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Section of Site: Characters D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


The term Floridian is the name given to natives of the planet Floridia,
a well known vacation world in the Core. The natives are the descendants
of the original human colonizers, who were a strange group to begin with.

Floridians have an extremely large obsession with sex. While not very
well endowed in their reproductive organs, Floridians are still one of
the most sexually active peoples in the galaxy. Many aged couples from
around the galaxy travel to Floridia to try to get the spark back in
their romantic lives. The locals are eager to help out, and with their
primary industry of vegetable farming, they have all the tools necessary
for hours upon hours of pleasure.

PERSONALITY: They are very social, and have a tendancy to be wantful of sex.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: By appearance, one cannot tell the difference between a Floridian
and a human.



EXAMPLE NAMES: Ryan, Matheny, Mark.

ADVENTURERS: Floridians usually travel to their local Cantina-club to dance and party,
and rarely leave the planet.

-+4 Charisma: Floridians are very sociable and likable creatures.
-Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures, Floridians have no special bonuses or penalities
due to their size.
-Floridian base speed is 10 meters.
-Sex Drive: Instead of gaining the usual four bonus skill points, 1 skill points each round that follows, and a bonus feat that humans get, a character that plays a Floridian can choose to have a sex drive.  This grants a +2 to all Charisma rolls envolving a situation that could possibly lead to sex.  This is one for the James Bond in every group.
-Automatic Language: Basic.

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