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Todes Halvax (Human Imperial System Administrator)

Todes Halvax (Human Imperial System Administrator)
Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser Binary Hydromech Droid

Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser Binary Hydromech Droid

Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: New RepublicSubtype: DROIDSEra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: R6 Mail Droid
Manufacturer: Industrial Automaton
Product line: R-series
Class: Astromech droid
Sensor color: Black
Plating color: White and yellow

Bureaucracy 5D, Business 4D,
        Astrogation 5D, Space Transports 4D, Starfighter Piloting 4D
        Search 4D
        Computer Programming/Repair 5D, Space Transports Repair 4D, Starfighter Repair 5D*, Security 5D
* Astromech droids, if acting in co-pilot capacity, may attempt starship repairs while in flight.

Equipped With:
        Three wheeled legs (one retractable)
        Retractable heavy grasper arm (lifting skill at 2D)
        Retractable fine work grasper arm
        Extendable 0.3 metre long video sensor (360o rotation)
        Small electric arc welder (1D to 5D damage, 0.3 metre range)
        Small circular saw (4D damage, 0.3 metre range)
        Video display screen
        Holographic projector/recorder
        Fire extinguisher
        Acoustic signaller
        Small (20cm. by 8 cm.) internal "cargo" area
        Mail Tray

Move: 5
Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 2

Description: Around 9 ABY, an R-series astromech droid served as a mail droid at a New Republic skyscraper on the planet Coruscant. At one point around that year, the droid bumped into a New Republic archival office employee while transporting a caddy of datacards, which the archival worker Penn Pershing then took. Later, the droid delivered another set of datacards to the office of Requisitions Colonel Tuttle, where it deposited it on his desk despite the colonel's protests.

Around 9 ABY, an astromech droid worked as a mail droid in a skyscraper of the New Republic located on the Core Worlds planet Coruscant. At one point around that year, the droid was transporting a caddy of datacards in an archival office. There, an employee of the office was talking with the Amnesty Program member Penn Pershing, who was archiving records of Galactic Empire technology scheduled for destruction, at the latter's cubicle. The mail droid bumped into the former worker, who was standing in its way, and warbled. Pershing then excused himself and took the caddy from the droid—who made more warbling noises—stating that he was falling behind in his work. At that point, the droid moved away from the cubicle.

Later around that same year, the droid was present in the office of Colonel Tuttle of Requisitions. While the colonel was working on several caddies of datacards near his office's window, the droid approached Tuttle's cluttered desk while carrying another caddy, and the colonel spoke to the droid. The mail droid beeped and moved to deposit the caddy on the desk, only for Tuttle to forbid it, claiming the free area of the desk in question was his "work area." While looking at the colonel, the mail droid nevertheless deposited its caddy on the desk and beeped again, to Tuttle's shocked expression. Furthermore, the droid then pushed at the caddy it had put on the desk and made more noises, to which the colonel changed his face to that of annoyance and shook his head.

At that point, New Republic Defense Force Captain Carson Teva, who had arrived on Coruscant in order to request authorization and backup for driving off a pirate siege on the Outer Rim Territories planet Nevarro, entered into Tuttle's office, accompanied by Tuttle's assistant, who was attempting to stop the captain from disturbing the colonel with his unscheduled visit. While the mail droid was still present in the office, the assistant apologized to Tuttle for the disturbance. In response, the colonel agreed to see Teva and then pointed to the droid and jerked his finger at the office's door, ordering the droid to "scoot." At that, the mail droid beeped again, and both the assistant and the droid subsequently left Tuttle's office.

The mail droid was an R-series astromech droid manufactured by Industrial Automaton. It had the head of an R6 astromech, white-and-yellow-colored plating, and a black photoreceptor. The droid had a penchant for ignoring the convenience of its organic co-workers, directly going against the request of Colonel Tuttle as well as bumping into an archival office employee standing in its way.

The mail droid was outfitted with a tray that could be used for carrying caddies of datacards.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.