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CZ-1 (CZ-series secretary/business communications droid)

CZ-1 (CZ-series secretary/business communications droid)
Sise Fromm

Sise Fromm
Memory stone

Memory stone

Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: EQUIPMENTEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: SoroSuub Corporation C1 Personal Comlink
Type: Personal comlink
Skill: Communications
Cost: 200
Availability: 1
Range: 50 kilometers over land and up to low orbit

Description: The C1 personal comlink was a portable communications device produced by SoroSuub Corporation in operation during the Galactic Civil War. These comlinks were standard-issue for the stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire.

The C1 comlink was a small, cylindrical device with a mic grill on the top, an on/off switch fixed to the side and scrambler, transmitter and frequency code sequence controls inside the casing. The C1 could be tuned with sophisticated encryption algorithms to transmit and receive over secure frequencies, making it ideal for military applications. Within close range of an Imperial base, comlink signals were automatically boosted for optimum performance.

C1 comlinks were commonly used to supplement DH77 and DH107 helmet communication systems worn by Imperial stormtroopers. During his attempt to rescue Leia Organa on board the first Death Star, Luke Skywalker kept in contact with C-3PO via a C1 comlink.

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