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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARTILLERY EMPLACEMENTSEra: ImperialCanon: No

StormElite 20-mm Assault Blaster Cannon

Through the ages of combat, there have been many different attemps at
blaster cannons that were to be used as support for repulsortanks and
infantry. But, due to unreliablity and unwanted high costs, most major
military and para-military organizations have dropped the concept.

But, the StormElite 20-mm Assault Blaster Cannon (20mm ABC), a joint
venture between the Ubrikkian and SoroSuub Corporations, is a step up
in the 'infantry support' weapons market. Not only is the weapon
extremely reliable, but it is available to anyone, for a price of

Consisting of an archaic wheel mounting and transportation system, a
wire-mesh covering screen (to protect the crew from small arms fire),
a blast pack feed system, and a barrel, the 20mm ABC is an extremely
simple machine, and can be operated by almost any group of three persons.
The only drawback of the ABC is its wheel mounting, which makes the crew
have to pull the weapon along everywhere it is need in combat.

The way the ABC works is its crew attaches a 1000-round blast clip to
the left side, charges the power cell (which takes about thrity seconds),
hooks up a seperate cooling unit (the same used int that of the E-Web)
and is ready for firing. The ABC fires off a blast bolt about twice every

The crew of three consist of a firer, who sits behind the weapon, a cooling
and reloading systems operater, who stands on the left side, and a man to
help aim the wepon and keep the weapon still while firing, who stands on
the right side.

Combat vehicles such as the CAV, Remus combat engineering vehicle, and
medium repulsortanks can hook up to the 20mm assault blaster cannon, and
act as its tractor when being transported to and from combat areas.

Some field commanders have even taken the chassis of a compact assault
vehicle and mounted the 20mm ABC onto the front, being unoffically
designated the 'Hawkeye Assault Gun'.

Model: Ubrikkian/SoroSuub 20-mm Assault Blaster Cannon
Type: 20mm infantry/artillery support weapon
Scale: Speeder *
Skill: Blaster artillery: ABC
Crew: 3
Cover: 1/4
Cost: 6,500 credits (blast clips: 150)
Availability: 2, R or X
Body: 2D
Fire Control: 1D+1
Range: 10-35/150/500
Move: 15 (require a Moderate Strength roll from each crew
          member each turn they wish to move the weapon)
Damage: 8D+2 (character scale)

* The cannon and its wheel mount are speeder scale, not the damage
  of the weapon itself.

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