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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


The grey skinned inhabitants of the harsh world of Vradil Pix. They
have broad flat faces, with bony plates protruding slightly over their
eyes and forhead and at the sides of their faces. Their eyes are all
white except for the pupils and are sunken in a bit. They are famous
for producing Blade Masters, and will even try to train some humans
and other alliens to reach the same rank. They are masters of just
about any weapon, able to shoot bows, use and throw spears, and knives,
and are masters of the sword. They'll even use blasters and firearms
from time to time with surprising skill. They attribute this to their
rigorous training, and to what they call "The One-ness". The One-ness
allows them to with draw themselves from all emotion and most concious
thought. They concentrate on the moment and become "one" with their
weapon and the target. It also allows them to ignore pain for the most,
part, minor wounds inflicted on them don't slow them down, and they can
push on after moderate wounds. This is a talent only a few non-Sis`aimon
have ever been able to learn. Another thing they attribute all this too
is the harshness of the world of Vradil Pix. It is a world of extremes.
It's got a heavy axial tilt and is covered by zones of extreme. In some
regions the planet is an arid wasteland of never ending desert that is
searing hot in the day and nearly sub-zero at night. In other regions
there are sweltering jungles and rain forests by vast oceans that cause
the humidity to reach unbeleivable heights while the heat beats down
during the day. On top of that monsters of every sort inhabit the planet
and constantly stalk the Sis`aimon, from simply ferocious creatures, to
evil monsters wrought from the Dark Side itself. The sis`aimon are widely
respected in the galaxy and have been for a long time. In the days of
the Old Republic, Sis`aimon Jedi were rare but very highly valued in

Homeworld: Vradil Pix        
Attribute Dice: 12D        
DEXTERITY 3D/4D+2        
KNOWLEDGE 1D/3D+1        
MECHANICAL 1D/3D        
PERCEPTION 2D/4D+2        
STRENGTH 2D/4D+1        
TECHNICAL 1D/3D        

Special Abilities:

Blade Sense: Sis`aimon are naturaly comfortable with bladed weapons
and feel as if they are extensions of themselves. They train long
and hard with these weapons and lvoe them. At charachter creation a
Sis`aimon gets 2D for every 1D placed in melee combat.

One-ness: A Sis`aimon may take an action to form the "one-ness".
This allows the to reach a new height of concentration and awareness.
It requires a Very Difficult Willpower roll to enter, and is
immediately lost anytime a level of wounding greater than wounded
x1 is taken. While held, the one-ness adds +2D to all the user's
'to hit' rolls and +1D to their initiative rolls. Also 'stunned'
level wounds have no effect on someone held by the one-ness, and
they are not sent prone by taking a wounded level(but still take
dice penalty).

Blade Master: Many Sis`aimon train to attain the rank of Blade
Master. To become a Blade Master, the person must train for many
years with not only swords, but other bladed weapons. To reach the
rank of Blade Master, the charachter must have 7D in melee combat,
or 6D in melee combat with 7D in three specilizations of it, one of
which must be 'sword'; 5D Bows, 6D Thrown Weapons: Spear, and 6D
Thrown Weapons: Knife. Someone who has attained the rank of Blade
Master is taught the following special moves:

Name: Un-Even Fighting
Description: One opponent moves to a higher ground, and defends
from it, while another remains lower (i.e. dueling on stairs.)
Difficulty: A Moderate check of Dexterity is made. Failing it,
you fall to the ground, after losing balance (for two rounds, all
skills are -2 and no bonus awarded for those two rounds.) Must be
made by both combatants.
Effect: Whichever combatant is on the higher ground receives a +1D
to strike rolls and the lower combatant will receive a +1D to parry.

Name: Feint/Attack
Description: One opponent "fakes" an attack to throw off the
other's balance.
He returns his blade to "home" position.
Difficulty: A Moderate attack roll is needed. Modified by
opponent's Perception/Sense roll.
Effect: This maneuver is considered a multiple action, because
the attacker will make two strikes: The fake one, and the real
one. If the attempt was succsseful , the attacker gets to add
that difference to his strike, because the defender was knocked
off balance, and unable to properly defend himself (-2D: 1D is
because of multiple actions: Defending Twice). However, if it is
the reverse (the defender's roll was higher) the defender saw the
feint, knew not to defend it, and will be able to see the real
strike, and defend it with no modifiers.

Name: Disarm
Description: This is to force the opponant to release his/her
melee weapon.
Difficulty: This is a Very Difficult manuver to execute
Effect: Should the attacker make this roll sucsessful, there is
an opposed strength check (the atatcker gets +1D) if the attacker
wins, the opponent's weapon goes flying from their hand and it
will take an action next round to retrieve it.

Heron Wading in the Rushes
Description: This is a sacraficial move that allows the user to
sacrafice himself to eiminate a greater enemy. He pulls abck into
a high stance with the blade at his head, exposing midsection.
When the opponent strikes, the user brings their blade down as
well, usualy both people die in this move.
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Effect: The user declares this move at the beggining of the round
and rolls for it regardless of initative. If successful, it is
then the opponent's turn. If they strike, the user may then strike
simultaneously against the opponent. Neither person may parry and
damage is resolved simultaneously.

Story Factors:

Vehicles: Sis`aimon are scornful of vehicles, and refuse to ride
in any sort of high tech vehicle unless neccisary. They prefer
their own two feet. They will gladly ride in spacecraft, but
speeders and the like disgust them and they always try to avoid
taking them.

Rough Planet: Vradil Pix is a very harsh planet to live on. It's
climate zones are all extreme, from arid desert wastes, to intense
jungles and rain forests. It is inhabited by many frightful beasts
and 'monsters' with which the Sis`aimon are always in a constant

Move: 12/18
Size: 1.6-1.8 meters tall

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