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Ugnaught Surface

Ugnaught Surface
Jay (Human Jedi Padawan / Musician)

Jay (Human Jedi Padawan / Musician)

Colonial Viper Fighter (Original Series)

Colonial Viper Fighter (Original Series)

Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Robotech Defence Force (RDF)Subtype: CapitalEra: ImperialCanon: Crossover

Armor/A.R.M.D. Series Space Platform

Craft:  United Earth Government A.R.M.D. Series Space Carrier Platform
Type: Space Fighter Carrier.
Scale: Capital
-Length: 1410.8ft/430m
-Width: 763ft/323.5m
-Height: 210ft/64m
-Flight Deck Width: 380ft/115.8m
-Weight: 474,000 tons
Skill: Capital Starship Piloting: A.R.M.D. Space Carrier.
Crew: 3,660 (160 officers; 2900 enlisted men including gunners; 600 assigned to air attack units like jet fighters/Veritech fighters)
Crew Skill: Capital Starship Piloting 4D; Capital Starship Gunnery 5D+1; Capital Starship Repair 4D+1; Sensors 3D+2, Starship Gunnery 4D+2.
Passengers: 1,200 (usually specail assignment personnel)
Cargo Capacity: 35,000 metric tons.
Consumables: 1 year (can be rationed for twice that if needed).
Cost: Not available for sale.
Hyperdrive: N/A
Nav Computer: Yes (But built for 'short range' inner system flight)
Maneuverability: +2
Space: 2
Hull: 5D
Shields: N/A
-Passive: 30/1D
-Scan: 50/2D
-Search: 100/2D+2
-Focus: 4/3D

Standard Equipment:
-Main Engine: 2 OTMN-3T Reflex Engines.
-Secondary Engines: Numerous thruster ports for stabilization and mobility.

-270 QF-3000E Ghost Fighters (unmanned)
-200 SPC-II Lancer II Space Cannons (unmanned)
-96 SF-3A Lancer I Fighters (manned)
-24 Veritech Fighters (optional, not standard)

   5 Main Laser Cannons:
      Locations: 2 near top foredeck; 2 under foredeck; 1 rear
      Fire Arc: Turret.
      Skill: Capital Starship Gunnery.
      Fire Control: 1D
      Space Range: 3-15/36/75
      Atmospheric Range: 6-30/72/150km
      Damage: 7D
      Ammo: Unlimited (energy)
      Rate of Fire: 1 every 2 rounds (like a turbolaser).

   2 Main Anti-Warship Missile Launchers:
      Locations: Panels that open on the top section
      Fire Arc: Turret (technically).
      Skill: Capital Starship Gunnery.
      Fire Control: 1D
      Space Range: 2/6/12
      Atmospheric Range: 75-200/600/1.2km
      Damage: 15D
      Blast Radius: 2500ft/762.5m
      Ammo: 40 each (80 total)
      Rate of Fire: 1 or 2 per attack per round.
      Note: These are considered Long Range Missiles (LRMs) if using the MISSILES Chart where posted on this page.  These missiles are the size of ICBMs, both representing the limited technology from the Robotech series before further use of Robotechnology/Overtechnology and Protoculture, and also good for explaining the extreme damage these do.

   6 Medium Anti-Warship Missile Launchers:
      Locations:  Spread across the main deck/body.
      Fire Arc: Turret (technically)
      Skill: Starship Gunnery.
      Fire Control: 2D
      Space range: 1/3/7
      Atmosphere range: 50-100/300/700m
      Damage: varies with warhead type, uses either Reflex/Nuclear or Multi-Warhead MRMs (See MISSILES Chart, or just use starfighter scale Prton torpedoes or Concussion missiles).
      Ammo: 40 each (240 total)
      Rate of Fire: Volley of 1 or 2 missiles per round per launcher (12 to 24 missiles per round)

   24 Anti-Aircraft Laser Guns:
      Locations: Scattered on the top and underside.
      Fire Arc: Turret.
      Skill: Starship Gunnery.
      Scale: Starfighter.
      Fire Control: 2D
      Space Range: 1-5/10/17
      Atmospheric Range: 100-500/1/1.7km
      Damage: 3D short burst; 4D long burst; 6D full-round burst.
      Ammo: Unlimited (energy)
      Rate of Fire: Short Burst, Long Burst or Full Round Burst.

-Robotech: The A.R.M.D. (seen on the T.V. series, in the first episode or two, as the Armor 1 and the Armor 2) Space Platform, or "Carrier Space Ships" were originally designed to be a sort of flying dock or space rig for space fighter planes and Veritech Fighters.  However the design was modified, adding an array of weapons systems to the platformand converting it into an aircraft carrier in space.  The A.R.M.D. platform quickly became a major component in the Earth defence Force's strategic system.
   Utilizing the secrets of Robotechnology unearther from the SDF-1, the A.R.M.D. space platforms were built, and placed into orbit around the Earth.  However, despite the overall achievments of this structure, the A.R.M.D. fleet of five would prove ineffective against the Zentraedi fleet.  Only two would survive the ultimate conflict, left to circle the Earth as ever watchful guardians of the Robotech Defence Force.
   The greatest disadvantage of the A.R.M.D. is it's low speed and lack of overall mobility.  ANother is that they are not capable of deep space tarvel, limited to Earth orbit and/or short trips to orbit the moon.
-Macross:  The ARMD Class vessels were designed as space carriers for variable fighters and other U.N.S. spacecraft. The ARMD began construction in April 2003 at the Lagrange Point 5 manufacturing station. The first two carriers ARMD-01 and ARMD-02 were commissioned in July 2008 and October 2008 respectively and were opertaional prior to Space War I in February 2009. Built by OTEC Company, the ARMD carriers featured OverTechnology with gravity control systems, a reaction heat pile system and even the fold drive (though this super dimension navigation system was never implemented). At 430 meters in length, the ARMD carriers were much smaller than the large SDF-1 Macross and both ARMD-01 and ARMD-02 were originally meant to dock with the larger craft when the ship achieved orbit during its maiden voyage.
   As a carrier vessel, the ARMDs held numerous ships and mecha. ARMD-01 held 78 SF-A3 Lancer II space fighters and 270 QF-3000E Ghost fighters (as well as an unknown number of VF-1A variable fighters) just prior to Space War I. In addition to several hundred fighters, the ARMD carrier was armed with many weapons including beam cannons, small anti-aircraft cannons and launchers as well as large anti-ship reaction warheads. The ARMD possessed many large vernier thruster nozzles positioned all over the craft. These powerful thrusters granted the ARMD excellent maneuverability in space and also proved very useful for combat engagement and evasion.
   Both ARMD-01 and ARMD-02 were destroyed in the first battle of Space War I on February 7, 2009. However, both vessels engaged in combat with the Zentradi fleet and proved quite successful in destroying several large Zentradi capital warships with their anti-ship reaction warheads. Eventually, six more vessels of the ARMD Class were commissioned and both the original ships were replaced. To this day, ARMD-01 and ARMD-02 remain docked with the SDF-1 Macross on Earth.
-MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE: Or just Macross the Movie, the SDF Macross (SDF-1 in Robotech) attached two of the ARMD Class vessels as its arms instead of the Prometheus and Daedelus submersible carriers.  This would presumably give it a much better enhancement to its weapons loadout and pack more punch against enemy targets, especially in space where nuclear weapons are more likely to be used.
-STAR WARS: In the Star Wars setting, Macross is the name of an entire system, with similar events occurring there as in Robotech and Macross.  During the Clone Wars, a massive alien vessel ripped out of what was thought to be hyperspace during a battle between CIS and Republic forces.  The ship cast a shockwave that shredded the CIS forces entirely, yet left the Republic's side lightly damaged.  This battle was taking place in the Macross system, as natives of that area were siding with the Seperatists in hopes of gaining their independence from an uncaring Republic.  However, both sides simply wanted Macross for its resources to use in the war.
   The alien ship came to rest at Altir Island in one of the oceans on Macross Prime, the main planet in the system with the key population and habbitable ecosystem (the rest of the worlds were, more or less, uninhabitable, and used for said resources and raw materials, which were in overabundance).  With the CIS forces defeated, the Republic's military quickly moved in and claimed the system for themselves.  The drawback was that the entire population were treated as co-conspiritors against the Republic, and much of their rights were stripped away overnight.  The rest of the galaxy didn't even take notice.
   As the years passed, the Macross consortium eventually rose from the ashes of the Clone Wars.  Consisting of leaders and businessmen who avoided arrest from the rising Galactic Empire, they sought to one day free their world from Imperial rule, and thought the best way to eventually achieve this was through business.  At the very least, it would provide resources and capital to fund other ventures against the Empire at large, and help gather what would one day be neede for a battle for freedom.  One such resource, as it turned out, was the ship that caused their defeat during the Clone Wars, which was right in their backyard, and the republic never even knew it...
   When the alien ship appeared out of nowhere, it caused much havok with systems both in space and on the planet, and no one in space was ever able to conclusively discern what had happened, or where the "anomoly" had disappeared to.  They never realized it had crashed on the planet itself.  In the confusion of the battle in space, several ships had fallen into the atmosphere, and the Republic never bothered cleaning up the mess.  In time, the leaders of the Macross Consortium did figure it out, and sent people to investigate the ship.  What they discovered would aid them in ways nothing and no one else ever could, and give them the edge they needed to one day fight the Empire.
   Inside the ship were technologies advanced even beyond those reknowned through the Star Wars Galaxy itself.  Robotic technologies that could potentially dwarf Industrial Automata, Weapons that were beyond even the Republic's/Empire's Turbolasers, flight tech that would make the X-wing something of the past before it had even been born, if applied properly.  All of this shadowed by the ship itself, which, if rebuilt, could take on anything the Empire could throw at them (this is, of course, before the super star destroyers, torpedo spheres and of course, the Death Star).  
   As the Macross Consortium began to earn the Empire's trust and gained more power and ability as to what they could do on their own planet, the initiative was began to rebuild the ship, right under the Empire's nose.  When it was ready, it would be launched into orbit.  Joined with planetary defence platforms of the consortium's own design, they would hopefully possess enough firepower to make the Empire back off.
   Until then, the technologies of the SDF-1, as it came to be called, were aplied through other means, includingh said defence platforms, which became known as the ARMD or Armor series.  These were built and finished first, and the Empire didn't think too much about the request the Consortium made to place their own defence platforms in orbit.  As far as the Empire knew, the Macross Consortium was their own tool and ate out of their pocket, so who cared if it supplied their own planetary defences?  It only freed the Imperial Navy for other business elsewhere, and so, they accepted.
   Within a couple of years, several of these were constructed, with others being built in secret elsewhere in the system.  They were not built for speed or even hyperspace ability, but to hold ground in-system and pack a hell of a punch if anyone dared say otherwise.  In this, the Consortium succeeded.  However, near the time of completion of the SDF-1, officially christened the SDF Macross, the Emprie began to suspect things were not as they seemed, the first clues being the Macross Consortium's private war against insurgents on their own planet trying to steal their technologies for their own means.  This led to the Empire's discovering of the VF-0, the Consortium's first try at transformable fighter craft.  It was designed as an atmospheric fighter, and since the Empire for some reason restricted repulsor technologies, this was solved by giving the fighter its "Guardian" mode, where the ion engines could be repositioned much like legs, giving the craft a VTOL ability along with higher maneuverability at the cost of the speed in the straight fighter form.  
   The Insurgents fought to bring down everything the Consortium was fighting for, and though they were defeated, they had all but succeeded.  Their actions drew the attention of the Empire, who began secretly investigating Macross consortium.  Before the SDF Macross could launch, it's entire crew were replaced with Imperial Navy as the Empire revealed it knew about the ship and its rebuild project.  Several Imperial Star Destroyers exited hyperspace and approached for orbits above the planet.  The local Moff sent a transmission that he would be taking a more personal interest in the happenings of the Macross system.  And then a space battle broke out above the planet.
   The ARMD class carriers performed beautifully, although most of them were not finished being constructed.  Shields had not been installed, for the Consortium had yet to buy or build generators that would cover their bulk effectively enough for combat, especially while being pounded by Imperial Star Destroyers.  However, the Empire knew nothing of Protoculture or how it could be used to enhance the destructive capabilities of standard missile warheads and other weapons.  Using their anti-ship reaction missiles, the ARMD carriers destroyed a full third of the Moff's task force, and forced the rest to regroup out of range.  This done, they bought time for the SDF Macross' crew to regain control of the ship and begin launch preparations.  
   As this was going on, a fleet of unknown warships appeared out of nowhere, just as with the SDF-! many years earlier.  No Hyperspace sensors were tripped, which proved much of the theories the Consortium had about the "Space Fold Drive System" the alien ship possessed but had yet to actually try out.  These were the aliens who owned the ship that came to Macross, and they wanted it back.  A new battle erupted in space, wiping out the Imperial forces, and destroying many of the ARMD carriers in the process.
   It is thought by some that many of the design elements in the ARMD class carriers were used in later designs elsewhere in the galaxy, even rumored to have been instrumental in the Golan series Space Defence Platforms used later on in galactic history, though this is unconfirmed.
   The ARMD carriers, while not initially meant for long ranged hyperspace travel, have much fre space and could easily be modified with better hull, shields, hyperdrives and even more weaponry if desired.  During the long and drawn out Tri-Star War and later conflicts in this area of space, some could have (and probably did) wound up missing, falling into the hands of privateers or others needing a big ship just asking for mods.

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