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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No


    10,000 years ago, during the days of the Old Republic, Geo-Tech a mining corporation on Coruscant, gained the mining rights to a small moon orbiting a Gas Giant in the D'lerrios system.  The moon, called Yarigan, possessed rich deposits of minerals and heavy metals, which would fetch a high price on the open market.  There was however one small problem; the moons proximity to the Gas Giant produced very heavy gravity on the moon, making the creation of a mining colony next to impossible.  The solution came in the form of the creation of a genetically engineered race of humans specially created for high-gravity existence.

    A group of about 2500 were created for the colony (both males and females) and were sent to the moon via bulk freighter.  These first Yarigan colonists established their colony on the moon's surface and were well underway to mining the ores on the satellite when disaster struck Geo-Tech in the form of a hostile takeover by a rival corporation.  The Geo-Tech execs managed to destroy all information regarding the existence of the Yarigan colony, in the hopes that they would eventually be able to reclaim it.

    The news of the collapse of Geo-Tech was actually taken quite well by the mining colony.  With their employers gone, the colonists decided rather than leave the colony, to instead build a life for themselves there.  Thus, the first generation of Yari were born on the lonely moon.  Over the last 10,000 years, the Yari have thrived on the moon, uninterrupted by other races and unaware of the goings on throughout the rest of the galaxy.

    When the Clone Wars first began, the Yari came into contact with the Jedi, who offered the Yari membership in the Republic; but the Yari decided against it, preferring to remain neutral in the conflict against the Separatists.  The Jedi respected their wishes and never revealed the presence of the Yari to the Republic and their existence died with the Jedi during the Purge.

    But coming into contact with outside races, piqued the curiosity of the younger generations within the Yari and soon many were asking to leave Yarigan so as to explore the larger galaxy.  Although there was some hesitation at first, these youngsters were allowed to venture off Yari, so long at they don't forget where it is they came from.  To this day, Yari who do travel off world always come back home to visit their families.

    Personality: Yari who are encountered away from their native world are curious and inquisitive.  Many perceive them as being overly naive, but quickly realize that when angered, a Yari is almost as dangerous as a raging wookiee.

    Physical Description: Yari are indistinguishable from baseline humans.  However the differences become apparent upon closer examination.  Due to their denser physical structure, Yari on average weight more than humans of the same height and build.  Also, as a side effect of living on a planet with a higher radiation level than other humans, Yari possesses unusual hair and eye colors.  Almost any color combination is possible, and hair and eye colors are not hereditary.  Due the genetic engineering the original Yarigan colonists received, Yari have a slightly longer lifespan than normal humans.

    Yari Homeworld: The industrial moon Yarigan

    Language: Yari speak and re literate in both Basic and Yaran; a variant language created by Yari race and used specifically to communicate with fellow Yari natives.

    Example Names: Tev, Zian, Aiko, Lauz, Mev, I'yannii.  Yarigan names are pronounced with their family name first, then a "beheld' name bestowed at maturity, and then their given name.  The "beheld " is a special name given to a Yari by his or her parents and is usually an affectionate name describing that young Yari's best quality.

    Adventurers: Yari become adventurers because of their innate curiosity and wish to explore the known galaxy.  Many become scouts and traders for the opportunity to see the galaxy.  Others hire themselves out as soldiers or others types of mercenaries due to their physical abilities.  This combination of strength and curiosity make for an oftentimes-dangerous combination.

Yari Species Traits
+3 Strength, +1 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom.  Yari are strong and resistant to injury.  But they are na?ve and less coordinated due to adjusting to lower gravity encountered on different worlds.

Medium-size.  As medium size creatures, Yari have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Yari base speed is 10 meters.
+2 species bonus on Fortitude saves.  Yari are tough to hurt.
Automatic languages: Yari speak and can Read/Write Basic and Yaran.

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