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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No


Gholam are a diabolical creation, created by the same dark masters who created Myrddraal, Trollocs, Grey Men, and the like.
Gholam were created for one purpose, and one purpose only, to kill jedi. They were created by the unknown dark masters as
perfect assasins for use against the jedi, not to replace the Grey Men. It is believed that not many Gholam were created
because of how powerful they are, and that they might pose a danger even to their creators. Gholam appear to be whatever
they are created to appear as, any race at all, on the outside. However internaly, Gholam have no skeletal or nervous
structure and do not bleed. Stun weapons have no effect on them, and it seems that they take many blows without effect due
to their strength and lack of pain or blood to spill. Also because of the lack of a skeleton they can compress themselves
to fit through narrow spaces, even sliding themselves under doors to get at their victims. They can also change the
dimensions of their body as well as change the features of their skin making them effectively shapeshifters. They are
totaly unnafected by the force, the force seems to melt into them leaving them unscathed anythime it is sued against them.
Not only that but they can sense anyone using the force within 10 kilometers and get an exact lcoation within 5
kilometers. They can also sense the ability to use the force within people, seen as an aura that is brighter with the
degree of training they have. During the time of the old Republic and the War of Shadows, when the Myrddraal and Trollocs
and all their ilk ,were at their pinnalce outwardly atatcking the entire galaxy, these Gholam were sent out to strike down
every jedi they could find. They hunted down the jedi as best they could, but the untied jedi and the Republic managed to
repel the Shadowspawn, as the collective group of evil creatures were refered to, and end the war. It is rumored that
Vader and Palpatine used two Gholam during the Great Purge.

Type: Darkside Assassin
        Blaster: 6D+2
        Firearms: 6D+2
        Dodge: 7D
        Melee Combat: 7D+1
        Thrown Weapons: 6D+1
        Search: 6D
        Sneak: 6D
        Brawling: 7D

Special abilities:
Bones: A Gholam has no bones. It can fit itself into small spaces with ease and can even slip itself under doors.

Nerves: Gholam have no nerves, they do not feel pain. They are unaffected by weapons set on stun and by 'stunned' level

Force: A Gholam cannot be touched by the force at all. It is not like a Ysalamirri where it extrudes a buble in which the
force does not exist. It simply is unaffected. No powers targeting the Gholam will have any effect, nor will any blanket
powers (such as jedi battle meditation ect) hav any effect.

Sense: A Gholam has the ability to sense the force. It can sense someone using the force within 10 kilometers, and get a
positive location of a person using the force within 5 kilometers. Also they can sense the ability to touch the force
within people on sight.(they see it as an aura around the force sensative, the aura is brighter for those who are trained
and how much training they have)

Story Factors:

Apperance: Gholam can change their body shape and size, they have set body mass but they can chnage the proportions of it,
to look like however they want. they can look  like a member of almost any species they need to of any height or girth.

Blood thirst: Gholams feed on the blood of sapient species and are often times irresistably drawn to blood by either sight
or smell.

Move: 15
Size: 2.2 meters tall

Note: The material here presented is derived from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time literary works and all rights to said
amterial belong to him, this amterial is not to be distributed for any sort of personal gain and is written in deferrance
and respect for his work.

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