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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: EU

STARKILLER (Darth Vader's secret apprentice)

Type: Reformed Jedi Knight
Dexterity: 4D
-Blaster 5D, blaster artillery 4D+1, brawling parry 7D, dodge 7D+2, melee combat 6D+2, melee parry 8D+1, lightsaber 12D , vehicle blasters 5D+1.
Knowledge: 2D
-Alien species 4D+1, bureaucracy 5D+2, cultures 4D, intimidation 8D, languages 5D, planetary systems 3D+1, scholar 3D, scholar: Sith lore 6D+2, scholar: Jedi lore 5D+1, streetwise 8D+2, survival 6D+1, willpower 13D.
Mechanical: 3D
-Astrogation 3D+2, beast riding 4D, communications 4D+1, repulsorlift operations 6D, sensors 4D, starfighter piloting 5D+1, starship gunnery 4D+2, starship shields 4D+1, space transports piloting 5D.
Perception: 2D
-Bargain 4D, command 6D+2, con 5D+1, hide 7D+2, persuasion 8D+1, search 8D, sneak 7D+2
Strength: 3D+2
-Brawling 9D, climbing/jumping 7D+2, lifting 6D+1, stamina 8D
Technical: 2D+1
-Computer programming/repair 4D+1, droid programming 5D, droid repair 5D+1, first aid 4D, lightsaber repair 7D+2, repulsorlift repair 3D+2, security 6D+2, space transport repair 4D, starfighter repair 4D
Special Abilities:
Force Skills: Control 12D+1, Sense 10D, Alter 12D+2
   Force Powers:
      Control: Absorb/dissipate energy, accelerate healing, concentrate, control pain, enhance attribute, Force jump, Force speed, hibernation trance, reduce injury, remain concious, resist stun.
      Sense: Combat sense, danger sense, life detection, life sense, magnify senses, sense Force.
      Alter: Telekinesis.
      Control and Sense: Farseeing, lightsaber combat.
      Control and Alter: Feed on Dark Side, Force lightning, inflict pain.
      Control, Sense and Alter: Drain life essence, telekinetic kill.
This character is Force-Sensitive.
Force Points: 18
Darkside Points: 5
Character Points: 34
Move: 10
Equipment: Lightsaber (5D), comlink, allies (Juno Eclipse and Proxy), the 'Rogue Shadow'.

   Starkiller's story begins on the planet Kashyyyk, homeworld of the Wookies.  Darth Vader was leading the Imperial force to tame the world and bring it under Imperial rule to use the Wookie species as a slave race.  During the event, Vader came across Jedi who had tried to hide on the planet.  A battle ensued between the two, the Jedi insulting Vader for what he had become, while Vader easily overpowers the Jedi, forcing him to retreat further and further.
   As the duel between the two comes into the Jedi's home in a hollowed tree, Darth Vader begins to feel another presence strong in the Force, much stronger than the Jedi he faces.  During their final round inside the home, Vader asks the Jedi where his master is, for he can feel him, but the Jedi replies that Vader killed his master years ago.  Vader slays the Jedi, then almost slays another in the shadows, but holds back as he sees it is a child.  The Jedi's own son, the one whom he felt earlier, is already showing in the Force. and has had no training yet.
   The two lock eyes, Vader in his mask which shows no emotion but obviously overcome by thoughts of his own, while the child is frozen by having watched vader kill his father.  Before either can do or say anything, Stormtroopers break in with an Imperial officer and behold the scene.  The officer prepares to give the order to exterminate the Jedi child, but Vader then acts by using his lightsaber to kill all witnesses.  After slaying the Imperials, he looks at the child and tells him that if he wants to survive, he'll come with Vader.  The child does so, and time moves forward to many years later...
   ...the child, after much training in the ways of the Force and the Dark Side, became Darth vader's secret apprentice, codenamed "Starkiller".  Since there can only ever be two members of the Sith, the master and the apprentice, Vader has kept Starkiller's existence his greatest secret, training him to handle personal missions as an extension of his will.  Starkiller's abilities in the Force gave him much potential in the ways of Telekinesis and Force Lightning, and with the proper guidance from Vader, these and the Lightsaber have become his primary means of combat.  Coupled with exceptional stealth training, Starkiller has become a force to be reckoned with in his own right.
   As his story progresses, Darth Vader tells him that someday they will fight the Emperor together, defeat him and rule the Galaxy.  Starkiller feels he is ready now, but Vader knows better.  he tells Starkiller that he must prove himself worthy first.  For this Vader gives him several missions, teaming him with Juno Eclipse, a pilto personally picked by Vader, to ferry him from one location to the next in the space transport 'Rogue Shadow', making use of the best stealth technology to remain undetected to fullfill his missions.
   The first was to slay General Rahm Kota, a Jedi Knight from the Old Republic who had stayed alive by leading a force of his homeworld's militiamen instead of the clone troopers supplied by Palpatine.  Since then, he had survived and become a thorn in the Empire's side.  Starkiller is dispatched to slay Kota at an Imperial TIE Fighter manufacturing facility.  Once there, Starkiller slays many on both sides of the conflict, brutally making his way to Kota.  In their final battle, Kota and Starkiller fight in a command chamber, which quickly detaches from the station and begins falling towards the planet below.  The final blows see Kota blinded, as he uses Farseeing to describe Starkiller's future, when he is surprised to see that one day he will be a mentor to the one trying to kill him.  Kota falls through a tear in the hull and disappears, presumed dead, while Starkiller grabs Kota's lightsaber and jumps free, being picked up by the Rogue Shadow and flies back to Darth Vader to proclaim Kota dead.
   As Starkiller was given more missions, his path led him to slay a crazed Jedi in a mock temple on the junk world of Raxus Prime, a full-fledged Jedi Knight in the jungles of Felucia, and finally return to see vader once more.  s they meet, vader tells him he is ready, but that he made a mistake and that the Emperor followed him to Vader's ship.  The Emperor enters the chamber then, just as Vader impales Starkiller with his lightsaber.  The Emperor tells Vader to kill him as Starkiller pleas that they can kill the Emperor together.  Vader hesitates for a brief moment before grasping Starkiller with his Telekinesis and throwing him all around the chamber, slamming hard enough to cause severe injuries and broken limbs after already being impaled by a lightsaber.  The last throw sends him through a viewport, hurdling into space to die a cold death.
   But this was not the end of Starkiller's story.
   Later, he would awaken in a lab of Darth Vader's, no one the wiser since the area was deemed off limits for one of Vader's "personal projects".  Vader tells him he had no choice but to kill him since the Emperor found out about his existence, but that Vader had him revived through advance Imperial medical technology.  Vader tells Starkiller that his path is his own to choose from now on, but to never forget that he will always serve him, then gives him his new mission.  Find those who would rise against the Empire and bring them together to fight the Emperor from the outside.
   After fighting his way to save Juno Eclipse, who had been branded a traitor by the Emperor, then sending the ship into a star to dispose of any witnesses with Proxy's help, Starkiller and his allies get away and begin their new mission.  
   As time passes, Starkiller eventually finds General Rahm Kota again at Cloud City on Bespin, realizing he must have survived and needing his help to find a new direction.  From there, they go to Kashyyyk to save Baal Organa's daughter, Leia Organa, who is being held as a political hostage to force Baal to serve the Empire.  After saving her and many Wookies from the despotic Imperial General ruling Kashyyyk, they make their way to Felucia again to save Baal Organa from the Padawan of the Jedi Starkiller slew before, turning her back from the Dark Side in their last battle.
   After these events, Baal brings together others like himself, individuals with strong political power who wish to fight Palpatine's Empire, namely Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis.  They all meet on a nameless cold world (Hoth, maybe?) to hammer out the beginnings of what will become the Rebel Alliance.  But before things get too far, the Empire attacks, led by Darth Vader himself.  In an all-too-quick battle, Vader bests Starkiller while stormtroopers secure and arrest the Senators of the Rebel Alliance.  With Starkiller hanging from a ledge awaiting the final blow, Vader explains the "why" to him, that he has been a pawn for him and the Emperor the entire time, their tool for weeding out those who would cause the most trouble for the Empire.  
   Before Vader can kill Starkiller, Proxy attacks him in the holographic guise of Obi-Wan Kenobi in his prime, meeting Vader blow for blow by lightsaber.  But Vader easily bests Proxy and impales him, finally destroying the droid friend Starkiller had known for so long.  When Vader turns back to Starkiller, he is gone, presumably having fallen to his death.  The Empire leaves, taking the rebels to be dealt with personally by the Emperor himself.
   Starkiller survives the fall, and is picked up by Juno. They leave the planet, trying to figure out what to do now.  Starkiller finally follows the teachings of Kota and tries to reach out with the Force, calming himself and meditating to attempt to find a vision, allowing the Force to guide him.  He finally recieves a vision of the future.  The Rebels are in a massive space station somewhere, and will die uness he saves them.  Juno sets the course with the information he gives her and they race to the rescue.
   When they exit hyperspace, the sight befor them is imense.  In short, the first Death Star, still under construction, lies ahead of them.  Using the Rogue Shadow's stealth package, they enter the station.  As the ramp opens and Starkiller is about to leap out, Juno asks if he knows if they'll see each other again.  He replies honestly, that the future is not clear on it and possibly a no.  Juno kisses Starkiller a last heartfelt goodbye, before he slips away from her and allows gravity to pull him downwards to his fate, falling through piping and conduits, entire levels of the Death Star passing by in his wake, with his Telekinesis and Lightning abilities blowing away debris in his path, until he reaches his destination.
   Starkiller battles his way through the Death Star, slaughtering stormtroopers and every special trooper unit in his path that the Empire has to offer, even the red Royal Guardsman and blue types trained to fight Jedi.  He fights through them all, realizing what the Force has in store for him, and knowing that it needs to be done.  
   At the end of the trail, he finally comes face to face with Darth Vader, his mentor and enemy.  Vader berates him for what he is doing, Starkiller counters, and the two engage in combat.  The first round is in the Death Star's corridors, much like the fated battle to come later between Darth vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi later on.  The difference here is that Starkiller bests Vader and forces a retreat down the corridor.  The next round is in a chamber with much debris around it, to allow Vader to use his vast Force powers to use everything in the room against Starkiller.  Again, Starkiller beats Vader, damaging his armor and cybernetics, knocking the helmet off his head, and using the Force to throw him through the bulkhead into the chamber with the Emperor, the Rebels and many troops awaiting their Emperor's command.
   The last fight is Starkiller fighting Emperor Palpatine himself, as well as many of the Royal Guardsmen in waves.  It is a fierce battle, and most would claim that Starkiller was outnumbered, outskilled, and oumatched in every way.  But he wasn't.  He forced the Emperor to back off several times while Guardsmen would take over the fight, and would still beat them back.  The very last blow was the Emperor pushing every ounce of power he had into his Force Lightning, with Starkiller absorbing it all, stepping closer and closer towards the Emperor, finally grasping hands in a show of brute power.  Starkiller knew he couldn't take it, but he did so to allow the rebel senators the time they needed to reach the Rogue Shadow.  As they boarded the ship, a great explosion engulfs the scene.  The Rogue Shadow gets with those who will now birth the Rebel Alliance.  As the smoke clears, the Emperor watches the ship go, then looks down at the body before him.  Darth Vader walks forward and joins him, both looking at the remains of Starkiller, now dead from the battle, having given everything he had to give birth to hope for the future.  
   Darth vader tell the Emperor he can find the rebels, and Palpatine replies that he had better and to remain vigilante.  And so ends the story of Starkiller....
   Or, does it?  Since we all enjoy playing the Star Wars RPG, and since his body DID survive, who is to say he could not be brought back some other means?  Perhaps Vader might do so for so strange reason, be it compassion or dark design?  Maybe the Emperor would clone him, seeking an agent with such great powers as Starkiller possessed?  Or maybe the original simply did not die, having a few more tricks up his sleeze than Vader or Palpatine knew about?  A galaxy of possibilities await you.
   Starkiller's stats were put together using information in the D6 trilogy sourcebook, specifically looking at the information provided on Darth Vader and The Emperor, as well as information on Force Powers on  He has skills that Vader would have had available and could teach him, including Force Powers on par with what he would have needed to perform the feats from the game up to its ending.  His personal skills are meant to show what he was good at, such as stealth, lightsaber combat, and whatever one would need to be a sneaky force agent, but also lacks in some areas.  For instance, in the game he never really flies a ship and doesn't repair anything very complex.  But that doesn't mean he wouldn't have the skill, especially if he were this well trained; he simply wouldn't have it very high, which is why he has Proxy, who has versatile technical abilities. and Juno Eclipse, who is an exceptional pilot and was chosen for that and her combat record, and would have the skills needed to ferry Starkiller anywhere he needed to go better than he ever could himself.
   Starkiller was also given the Force Power 'Drain Life Essence', to represent how he could drain the life of others to heal himself in the game.  If any prerequisites are not shown, assume he has them for the sake of gameplay.  However, this power is not on Vader's writeup, so GMs and players may want to either include the power with vader, or take it away from Starkiller, whichever fits best.

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02/Feb/2011 07:02:20 Posted by Jeremy {}

Where Garm, Mon Mothma, et al are meeting isn't Hoth, it's actually just a mountainous region on Corellia.

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