Imperial:  5D+1
        Persuasion: 4D+2
        Brawling: 4D+2
        First aid: 3D+2
        Security: 5D+1

Move: 10
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 4
Character Points: 5

        Imperial Navy uniform, Blaster Pistol (4D), Commlink, Imperial Code Cylinders

Description: Slavin was a male human Imperial officer who served as a captain during the Imperial occupation of Ryloth. He served under Grand Admiral Thrawn when several members of the Phoenix Cell attacked Ryloth to retrive the Syndulla clan's Kalikori. Slavin was a rival of Cham Syndulla, the leader of a rebel group that he fought on Ryloth, and as such took an opportunity to capture Syndulla's daughter Hera during the attack.

Later on, Slavin was summoned on board the Chimaera to be interviewed as part of Thrawn's investigation into the identity of a rebel spy in the Imperial ranks. Some time after, he was in command of a Star Destroyer sent to the Tonnis sector to pick up a giant kyber crystal for delivery to the construction site of the Death Star. However, the freighter carrying the crystal had been set to explode by Saw Gerrera. When the crystal blew, it destroyed Slavin's Star Destroyer, killing him.

Personality and traits

Slavin was a Captain in the Imperial Military during the Age of the Empire. He was a clumsy strategist who failed to contain the Free Ryloth movement until Grand Admiral Thrawn arrived on the scene. Under Thrawn's guidance, Slavin made gains against the Free Ryloth rebels. Slavin was a rude and haughty man who looked down on the Twi'lek servants at the former Syndulla household. He had little appreciation for art and dismissed the Kalikori as a primitive "trinket" that should be destroyed. Slavin's contempt for art exasperated Thrawn to the extent that the Chiss Grand Admiral once grabbed Slavin by the collar of his tunic. While Slavin devised a plot to trap both Cham and the Spectres by proposing a prisoner exchange, he failed to take into account the presence of the disguised rebel droid Chopper.

Slavin was later given command of his own Star Destroyer. As a commander, Slavin ordered his crew not to fire on a freighter carrying a large Kyber crystal due to the volatile nature of the crystal. Unaware that Saw Gerrera had rigged the freighter to explode, Slavin ordered his crew to dock with the freighter. This decision cost the lives of Slavin and all his crew, who perished in a subsequent explosion.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookiePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
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