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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Skara Nal
System: Kaldar Trinary system
Suns: 3
Moons: At least 1
Atmosphere: Breathable
Points of interest: Skara Nal burial site
Fauna: A creature

Description: Skara Nal was located in the Kaldar Trinary system in the galaxy. In 19 BBY, pirate Phee Genoa, MEL-221, and members of the Bad Batch went to the planet in search of treasure. They instead found Skara Nal, an ancient walker superweapon. Genoa activated the walker and revealed its true nature when she removed the Heart of the Mountain crystal keeping it deactivated. Skara Nal went on a brief rampage before Genoa was persuaded to return the crystal to its original position so the weapon could not destroy the Bad Batch's starship and leave them all stranded. Replacing the crystal halted the walker, but also destroyed it and the crystal.

The planet was situated in the Kaldar Trinary system. Terrestrial with an atmosphere breathable to humans, it was orbited by at least one moon and itself revolved around a trinary star. Much of the planet's surface was razed and uninhabitable, with dead forests, mountains, and valleys. The surface also consisted of fossilized rock and dull stone outcroppings. There were no cities or any sign of civilisation anywhere on the planet. A species of creature lived on the planet.

A pirate folk tale
The Ancients, a group predating the Jedi Order, built the walker Skara Nal prior to the formation of the Galactic Republic in approximately 25,000 BBY. Skara Nal was set loose on the planet at one point, with its primary weapon carving deep gouges into the earth and rendering much of the area inhospitable to life. The walker was eventually stopped and buried inside of a mountain. A crystal known as the Heart of the Mountain plugged into a socket in the walker's control room kept it inert, while a series of booby traps protected the chamber. Over the millennia, Skara Nal became a pirate legend, mythologized as a city containing a crystal of immense power which held enormous value.

Imperial Era
In 19 BBY, during the early Imperial Era, a compass designed to lead the way and allow entrance to Skara Nal was discovered in a junkyard on the Mid Rim planet Ord Mantell by Omega, a member of the Bad Batch, a group of rogue clone mercenaries in hiding from the Galactic Empire. Omega had taken to collecting pieces of potentially-valuable junk to show to Phee Genoa, a pirate and treasure hunter with which the team had recently become acquainted.

On her return with Wrecker to Cid's Parlor, the cantina they were based out of, Omega showed her findings to Genoa. The pirate noticed the compass had coordinate markings and had her droid MEL-221 scan it, placing the coordinates in the Kaldar Trinary system. Intrigued, Genoa persuaded the rest of the team to accompany her on a treasure hunt there. The group ventured to the planet in the Bad Batch's starship, the Marauder.

Afterwards, the group landed on the planet and saw the desolate landscape of the planet. While the group were discussing the planets landscape, Echo realized that the compass activated and was pointing south from their position. Excited, Omega snatched the compass from Echo and headed to where the compass was pointing at. After reaching the location that the compass was pointing at, the group found themselves at a dead end. Assuming that there was a secret entrance, Phee asked Wrecker to move some rocks. After moving some rocks, a secret entrance to Skara Nal was revealed and the Bad Batch entered Skara Nal.

While exploring Skara Nal, the group solved many puzzles and challenges that were presented to them. Eventually, the group reached a chamber that housed the Heart of the Mountain. Phee immediately took the Heart of the Mountain which consequently activated Skara Nal. The ancient droid walker then proceeded to annihilate everything on the planet. To stop the droid walker from destroying their ship, the group managed to place the Heart of the Mountain back to where it was previously thereby deactivating and later destroying the droid walker. The Marauder then left the planet.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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