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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: EU

Name: Yinchorr
Region: Expansion Region
Sector: Fellwe sector
System: Yinchorri system
Suns: 1
Grid coordinates: L-8
Distance from Core: 35,000 light years
Primary terrain: Rocky deserts, Small seas
Surface water: 1%
Points of interest: Imperial Royal Guard Academy, The Squall, 407th's Headquarters
Native species: Yinchorri, Rolk-mangir
Immigrated species: Formerly: Humans
Primary language(s): Yinchorri Formerly: Galactic Basic Standard
Population: Less than 200,000
Major cities: Tol-Kachorn (Capital)

Description: Yinchorr was the Yinchorri homeworld, first charted c. 500 BBY.

The Yinchorri system, or Yinchorr system was a star system that contained one sun and the planets Yinchorr, Uhanayih, Yitheeth, and Yibikkoror. It was located in the Expansion Region's Fellwe sector.

Yinchorr was the homeworld of the reptilian Yinchorri species which gradually organized themselves into rival city-states. According to ancient epochs, Tol-Kachorn was the strongest of these, with almost one hundred small communities providing it with resources and five lesser city-states serving as service centers. Several other polities tried to challenge the supremacy of Tol-Kachorn, confrontations that sparked wars of conquest that always ended in the defeat of the contender—and the reign of chaos.

Circa 500 BBY, Yinchorr was charted by the Galactic Republic. Alien scouts decided that the Yinchorri were too underdeveloped to be useful to the Republic, and the planet was deemed too deficient in resources to be useful for a settlement. On the scouts' advisement, the Republic disregarded the world. Around 58 BBY, the Yinchorri joined the galactic community, but most planetary representatives assumed that the species would go unnoticed in the grand scheme of galaxy-wide politics. The Yinchorri officially became members of the Republic in 33 BBY and they were eventually given representation in the Galactic Senate.

The same year, under the manipulation of Darth Sidious, they launched an offensive, attacking neighboring systems as well as the Jedi Temple. The Jedi attempted to negotiate, but met only hostility. However, the uprising was put down, and the homeworld of the Yinchorri was placed under interdiction by the Republic.

Later, in 3 ABY, Imperial Governor Marcellin Wessel held the Yinchorri Council of Elders hostage: in exchange for the Council's release, the Yinchorri attempted to deliver Leia Organa captive to the Empire. In the end, the Empire slaughtered the Council, and the Yinchorri rebelled. As a result, the Empire devastated the world, destroying its main city, Tol-Kashorn. It was during this battle that a young soldier, Redd Wessel, first came to the attention of his superiors.

Palpatine later had the Imperial Royal Guard Academy set up on the now distant and devastated world. The harsh desert world made it ideal for the training of these elite guards.

Imperial Royal Guard Academy

The Imperial Royal Guard Academy, also known as the Imperial Academy of Yinchorr, was a training academy established by the Galactic Empire on Yinchorr, to train the Emperor's Royal Guard. It also served to train officers of the riot stormtroopers and other stormtrooper divisions; they were trained in the complex surrounding the Imperial Guard academy. In large part because of the importance of the Emperor's Royal Guard and their ties to the academy, specific information on the location was considered highly classified, to such an extent that not even officers within the Imperial Military who had high-enough rank to be allowed access to the Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide, the official field manual for the military forces in the Empire, were likely to have the clearance level to know anything about the academy beyond generalities. Upon graduation, students of the Academy were required to swear the Oath of Obedience.

During a yearlong training program, recruits sparred against each other continuously to perfect their combat skills. By working both alone and in pairs, recruits learned how to rely on themselves or on a teammate to achieve victory, a step away from the squad-based stormtrooper training received on Carida. Failure in training often meant death. During their final test, trainees fought each other to the death in an arena called "The Squall" before Palpatine himself. Only a handful would survive this final test in a display of their loyalty and skill.

The Squall

The Squall was an arena located at the Imperial Royal Guard Academy on Yinchorr where those aspiring to be members of the Emperor's Royal Guard battled each other for supremacy and favor of Emperor Palpatine. Darth Vader once killed Burr Danid in The Squall, reminding the trainees of how much they had yet to learn. In 11 ABY, Kir Kanos met Carnor Jax in The Squall for their final showdown, where Kanos killed Jax by impaling him through the heart; Kanos left Jax's corpse lying on the center of The Squall, denying him the dignity Jax had denied so many other Royal Guards.

407th's Headquarters

The 407th's HQ was the military headquarters of the 407th Stormtrooper Division of the Fel Empire that would later become Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, on the planet of Yinchorr.

The headquarters consisted of several low, domed structures on the surface of the planet. The HQ was established in 130 ABY and served as the division's headquarters for more than seven years. Upon joining Joker Squad, Anson Trask was sent by shuttle to the Yinchorr headquarters, shortly before the squad moved out to participate in the Battle of Borosk.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
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