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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: VisionsCanon: Visions

Name: Aau
Species: Korban
Gender: Female
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Pink
Skin color: Blue
Move: 10

         Brawling Parry: 4D
         Dodge: 4D+2
         Running: 5D+1
         Search: 3D
         Sneak: 4D
         Languages: 3D+1
         Willpower: 5D
         Brawling: 3D+1
         Climbing/Jumping: 5D+2
         First Aid: 2D+1

Special Abilities:
          Hardy: The Korbans are a hardy race and can resist the cold due to their warm and fuzzy skin, this gives them a bonus +2D to resist the cold and elements.
          Kyber Calming: Aau was able to purify kyber crystals by singing, which Kratu considered a gift. This is possibly an untrained natural Force Power, calming Tortured Kyber Crystals and returning them to their original natural form by singing to them, and making a Willpower (Heroic) test. If successful, the Kyber returns to normal. It is possible that if trained in the Jedi way, that she could replace the Willpower test with a Control test as she learns to control this ability.

Story Factors:
         Homebodies: Korbans while knowledgeable about the galaxy and technology do not normally leave their homeworld, being extremely happy to stay where they are.

         Rugged Clothing


Description: Aau was a Force-sensitive Korban girl who lived on the planet Korba with her father, Abat. On Korba, Aau washed beasts near the entrance of a mine shaft where Abat worked by 19 BBY. After the Jedi Kratu visited the pair's home, they traveled to their respective workstations. Aau abandoned hers and followed her father to a tunnel, where she found a mine entrance in a mountain.

She entered it to find a cave full of kyber crystals and started to sing, purifying the crystals with her voice and destroying the cavern's spire, causing the mountain to collapse. Abat then dug a hole into the cave and rescued his daughter. However, the mountain's collapse cut a bridge the pair were using to escape; as a result, Aau and her father fell and were subsequently saved from the fall by Kratu. While the Jedi used the Force to protect them from several falling stones, Aau sang and purified the mountains' kyber crystal. Shortly after, the girl and Kratu left Korba so that the Jedi could nurture Aau's ability to purify kyber.

A curious mind
A blue-skinned Korban, Aau was the young daughter of the miner Abat. They lived on the planet Korba, whose mountains were rich with kyber crystals, which the Jedi Order used to build lightsabers, their weapons. She washed large, purple beasts at a settlement located near the entrance of a kyber crystal mine shaft and lived with her father at a round dwelling.

At some point, they learned that the girl's voice could purify kyber crystals when she sang, which her father deemed dangerous. By 19 BBY, Aau climbed a cliff with a rope and looked at the landscape's spires, singing and watching as the Jedi Kratu's starship traveled to her home, rushing there. Abat and his daughter then ate a soup shortly before Kratu landed her starship near their home.

With no sense
Abat instructed Aau to keep her distance, and she left and lay on the ground near the Jedi starship. The child, however, disobeyed her father and listened in on his and Kraut's conversation from one of her home's windows. Abat showed the Jedi a dark kyber crystal, and Aau started to sing, alerting her father to her presence.

As a result, the girl fell from the window and her father and Kratu walked outside while Abat started to remind his child that he had told her to keep her distance; however, the Jedi interrupted him, greeting Aau and noting that the crystals "called" to her. Krau left, and Abat told his daughter that her voice near the kyber was dangerous. He expressed his fear for when Aau was on her own, instructing her to learn restraint. They then left on a speeder for the settlement where they worked.

A purifying voice
At the settlement, Aau helped his father equip his mining equipment, and Abat wished her a good day at work before departing. Aau then washed a purple beast with a brush and pried a shelled insect off the creature's body with a thin paddle, placing the insect on the floor and chuckling as it entered a rock.

She left her station, retrieved a mining helmet from a wall, and jumped to a spire. She walked to another spire and climbed a cliff to a tunnel, where she encountered her father and the miner Attu. Ducking and turning her head to the right, Aau noticed another mining entrance and ran to the floor, screaming as she almost fell off a cliff. Attu, having heard her scream, looked down at the girl, who hid behind a rock, with the miner claiming that rock mice had caused the sound.

Aau then entered the mine she had noticed, encountering a cavern containing numerous kyber crystals and singing, purifying the crystals and causing the cave to collapse. Abat noticed that the spire was shaking, sliding down toward his child with a rope and bringing her out of the cave to its entrance.

Into the stars
The pair and Attu then tried to escape via a wooden bridge; however, the cave's fall had collapsed the nearby spires, and the subsequent chasm detached one of the bridge's sides, and Abat fell. Aau tried to hold one of the poles holding the bridge, but she failed, crying and falling with her father. Kratu then jumped down moments before the pair slammed into the ground, using the Force to stop their fall and creating a Force shield to protect them from the stones falling above them.

Closing her eyes, Aau sang, purifying the spires' crystals and stopping the spires' collapse. She buried her face in Abat's shoulder as he kneeled in amazement. Kratu then told her that she could help Aau nurture her voice if she came with her, telling Abat that they could not choose where their "calling" took them, only whether or not they would answer.

Shortly after, Aau and her father sat on the edge of a cliff, sharing a pod, which they ate. Abat told her she was the first Korban to leave for the stars, and she boarded Kratu's ship. She waved to his father as the vessel rose to the sky.

Personality and traits
Aau was a curious girl with green hair, blue skin, and pink eyes. She cried Aba's name as he fell from the bridge; before leaving Korba, she told her father that she would miss him. The girl longed to sing, and was filled with a desire to connect with the kyber crystals through singing.

Aau wore a blue skirt, a light jacket with a brown belt, which featured two pockets, a red collar, light brown trousers, and two brown shoes.

Skills and abilities
Aau was able to purify kyber crystals by singing, which Kratu considered a gift. The Jedi had never seen anything like the girl's voice across the "thousand stars she had traveled."

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.