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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


Homeworld: Worannia

Attribute Dice: 12D

Attribute Average Min Max

Special Abilities:

Acute Smell: The Wrouna receive a +2D bonus to all attribute and skill
rolls when perceiving scents.

Communication: The Wrouna express their moods and intents by scents, even
involuntarily. With time, they can also learn to interpret other species'
moods. The ability grants a +1D bonus against Con attempts and such (+2D
against other Wrouna).

Story Factors:

Group Reaction: Whenever there's a lot of Wrouna around, the moods and
reactions of the majority seem to spread. This happens because the intense
scents produced by a mob of Wrouna affect each individual and cause similar
moods and reactions.

Funny Names: The Wrouna give their children names based on their personal
scent. When translated into Basic the names can be quite funny.

Nickname: The Wrouna have been nicknamed "Doggins" because of they clearly
resemble dogs. They find the name offending.

Rival Species: The Wrouna dislike Garnis because of past conflicts.

Move: 10/14 (typically 11)

Size: About 1.6 meters tall

- - - - -

Appearance: Short and heavily-built humanoids with a fine fur covering all
the body. The fur is usually light brown or sand coloured. Arms and legs
are a bit short and stubby, the four fingers bear more than a slight
resemblance to pawns. The face reminds of a bulldog.

Biology: The Wrouna give birth to live offspring after about six standard
months of pregnancy. Usually the female gives birth to 2 or 3 children at
a time. Children grow up fast, and can take care of themselves at the
age of three. Maturity is reached around the age of ten, and females are
fertile for only a few years. Each year a female is in heat for a period
of several weeks, during which she has a very strong desire to mate.
Males are fertile until the age of twenty, and have a much weaker sexual
drive than females. The usual lifespan of a Wroun is only about 25-30
standard years and a typical couple has half a dozen children.

Psychology: The Wrouna are impulsive and express their feelings openly.
They value family and wealth over other aspects of life. Females are
overprotected and treated almost like they were precious property instead
of sapient beings. Fathers guard their mature daughters jealously, and
a male must impress the father in order to even meet the daughter.

Society: The Wrouna homeworld has been ruled by a king for almost a
thousand years. The king rules for five years, after which he retires
and a new one is elected by the Meeting of the Lords. The Lords are the
leaders of the most influential Wrouna nations (there is about 80 nations
which have a competetive but peaceful relationship with others). A Lord
gives up his position only when he retires, after which a new one is
selected in a chaotic crowd meeting in the nations capital. The king sets
the laws which are to be accepted by the majority of the Lords. To an
outsider, the Wrouna society seems chaotic and irrational with it's noisy
and hysterical crowd meetings and such, but it's just natural Wrouna
behaviour, inherited from their ancestors which lived in packs.

History: The history of the Wrouna is surprisingly peaceful considering
their seemingly chaotic society. At the height of the Republic, Worannia
was discovered by the arrogant Czamai caste Garnis, which practically
enslaved the Wrouna. A bloody uprising resulted in military occupation,
but the Garni troops quickly withdrew when the Republic established
contact with the Wrouna and accepted Worannia into the Republic. During the
Imperial rule, thousands of Wrounna fought beside the Imps against the Garnis.
After the Battle of Endor, the Wrouna withdrew from the Garni homeworld and
joined the New Republic.

Technology: Information age, with space tech influences.

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