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MDS-440 datapad

MDS-440 datapad

Anti-gravity hovercraft

Anti-gravity hovercraft


Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: Kef Bir (The Ocean Moon of Endor)
Region(s): Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Moddell sector
System: Endor system
Planet: Endor
Grid coordinates: H-16
Diameter: 3,725km
Primary terrain: Ocean, Grassland islands
Points of interest, Ruins of Death Star II
Native fauna: Orbaks, Cliffspringers, Shallowbucks, Cloudrippers, Wanderwings, Striped canths, Blubs
Immigrated species: Human
Population: 40 (company 77)

Description: Kef Bir, designated IX3244-C and known as the Ocean Moon of Endor, was an ocean moon orbiting the gas giant Endor in the Endor system. Jannah, a human female freedom fighter who, by the time of the First Order–Resistance war, led a tribe of brave and noble warriors, lived on the moon after the tribe mutinied at the Battle of Ansett Island. Some of the wreckage of the second Death Star was located on Kef Bir.

In 4 ABY, a successful attack by the Rebel Alliance on the Death Star II resulted in its destruction. The remaining wreckage, including what was left of the superlaser dish and the Emperor's Throne Room, fell into Kef Bir's orbit and crashed into the seas.

In 35 ABY, Rey, Poe Dameron, Finn, and Chewbacca arrived on Kef Bir following directions found on Ochi's dagger and translated by C-3PO, to secure a Wayfinder to Exegol belonging to Darth Sidious aboard the wreckage of Death Star II. There, they met Jannah, a former First Order Stormtrooper who resided on the ocean moon, along with her tribe. Rey found the Wayfinder in the Emperor's Throne Room, but was confronted by Kylo Ren, who destroyed it. The two dueled, with Rey stabbing Ren as he was distracted, sensing the death of his mother, Leia Organa. Rey healed him and took his TIE/wi modified interceptor, leaving him stranded aboard the Death Star II's wreckage.


Cliffs of Dead Empire
The Cliffs of Dead Empire, as named by Company 77, was a cliffside on the coastline of Kef Bir's principal ocean. Debris from the Death Star II's destruction at the Battle of Endor landed in the ocean, and was visible from the cliffs.

Death Star ruins
A portion of the Death Star ruins were located in the oceans of the moon Kef Bir in the Endor system. After the second Death Star was destroyed in 4 ABY during the Battle of Endor, portions of the superweapon including the Emperor's Throne Room where he kept his wayfinder fell onto Kef Bir. In 35 ABY, the Jedi Rey and her Resistance comrades journeyed to the moon in search of a wayfinder that led to Emperor Palpatine's Sith stronghold on the planet Exegol. There, she faced the dark warrior Supreme Leader Kylo Ren in their final duel, which resulted in him turning back to the light side of the Force.

After the superweapon's destruction during the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, parts of the second Death Star fell onto Kef Bir, including parts of the northern pole and the southern edge of the battle station's superlaser lens concavity. The remains of the Emperor's Throne Room were also part of the wreckage, including a vault in the Throne Room where Emperor Palpatine kept his Jedi and Sith artifacts. Over the years, the structure of the Death Star ruins was eroded and waterlogged by the ocean, becoming deeply unstable. When the survivors of Company 77, a company of stormtroopers who defected from the First Order, settled on Kef Bir they salvaged Imperial technology to create the equipment that helped them survive on the moon's harsh environment.


The Battle of Endor
After a successful attack on the Death Star II's reactor during Battle of Endor, the ruins of the destroyed battlestation subsequently fell to the surface of the ocean moon Kef Bir.

Return of the Sith
In 35 ABY, the Jedi Rey came to Kef Bir and the ruins there during her quest to find the Emperor's wayfinder that could lead her to the resurrected Palpatine's stronghold on the Unknown Regions planet of Exegol. Rey successfully located the wayfinder, but before she could take it and return to her companions, her adversary Kylo Ren destroyed it.

The pair dueled atop the ruins. Ren became distracted, sensing the death of his mother, Leia Organa, allowing Rey to gain the advantage and stab him. Rey subsequently healed him and took his TIE/wi modified interceptor, leaving him stranded aboard the Death Star II's wreckage. Ren then spoke to a memory of his father, Han Solo, and subsequently renounced the dark side, throwing his weapon into the surrounding ocean and reclaiming his former identity of Ben Solo. In order to escape the moon and accompany Rey during her confrontation with Darth Sidious, Solo procured a TIE fighter that had survived the Death Star's destruction, and piloted it out of the ruins and off of Kef Bir.

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Stats by FreddyB, descriptive text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.