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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

The Vampyrlls

During the first great expanse across the galaxy many thousands of years ago, humans settled countless worlds, laying the grounds for great civilizations to flourish under what would soon become the Galactic Republic. However, when subjected to diverse and sometimes harsh enviromental conditions, any species will evolve and adapt so in order to survive. The near-human Vampyrlls are one such example of this natural selection at work.

When the first humans set foot upon Tiva IX they were very unpleasantly surprised to see that the scout and sensor probe reports had been highly deceptive in depicting their future home. Instead of the lush tropical paradise promised to them, they found a hostile and highly unpleasant world.

Most of the supplies along with nearly all of the fabricated buildings were destroyed during a series of fierce storms that swept across the planet's only continent only days after their landing. Fearing future storms of such magnitude, the colonists were forced to flee underground into a series of caves which criss-crossed the area.

While these caves provided excellent shelter for the colonists, they did not provide adequate sunlight to grow crops with and their portable generators would only last so long. After several decades of living a harsh life in the caves, the final generators finally passed on leaving the colonists completely on their own with only a minimum of high technology to aide their survival.

Somewhere during the course of the next two thousand years the colonists had evolved from human into a taller, slimmer and more cave-adapted version of a human - Vampyrll. The original colonists, after exhausting their food supplies had been forced to feed upon the sparse animal life and even each other, turning from a civilized sentient being into a canibalistic carnivore while retaining most of the traits which made them sentient.

Several centuries before the rise of the Galactic Empire, a Republic expedition to the world - attempting to determine whether or not it would be suitable in their ORD project - discovered the colony of Vampyrlls and transported a great number of them off-world seeing the horrid living conditions they were subjected to.

Vampyrlls are somewhat taller, thinner and much paler than most humans while retaining most of the same features. The eyes have evolved to be more suited for the dark due to generations of cave dwelling. With limited food resources in the caves, it wasn't uncommon for Vampyrlls to feed upon each other, drinking the blood. To accommodate such a diet, the Vampyrlls developed a pair of sharp fangs which they used to puncture the skin of prey. In addition to this, the generations of living in the dark have made the Vampyrlls very intolerant to direct sunlight as their pale skin is easily burnt - many Vampyrlls have met a horrible end at the hands of sunlight.

Those Vampyrlls no longer residing on Tiva IX have regained many of their human traits and it isn't uncommon for one to be seen making an honest living like many other sentients. However, the instinctual thirst for blood is still strong within them and many often times find themselves stalking about in the shadows and feeding upon the unexpecting.

Typical Vampyrll: Dexterity 3D, knowledge 2D, mechanical 2D, perception 3D, strength 2D+1, technical 2D

Homeworld: Tiva IX
Attribute Dice: 13D

Special Abilities:
        Cause STR+1D damage when biting.
    Night vision:
        Vampyrlls, being nocturnal, have evolved improved vision and thus receive a +1D bonus to Perception checks and all sight-related skills in the dark.

Story Factors:
    Intolerance to sunlight:
        Vampyrlls are extremely intolerant of exposure to sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight inflicts 1D of damage on a Vampyrll every hour which increases by +1D for every additional hour of exposure.
        Example: A Vampryll is in direct sunlight for 3 hours and suffers 1D damage for the first hour, 2D damage for the second hour and 3D damage for the third hour.
    Blood thirst:
        Vampyrlls most commonly feed off of the blood of other Vampyrlls and similar species (especially human) and are often times irresistably drawn to blood by either sight or smell. When a Vampryll has gone a while feeding on more common forms of food a Willpower roll is required to resist feeding upon any blood both seen or smelled, the difficulty of the roll depends on how long it has been since the character last fed upon blood; difficulty is 1D per week since last blood feeding
        Example: a Vampryll hasn't fed on blood for 3 weeks so a Willpower roll with a difficulty of 3D is required to resist the urge.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.7 - 2.2 meters tall

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