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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: ColossusSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: Hype Fazon
Species: Rodian
Gender: Male
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Green
Move: 10

         Blasters: 4D+2
         Brawling Parry: 3D+2
         Dodge: 5D+2

         Bargain: 5D+2
         Con: 3D+1
         Hide: 4D+1
         Persuasion: 5D+1
         Sneak: 4D+1

         Planetary Systems: 2D+2
         Streetwise: 2D+2

         Brawling: 2D+2

         Astrogation: 5D
         Communications: 4D+1
         Repulsorlift Operation: 5D+1
         Sensors: 5D
         Space Transports: 5D+1
         Starfighter Piloting: 6D+1
         Starship Weapons: 5D

         Computer Programming/Repair: 4D
         Security: 5D
         Starfighter Repair: 4D+1

         CREDITS - 3400
                  Flight Suit, Commlink, Datapad, Red Ace Racer


Description: Hype Fazon was a Rodian male pilot who served with Ace Squadron, a team of highly skilled starfighter pilots tasked with the defense of the Colossus refueling station during the era of the New Republic. Operating under the callsign "Ace One", Fazon piloted the starship Green Ace—an extravagant ship designed for speed and maximum maneuverability.

In addition, the Aces participated in the station's racing competitions, with Fazon developing his reputation as the squadron's top racer. His exceptional piloting skills attracted the attention of many high-end sponsors whose logos Fazon added to his ship's hull in return for their patronage. As his fame increased, Fazon also became known for his pomposity, bravado, and enormous ego.

In the years following the Galactic Civil War, Hype Fazon resided on the ocean planet Castilon in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. During the era of the New Republic,  Fazon became known as one of the most talented pilots on the Colossus, a large refueling station located on Castilon. In his early days on the Colossus, he was friends with fellow racer Tamara Ryvora. However, they fell out of contact after Fazon earned a place in Ace Squadron, a group of the best pilots on the platform. As the leader of the Aces, he had the callsign "Ace One". In addition, his personal starfighter was designated Green Ace due to its appearance and affiliation. Together, the Aces flew defense for the Colossus, and therefore, protected the platform from various threats to its security.

Like his teammates, Fazon competed in the Colossus' racing tournaments, which became the source of his fame. In time he became known as Ace Squadron's top racer, by 34 ABY he had not lost a race in two years. As his popularity increased, Fazon acquired the patronage of numerous high-end sponsors—including Aunt Z's Tavern and the Office of Acquisitions - a fact which Fazon advertised by covering his starship in their logos. As an Ace, he also participated in supply missions escorting in freighters. However, he refused to participate in any such missions involving the First Order.

During an attack by Kragan Gorr and his gang, Fazon joined fellow Aces Freya Fenris, Torra Doza and Bo Keevil in fighting the pirates off. Some time afterwards, as the Colossus was experiencing a power outage due to a fuel shortage, Fenris, Keevil and Griff Halloran went on a supply mission to escort in a fuel freighter belonging to the First Order. Fazon, as he usually did during missions involving them, instead went down to Aunt Z's Tavern, where he encountered Kazuda Xiono of Team Fireball, a colleague of his old friend Ryvora. Xiono, who was secretly a spy for the Resistance, had heard that Captain Imanuel Doza might be working for the First Order and was trying to figure out a way into Doza Tower, location of the Aces Lounge. Fazon spotted Ryvora sitting at Team Fireball's booth, but didn't get a chance to approach her.

Later, Fazon came across Ryvora and Xiono talking about him in the hallway, as Ryvora was listing off reasons she disliked Fazon. Wanting to repair their friendship, Fazon invited the two of them up to the Aces Lounge, an invitation Xiono was happy to accept. At the lounge, Fazon complimented Xiono on his performance in his solo race against Torra Doza. He shortly got into an argument with Ryvora about the Fireball, the old racing ship she was repairing, as he thought she would never become a star racer with a ship that old. This prompted Ryvora to leave alone, as Xiono had slipped off to do some spying.

Personality and traits

Hype Fazon was boastful, vain and pompous. He relished the fame that came with his reputation as the top racer of the Aces, a status that fueled his enormous ego and bravado. Despite his extravagance and pomposity, however, he cared about the well-being of his fellow Aces. He disliked the First Order, and refused to fly any supply missions involving them, considering their slowly-growing influence on the station a problem.

Fazon was a Rodian male with blue eyes and green skin.

Skills and abilities

Hype Fazon lived up to his reputation as the Aces' most talented racer, notwithstanding his ego, due to his exceptional piloting skills. The Green Ace was designed to be the perfect match for his pompous nature, having been plastered with the names and logos of his financial supporters. Beyond its extravagance, however, Fazon's racer boasted wings that could shift angles for maximum maneuverability while speeding through turns.

Comments made about this Article!

11/Jun/2019 18:28:56 Posted by True Fan

Thank you for the character stats, bless you. But are they really necessary? Is anyone watching Resistance?

12/Jun/2019 15:04:33 Posted by Freddy

Okay, if you've seen my reviews of Resistance, you'll know I'm not it's biggest fan, and I did an entire youtube video about the false scores on Rotten Tomatos.

But . . . in it's defence, it's getting higher ratings than the final season of Rebels, so it's maybe not a complete disaster ratings wise (that said, those ratings are only a fraction of those Rebels got in it's first season).

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia
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