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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlacesEra: Tales of the JediCanon: EU

Name: Stenness Hyperspace Terminal
Location: Near the Stenness system

Description: The Stenness Hyperspace Terminal, also known as the Stenness Spaceport, was a space station located near a hyperspace beacon in the Stenness system in the Inner Rim. A multilevel construct located on the mining frontier, the terminal contained many vendors and traders, with hundreds of levels featuring brothels. Consequently, a large number of criminals on their way to stealing mining rights from the Nessies, the natives of the Stenness Node region, passed through the station. Stenness-based crime lord Bogga the Hutt and his gang also maintained a presence on the station.

In 3999 BBY, Jedi Knight Andur Sunrider and his family, while on their way to deliver a package of valuable Adegan crystals to Jedi Master Thon, stopped on the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal. The crystals piqued the interest of Bogga, who sent three of his enforcers to retrieve them. Andur Sunrider was killed in the ensuing struggle, and his wife Nomi took up his lightsaber and struck down the thugs. Nomi Sunrider then left the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal in her ship, the Lightside Explorer, determined to finish her late husband's delivery.

he Stenness Hyperspace Terminal was a space station located near the Stenness system in the Inner Rim. It was a large, gray, multilevel structure, with many wings and halls extending from its main frame. The spaceport had three levels that contained docking bays, four levels featuring food courts that sold foodstuffs such as Stenness lizard pie, and nine hundred forty-seven levels with brothels. As the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal had a high number of travelers that passed through, there were many traders and merchants that wandered the halls, trying to sell wares such as Novanian grog liquor.

Hyperspace beacon
Hyperspace beacons, also known as jump beacons, were used as fixed navigation points for hyperspace travel c. 4000 BBY. Examples include the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal, Belgoth's Beacon, and Darknon Station, and probably Terman Station, as well. Pirates and Hutts sometimes reprogrammed the beacons to transmit incorrect coordinates to ships, sending them into deep space so the ships could be ambushed and pillaged far from the interference of the Republic.

They were known to be in use in the Tion Cluster as early as 25,100 BBY which means they were contemporary to the Corellian and Duros hyperspace cannon. The Tionese developed their hyperdrive technology from knowledge gained by Rakata castoffs of the Cluster. This limited hyperdrive made use of this "lighthouse network" consisted by fixed-position beacons.

Beacons recorded local hyperspace data, which was then downloaded by visiting spacecraft. Each beacon was a massive supercomputer in space that kept accurate data on routes to a limited number of other beacons, providing practical limitations on hyperspace jumps in both distance and direction. A local network might require as many as twenty jump beacons, with an individual beacon transmitting astrogational information from a ship to the rest of the network.

The beacons were maintained and patrolled by the Republic Spacelane Bureau. Reliability of available data was only about 80%. Beacons were moored in open space between systems to avoid the effects of gravitation.

Around the time of the Mandalorian Wars, the beacons became redundant with the introduction of navicomputers, which were then capable of storing millions of hyperspace routes or of restricted (e.g., military or political) navigational data, although certain sectors with notoriously difficult navigational routes, like the Tapani sector, continued to utilize hyperspace beacons well into the Imperial Period.

There were rumors that ancient beacons were used in Hutt Space to guide their slave ships.

In 3999 BBY, hyperspace beacons were vital to facilitate hyperspace travel. The beacons were constructed at jump points known to be safe and reliable, guiding the way for ships going into hyperspace. At many of the beacons complex spaceports were built, to house and service the ever-expanding trans-galactic traffic. One such beacon was located in the Stenness system in the Inner Rim, and it was at this site that the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal was created. The terminal was located on the mining frontier, and by 3999 BBY many criminals were known to pass through the station on their way to stealing mining rights from the natives of the Stenness Node region, the Nessies. In 3999 BBY, Jedi Knight Andur Sunrider and his family, while on their way to deliver a package of valuable Adegan crystals to the Tchuukthai Jedi Master Thon, docked at the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal in their ship, the Lightside Explorer. However, two of Stenness-based crime lord Bogga the Hutt's enforcers, Quanto and Gudb, discovered the package's existence through the use of on-station eavesdropping equipment. The two thugs brought the information to Bogga himself, piquing the Hutt's interest.

Bogga assembled a group of three enforcers, consisting of Gudb, Rek, and Quanto, and sent them to accost the Sunriders as they waited for their ship to clear customs. Rek and Quanto began to push around Andur Sunrider's protocol droid, A-3DO, drawing the Jedi's attention; when Sunrider turned his back, Gudb released his pet gorm-worm, Skritch, who killed Sunrider with its poisonous bite. As Sunrider's wife, Nomi knelt over her husband's corpse, Andur's Force ghost appeared and directed Nomi to take up his lightsaber and defend herself from the thugs. Nomi did as she was told, and struck down the thugs with her fallen husband's weapon. Soon afterward, Nomi departed the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal in the Lightside Explorer, committed to finishing the delivery of the Adegan crystals. Around the same time as the Sunrider incident, Satal and Aleema Keto, heirs to the throne of the Empress Teta system, visited the station on their ship, the Krath Enchanter. The Ketos were en route to the Galactic Republic capital of Coruscant, and stopped by to refuel. As the ship had no cargo, it was cleared to land at Docking Bay Four.

Many travelers passed through the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal, a good amount of them being criminals on their way to stealing mining rights from the Nessies. As such, many traders and merchants were present on the spaceport, hoping to do business with passersby. Local crime lord Bogga the Hutt maintained a presence on the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal, along with several of his enforcers. Also, there were hundreds of levels of brothels located on the station, indicating that there was a high number of prostitutes working on the spaceport.

The Stenness Hyperspace Terminal had a thousand levels; three of them with docking bays, four had food troughs, and nine hundred forty-seven featured brothels. The space station's docking bays, such as Docking Bay Four, where Satal Keto landed in the Krath Enchanter, were all numbered. There was a room where Bogga the Hutt and his gang stayed while on the terminal, along with a room that contained monitoring equipment that Bogga's enforcers used to track incoming ships and to discern which ones they should hijack. However, the monitoring station was located on the other side of the station from some of the docking bays, such as Docking Bay Six, discouraging Bogga's thugs from hijacking vessels in that area. The station's food courts were bustling and full of sentient beings, and fountains could be found nearby.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.