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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: Ord Mantell
Region: Mid Rim Territories
Sector: Bright Jewel sector
System: Bright Jewel system
Suns: Bright Jewel
Orbital position: 2
Moons: At least 15; Quantxi
Grid coordinates: L-7
Trade routes: Burke's Trailing, Celanon Spur, Entralla Route
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 14,050 kilometers
Atmosphere: Type I
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Primary terrain: Mountain chains, mesas, plains, islands
Points of interest: Ord Mantell barracks, Ord Mantell fleet support base, Ord Mantell storage facility, Ord Mantell mining tunnels
Fauna: Irling
Native species: Mantellian Savrip
Immigrated species: Bith, Falleen, Human, Trandoshan, Zygerrian
Government: Ord Mantell government
Population: 4 billion
Demonym: Mantellian
Major cities: Freelonn, Ord Mantell City, Old Ord Mantell City, Savroia, Worlport (capital)

Description: Ord Mantell was a planet that the capital of the Bright Jewel system of the galaxy's Mid Rim that was the homeworld of the Mantellian Savrip species. During the expansion of the Galactic Republic, Ord Mantell was colonized around 12,000 BBY by Corellian settlers, where it became an Ordnance/Regional Depot outpost. In the waning days of the Republic, Ord Mantell City housed a base of operations for the Black Sun crime syndicate. It later came under control of the Galactic Empire and became home to an Imperial deepdock.

Ord Mantell was the terrestrial capital planet of the Bright Jewel system at grid square L-7 on the Standard Galactic Grid, and was the second planet to orbit the blue star Bright Jewel. Orbited by at least fifteen moons, including the moon of Quantxi, Ord Mantell was 14,050 kilometers in diameter and served as the sector capital for the Mid Rim's Bright Jewel sector, which in turn was the capital for the Bright Jewel Oversector. In close proximity to the gas giant Wynkahthu, Ord Mantell was situated in the northern New Territories portion of the Mid Rim, lying on a cross-section between the Bright Jewel, Qiilura and Dohu sectors along the Celanon Spur, Burke's Trailing and Entralla hyperspace routes. The Burke's Trailing hyperspace route connected the planet to the moon of Jedha in the nearby Terrabe sector.

A planet of temperate climate, Ord Mantell maintained a breathable Type I and standard gravity atmosphere, and presented a pinkish hue when viewed from space as a result of its thick clouds, which littered its skies. On the surface, every landmass on Ord Mantell was dotted with mountain chains, but its population of four billion lived on its arid equatorial continents amid the foothills of its mountains and plains. Ord Mantell was home to many different species, with no single one representing more than five percent of the planet's population.

Colonization of Ord Mantell
Around 12,000 BBY, the planet Ord Mantell was colonized by settlers from the Core World planet Corellia during the middle era of the Galactic Republic's expansion, in which it became one of many Ordnance/Regional Depot outposts. At the time, Ord Mantell was isolated in what was known as the Wild Space of the northern quadrant, and was only accessible through an intricate network of frontier hyperspace routes. As the Republic expanded its territory, Ord Mantell lost strategic significance, but the presence of a fully equipped military shipyard and drydocks encouraged a thriving civilian cargo trade.

After 3700 BBY, Ord Mantell became notable as a trading post for spacers who ventured west off the Hydian Way super-hyperroute. The planet also became a port for less salubrious visitors, such as smugglers, tax-evaders and Black marketeers. Together with support from the independent spirit of Corellians, criminal groups sowed the seeds of a lawless world that lingered on in the planet's culture.

Sometime before the outbreak of the Clone Wars between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Republic attempted to create several other trade hubs across the galaxy, in hopes of rivaling Ord Mantell's success as a trading port. However, the Republic was unable to create a world that could compete with its successes, even with Ord Mantell serving as a criminal shadowport.

Clone Wars
By the time of the Clone Wars, Ord Mantell became home to a large base for the Black Sun crime syndicate. Nevertheless, in the years following the Battle of Geonosis, Ord Mantell was most important as one of the planets that both the Grand Army of the Republic and the Galactic Republic Navy used as a storage facility, barracks and fleet support base. Additionally, Ord Mantell served as the headquarters for the Republic's 8th Sector Army.

In the waning days of the Republic, a battle was fought on the planet between the Shadow Collective, of which the Black Sun was a member, and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The assault was launched by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, Count Dooku, and General Grievous as part of their campaign against the Shadow Collective.

Imperial Era
During the early days of the Galactic Empire, the rogue Clone Force 99 undertook a mission from the informant Cid on Ord Mantell to rescue Muchi at the ruins of Old Ord Mantell City, who was being held captive by Zygerrian slavers operating there at that time.

In the reign of the Empire, the Bright Jewel sector became the capital of the Bright Jewel Oversector, which also housed the Yavin system located in the Gordian Reach. Following the destruction of the first Death Star at Yavin, the Empire began to tighten its grip on the sector, eventually coming to establish a deepdock, but Ord Mantell still managed to maintain its neutrality during the Galactic Civil War. The Devaronian pirate Melos was hunted down by three bounty hunters—Viktor Hel, Koshka Frost, and "Doctor" Krandak—on Ord Mantell.

While the Empire feared that the planet would become a possible haven for Rebel Alliance sympathizers, it preferred to blackmail the planet's ruling government and keep an eye on the world by staging fleet maneuvers in the nearby area, rather than pursuing a total subjugation of the planet. However, the inhabitants began to see more and more Imperial stormtroopers appear around the planet's cities as the Empire gradually built up its ground forces. Amid the civil war, prior to the Battle of Hoth, Rebel Alliance member and former smuggler Han Solo had a run-in with bounty hunter Skorr on Ord Mantell's surface.

After its colonization, Ord Mantell became the homeworld of a variety of different species—commonly referred to as Mantellians—and no particular species on Ord Mantell represented more than five percent of its total population. The planet was also home to the Mantellian Savrip, a species whose appearance was used for a holographic piece in the game of dejarik. It was also inhabited by Bith, Falleen, and humans.

Ord Mantell was ruled by a planetary government of which was led by several governors. The planet's governors and representatives were no strangers to Ord Mantell's illicit activities that happened frequently across the planet, and were known to accept bribes or turn a blind eye to them. The Mantellian courts also respected the rights of bounty hunters, viewing them as a free-market approach to law enforcement on the planet.

As a result of the planet's lawlessness, Ord Mantell helped in the rise of a thriving gambling and entertainment industry. Along the Worlport continent's southern coast, a series of cities provided the necessary services for gambling and other games. The cities were modern and billions of tourists who traveled from the Core could expect to find any luxury they were accustomed to in their home region. Of the planet's casinos, the most popular was Lady Fate Casino, however, more professional gamblers were found in the side streets and alley casinos such as the Chance Cube, Throw Me a Bone, or the Lucky Detooa's in the city of Savroia. Several of the casinos had the highest payouts along the Celanon Spur.

Ord Mantell's surface was home to several cities, such as the capital city of Worlport, Ord Mantell City, Freelonn and Savroia, all of which were known for their fringe activities. The planet's open markets sold nearly everything and nothing was ever truly illegal on Ord Mantell. Its coastal cities, including Worlport, were constantly inviting and seducing to spend their credits in the casinos at the gambling tables.

The planet's outskirts were much less developed and glamorous, littered with outstretched junkyards, mountains and mines. Further along the continental shores were small fishing communities, which preferred to not be bothered by outlanders.

Places of Interest
Freelonn was a city on the planet Ord Mantell.

The Chance Cube
The Chance Cube was a casino located in the city of Freelonn on the planet Ord Mantell.

Ord Mantell City
Ord Mantell City was a city on the planet Ord Mantell. The Black Sun criminal syndicate operated a base in Ord Mantell City, which was the location of a battle between the Shadow Collective and Confederacy of Independent Systems, resulting in significant damage to the city,

Black Sun stronghold
The criminal organization Black Sun maintained a stronghold in Ord Mantell City on the planet Ord Mantell during the Clone Wars. Later during the war, after Black Sun had joined the Shadow Collective, the Collective's forces as well as its leader, Maul, used the stronghold as a staging ground for the inevitable Battle of Ord Mantell against the Separatists.

Cid's Parlor
Cid's Parlor was a bar and gambling den operated by the Trandoshan female Cid in Ord Mantell City on Ord Mantell. She provided services as an information broker out of the establishment, assisting the Jedi during the Clone Wars and later the Bad Batch during the Imperial Era. A variety of games, including slot machines and dejarik, were available there.

Located in a grimy, garbage-strewn alleyway in Ord Mantell City, Cid's Parlor was largely below street level, accessible by a staircase entrance with a sign bearing the name "Cid's" in Aurebesh and a picture of a pair of dice. The parlor's main room was dimly-lit, containing a bar area with seating in the middle, a large oblong holotable, and a bench seat along the back of the room on the side nearer the door. Smaller holotables were available for the playing of dejarik, and slot machines were arrayed around the sides of the room. The parlor served a wide variety of alcohol, including Whyren's Reserve, Deep Core, Oo'ta Goo'ta, Mooften, Wicked Womprat, Dark Blue Milk, Thermal Detonator, and Reactor Coolant. The drinks were displayed on shelves behind the bar.

Cid kept an office in the back where she met clients. The room contained a holotable, a desk and a chair, as well as shelving along the sides. The office was filled with trophies, including a fur pelt behind the chair, a mounted horn on the desk, an axe, and several clone trooper helmets.

In the final years of the Republic Era, the cantina was run by Cid, a Trandoshan informant who had a working relationship with the Jedi. At some point during the Clone Wars, the ARC trooper Echo learned of Cid and where to find her from his Jedi commanding officers. After the Jedi Order was destroyed at the end of the war and declared enemies of the new Galactic Empire, Echo and his current unit, the irregular Clone Force 99, deserted the Empire's service. They took Omega, a young enhanced clone created by the Kaminoans, with them. When Omega was targeted by a bounty hunter on Pantora, the so-called "Bad Batch" decided to visit Cid on Echo's suggestion for answers.

Landing on Ord Mantell, the squad travelled through the streets of the city to Cid's Parlor. Upon entering, they were initially unaware of Cid was, as Echo had never actually met her. Hunter asked Cid, who was working on a slot machine, if she knew the owner, but she denied it. The only other people present were regular patrons Bolo and Ketch, who were in the midst of an argument over a dejarik game which quickly escalated to a fight. Noting the state of the room, Tech suggested that Cid may have been arrested for violating health code regulations. Omega, after poking at a holotable, managed to identify Cid and told the rest of the squad, after which she took them to her office.

The Batch showed Cid a hologram of the bounty hunter and told her what they wanted. In return for the information, however, Cid hired them to rescue Muchi, whom she said was a child in danger from Zygerrian slavers. When they agreed, Cid tossed Hunter a data disk with the information, and they left. Muchi, however, was not a child but a young rancor belonging to the crime lord Jabba the Hutt. After the squad left, Cid was eating in her office when she was contacted by Jabba's majordomo, Bib Fortuna. Cid reassured Fortuna that Muchi would be returned soon, stating that threats were unnecessary as she had her "best people" on it.

Despite some difficulties, the Bad Batch managed to pull the rescue off, defeating the slavers and also freeing the slaves they had taken before returning to Ord Mantell City with Muchi. Fortuna had visited Cid in person with two Gamorrean guards, further insisting on Muchi's return as soon as possible. Any further argument was forestalled when Fortuna heard Muchi nearby, leading him to rush out of Cid's to greet the rancor. Fortuna paid Cid for the job and left with the creature, after which Cid asked Hunter to accompany her to her office. She paid him his squad's share of the credits and gave him the intel she had gathered on the bounty hunter, Fennec Shand, and who had hired her. Cid further offered Hunter some more mercenary work for the Batch, stating they would need both friends and credits to survive in the new era.

Afterwards, the Batch remained on Ord Mantell, spending time at Cid's. Omega, supervised by Echo, trained to use her new energy bow in the bar's main room, while Bolo and Ketch bet on whether she would hit the target, which had been built out of some crates and a slot machine. A woman came in while the practice was going on, but was frightened into leaving by a stray shot for which Omega apologized. Practice ended after Cid appeared and, shooing Ketch and Bolo out, requested the Batch do another job for her. She used one of the bar's holotables to explain the mission, which was for the squad to break into a decommissioning facility on Corellia and steal a tactical droid for the intel it contained. Hunter was reluctant to do the job, but eventually agreed, and the Batch departed for the Core Worlds.

The mission to Corellia failed because the tactical droid's head was destroyed and Hunter chose to give the copied data to smugglers Trace and Rafa Martez, who had also been after the head and whom Hunter believed would use the information for the right reasons. However, the sisters learned where the Batch was based out of and passed the information on to their contact, the former Clone Captain Rex, who was a friend of the Batch. Some time later, he travelled to Ord Mantell and, disguising himself with a hooded cloak, entered Cid's, where he got a drink and sat in a corner to observe, unnoticed amidst other patrons. The Batch shortly returned to the cantina from a mission to retrieve a stolen lizard from the Rhokai. Meeting the clones at the bar, Cid commented on how strange the lizard looked, having an exchange with Hunter about how she did not care what her client would do with the creature as long as she was paid. She headed into her office and told the clones to follow her. Hunter surveyed the room and took note of the cloaked figure in the back, but thought little of him before Wrecker and Omega asked permission to go on leave, which he granted after they argued that it was a tradition.

In her office, Cid paid Hunter much less for the job than she had said it was worth. When Echo demanded to know how their arrangement was mutually beneficial, Cid retorted that she was being generous considering what they owed her. Hunter asked how much, and she passed him a datapad containing a list of expenses for port and docking fees, fuel, rations, and cartons of Mantell Mix, a snack food Wrecker and Omega had taken to eating after missions and putting on Cid's tab. Cid told the clones that in order for their debt to be squared, they needed to make another big score, like what the tactical droid would have been worth. She further warned them to figure something out before they saw her ugly side, prompting Tech to make a quip about Cid's appearance. Before she could answer, however, the conversation was interrupted by two blaster shots from the main room.

Shortly after Hunter had gone to Cid's office, some other patrons had left, leaving Bolo and Ketch the only people in the cantina besides the disguised Rex. Taking offense to the man sitting in "his" seat, Bolo had approached Rex and demanded that he move. After he pointedly ignored them and took a sip of his drink, Ketch noted to his friend that the man was ignoring them, leading Bolo to restate his demand. Things quickly escalated, and Rex drew one of his blaster pistols and fired two warning shots, leading the duo to flee the cantina in terror as Cid, Hunter, Tech and Echo burst into the main room from her office. As Rex set his gun down on the table, Cid demanded to know who he was. Hunter, Tech and Echo recognized Rex immediately when he lowered his hood, and Cid, exasperated, stated that she was done taking in strays and that her business was not a clone bar, leaving while grumbling about how clones kept acting as if they owned the place. Rex commented that it had been a while, and when Echo asked him where he had been, he responded that it was a long story.

The clones sat at the bar and got drinks while Rex filled them in on some of what he had been doing, saying he had been keeping a low profile since the end of the war. Tech agreed, telling Rex the Empire had listed him as killed in action. When Echo asked him how he had known where to find them, Rex mentioned the Martezes, adding that they had told him the Batch was travelling with a kid and asked who that was. Hunter told him that Omega was a clone, which surprised Rex, just as Wrecker and Omega returned. Wrecker recognized Rex immediately and greeted him warmly, lifting him off of his stool in a bear hug. Omega was surprised to see him greeting a "reg" so warmly as she had thought the Batch disliked normal clones, but Wrecker told her they liked this one.

Hunter introduced Omega to Rex, and he told her he had never met a clone like her before. He was surprised when she was able to deduce that he was a Generation One clone, but the conversation took a turn when Wrecker began having one of his persistent headaches. Rex was alarmed when he realized that none of the Batch had removed their implanted inhibitor chips, which had been used to turn the clones against the Jedi, as Tech had concluded their deviant nature protected them. Going for one of his pistols, Rex warned them that the chips were more dangerous than they knew and made them a threat to everyone, including Omega. He only relaxed when Hunter asked him how to remove the chips, and said it was a good question and he would be in touch. Rex later had the Batch meet him on Bracca, to use the medical bay of a wrecked Venator-class Star Destroyer to perform the surgeries.

Old Ord Mantell City
Old Ord Mantell City was a ruined city on the planet Ord Mantell. It was located on the far side of the planet from Ord Mantell City. At the beginning of the Imperial Era, a group of Zygerrian slavers led by Raney holed up in the ruins with several captives and Muchi, a stolen rancor belonging to Jabba Desilijic Tiure. The informant Cid recruited the fugitive Bad Batch to retrieve the rancor when they came to her for information, resulting in a skirmish in the ruins.

Old Ord Mantell City was a city on Ord Mantell, situated on the far side of the planet from Ord Mantell City. Located in a mountain valley, the city had an extensive array of buildings, including at least one plaza with fountains, fortresses, and various beautiful edifices. All of it had been reduced to ruins by the beginning of the Imperial Era.

Old Ord Mantell City was constructed on Ord Mantell sometime prior to the year 19 BBY. By the beginning of the Imperial Era in that year, the city had been reduced to ruins, with its population gone. At that time, a group of Zygerrian slavers led by Raney holed up in the ruins with several slaves and Muchi, a young rancor stolen from the crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

Jabba's majordomo, Bib Fortuna, hired the information broker Cid, who was based in Ord Mantell City, to retrieve Muchi. In turn, Cid recruited the fugitive Bad Batch, a group of clone commandos who had defected from the Empire, to carry out the job when they came to her for information. The Batch travelled to the ruins and scouted them out, noting the square where the slavers were encamped with their captives.

Worlport was the capital city of the planet Ord Mantell. It was situated on the coast of the Worlport continent and had many casinos and gambling destinations that seduced visitors.

Ord Mantell barracks
A barracks was used by the Galactic Republic's 8th Sector Army of the Grand Army of the Republic on the planet Ord Mantell.

Ord Mantell fleet support base
A fleet support base was used by the Galactic Republic's Republic Navy on the planet Ord Mantell.

Ord Mantell storage facility
A storage facility was used by the Galactic Republic's 8th Sector Army of the Grand Army of the Republic on the planet Ord Mantell.

Ord Mantell mining tunnels
Underground mining tunnels were located in and around Ord Mantell City. Considered old by the beginning of the Imperial Era, the tunnels were largely unknown, although there were several entrances throughout the city, including one in Cid's Parlor. A section of the tunnels was infested by irlings, dangerous nocturnal creatures. The tunnels were outfitted with a track and minecarts.

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