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Binog (Amphibious Mammal)

Binog (Amphibious Mammal)

Erdan (Human Slave)

Erdan (Human Slave)

Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: NihilSubtype: EQUIPMENTEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Stormseed
Creators: Chancey Yarrow (through the Gravity's Heart project), Marchion Ro (commissioned)
Locations: Outer Rim Territories
Range: One light year
Purpose: Destroy starships in hyperspace in designated regions
Heritage: Generations of Ro family work
Affiliation: Nihil
Cost: Not Available for Sale
Availability: 4,X

Game Notes: Stormseeds can be deployed like a minefield around an area to deny access to that area through Hyperspace. Any vessel passing within 1 light year of a Stormseed is destroyed, presumably through a system similar to the later gravity well generators. The Nihil could use their Path Drives to circumvent the blockage of Hyperspace, but at the current time no known method of using Hyperspace is known. Theories are that destroying the Stormseeds by approacing them in realspace, would destroy the barrier.

Description: Stormseeds were devices which destroyed starships traveling through hyperspace to the area of realspace in which they were activated and deployed. They were commissioned by Marchion Ro for the group of marauders known as the Nihil that he lead as their so-called 'Eye'. It was developed with the aid of people who Ro called "noble martyrs" like scientist Chancey Yarrow and her Gravity's Heart project, which used a Gravity well projector to disrupt hyperspace enough to kick starships out of it, serving as a precursor to the stormseed.

In 230 BBY, Ro deployed his stormseeds in the Outer Rim Territories, where the Nihil operated, thus destroying the Republic Defense Coalition Outreach Fleet that was traveling to the Outer Rim to make sure it was protected from the Nihil. Ro successfully sealed off ten full sectors of the Outer Rim with the stormseeds. By doing this, Ro hoped to create a 'free' land where everyone would be a Nihil and the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order would have no reach. Ro's family had worked for generations to try and achieve this dream, but it was not until Ro created and used the stormseeds that it would come to fruition. At this time, Ro gave a speech to a group of Nihil in the Great Hall of the Nihil in No-Space where he revealed the stormseeds and gloated about the power that they would give the Nihil, and the way they would prevent Republic and Jedi interference in the Outer Rim territories they terrorized and plundered. In the aftermath of the stormseeds' deployment, Norel Quo, the aide of the Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh, reached out to the famous San Tekka clan, a clan of hyperspace Prospectors, on behalf of the Office of the Supreme Chancellor to find out how the Outer Rim was sealed off. The San Tekkas sent technician Keven Tarr to help figure it out.

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