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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: DROIDSEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: AV-6R7
Manufacturer: MerenData
Model: V-series droid supervisor
Class: Supervisor droid
Plating color: Black

Dexterity: 1D
Knowledge: 2D
         Bureaucracy 4D, Languages 3D
Mechanical: 1D
Perception: 2D
         Bargain 3D, Command 4D, Investigation 3D, Persuasion 4D
Strength: 1D
Technical: 1D

Equipped with:
         Humanoid Body (two arms, two legs, head)
         Vocabulator speech/ sound system
         Broadband broadcast antenna/receiver system
         Internal high-frequency binary comlink
         Photoreceptors (Human range)
         Recharge coupling access port
         Logic Processor: +1D to Knowledge & Perception Skill tests,
         Augmented Monitor System: with a monitor power hookup extending from the neck to the head

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 1
Character Points: 2
Move: 8
Size: 1.8 meters tall

Description: AV-6R7 was an Imperial V-series droid supervisor manufactured by MerenData. The supervisor droid oversaw work droids building the Empire's Death Star II superweapon by 4 ABY, and was serving in that year on the Super Star Destroyer Executor during the Battle of Endor, which ended with the Executor colliding with the Death Star.

Manufactured by MerenData, AV-6R7 was a V-series droid supervisor serving the Galactic Empire. By 4 ABY, the supervisor droid worked for the Empire's Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod in overseeing work droids building the Death Star II superweapon. At one point, AV-6R7 was deprived of arms for failing to keep track of a faulty power droid.

In 4 ABY, AV-6R7—both arms intact—was present aboard the bridge crew pits of the Super Star Destroyer Executor in orbit over the Forest Moon of Endor. When the Executor questioned the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Tydirium that requested to land on Endor, ultimately Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader allowed the shuttle to pass. Not too long after, AV-6R7 was still aboard the Executor's bridge during the early stages of the Battle of Endor being fought by the Empire against the Alliance to Restore the Republic's fleet. The battle ultimately ended with the Executor's destruction when the Super Star Destroyer collided with the Death Star.

AV-6R7 had a logic processor and an augmented monitor system on the head, with a monitor power hookup extending from the neck to the head. The droid had black polished plastron painting.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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