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Section of Site: The Force D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Jedi PowersEra: New Jedi OrderCanon: EU

Psychometry                  Knight Power
        Psychometry, also known as Telemetry, was an application of the Force used to pick up and gather impressions and traces of information about the object touched. An extremely powerful user of this ability could often see events of great emotional power that surrounded the object as if they were there, but at the cost of feeling all of the sensations of whoever was using the object during the event. Use of this power on objects that were used frequently by only one person was much easier than normal, but even a master of it would have extreme difficulty using Psychometry to probe information about an object that has rarely been used, or has been used by many people.
        In paticular, the Kiffar species was quite adept at the use of Psychometry. About one in a hundred Kiffar had the ability naturally, and those that were trained in its use were among the most powerful in the galaxy. Quinlan Vos is one example of such a person. A dark adept skilled in Psychometry was occaisionally able to use this power on a living being; experiencing and taking their memories through a temporary merging of minds.
        During the Old Republic, the Jedi Council strongly discouraged the use of Psychometry, as it often subjected the user to intense emotions that could often break his control and offer intense temptations from the dark side. Extreme cases of using Psychometry on an object imbued with the dark side could result in mental injury to the Jedi attempting to use the power. Many Sith who were fearful of a psychometric Jedi discovering their secrets would trap their objects with the power of the dark side, which could ensnare a Jedi's mind, or in rare cases, cause death.
        Requires: Life Sense. Sense Difficulty: Moderate (modified by the amount of usage of the object, the number of people who have handled the object, and potential dark side traps, and whether or not the user is Kiffar)

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