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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: ImperialCanon: EU

Name: Stone mite
Type: Bioweaponised Insect

Dexterity: 2D+2
Perception: 2D
Strength: 1D+2

Special Abilities
        Bite: Stone Mites have strong, wire-cutting jaws which allow them to bite for Str+1D damage.
        Acidic digestive enzymes: Stone Mites have acidic saliva and feed specifically on the silicates and complex metals, the saliva does 2D damage, but multiple stone mites on the same target work together, increasing the damage by 1 pip for every 5 stone mites. Meaning that groups of them can destroy large armoured targets.
        Electrical Shocks: Stone Mites can cluster in groups of three for protection, fusing themselves to metal surfaces to avoid being dislodged, and deliver electrical shocks (3D damage) to anyone attempting to remove them.
        Hardened Shell: Their diet of silicates and metals lead to their shell also containing these tough materials, providing them with a +2D to resist damage.
        Toxin immunity: Due to the toxicity of their stomach enzymes, Stone Mites are already resistant to other toxins and poisons, gaining a +2D to resist their effects.

Move: 5
Size: 0.15m long

Description: Stone mites were arthropods that clung to spaceships and buildings, consuming hulls and metal plating with a combination of strong, wire-cutting jaws and acidic saliva. They fed specifically on the silicates and complex metals. Three individual stone mites could merge to form a symbiotic ternary that featured a hard shell, which strengthened from electrolytic reactions. As a defense, they could weld themselves to a metallic surface and deliver electric shocks through their feeler tails.

Stone mites could be found across the galaxy, including on Tatooine, the Southern Underground of Coruscant, Malastare, Naboo, Havricus, Sermeria, Tynna, Nar Bo Sholla, and Deylerax.

On Ord Tiddell, thousands of stone mites infested its capital, Lagabee, with four million planetary residents requesting evacuation. In 19.9 BBY, a freighter called the Spinner crashed near Westport and released an infestation at Kishi; as a result, Armand Isard ordered their release on Orleon.

There were only a few known manners of eliminating these genetically engineered pests, one of them being oxidizer foam. When applied, the substance would actually rust the mites to death. Additionally, Jedi healers could use morichro against them.

Reports from the Clone Wars indicated that these creatures were genetically engineered by Arkanian scientists. While the Arkanian government said that this was not true early in the early days of the Empire, Arkanian scientists were the only scientists to make any progress in destroying stone mites.

In 137 ABY, stone mites on Coruscant appeared to be deformed from the sabotage of Yuuzhan Vong terraforming.

Comments made about this Article!

30/Jan/2019 14:59:40 Posted by Clifton Barham

The way I heard it, stone mites were developed as a weapon to consume and destroy valuable mineral deposits inside planetary bodies. This was done to disrupt the war effort of one side or another.

30/Jan/2019 19:19:55 Posted by Freddy

It sounds reasonable, but since no-one "officially" claimed responsibility, their purpose isn't really known.

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