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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No

Travis Darkcloak

Travis Darkcloak was born Travis Corbex of Lorrd. He was born well over two millenia before Emperor Palpatine and was a
hero of the old republic. He was one of the strongest attuned to the force anyone had seen up to that time. He was a rough
and tumble boy and so when at the ripe age of 8 he was taken to be trained as a jedi, he was a bit different that most of
the others. he was gruff and rough around the edges, tending to sue a razor sharp wit and was often very physical. As a
boy he enjoyed fighting and roguh housing with friends and he found a dislike for the lack of strenuous physical activity
as part of training to be a jedi. Despite this he trained into a very strong and well respected jedi. He was a decoarted
hero for the Republic. He was an impressive starfighter pilot, warrior, and even on occasion a diplomat. During the times
of heavy assault by creatures of the darkside on the Republic, Travis was one of the Jedi who were dedicated to finding
them all and wiping them out. During this time he earned the nickname Travis "Die hard" Corbex. However towards the end of
this period Travis was in an encounter with what he beleived was one of the mysterious "dark Masters" controling the
creatures. Travis was slashed with a strange dagger and was taken out of the fight, and he later came to beleive it was
merely a Dark Jedi serving the Masters. However the dagger began to change him. In the last few years of the time of
strife he earned a new nickname for the attire he adopted, Travis Darkcloak.

About a year after the time of strife ended and the darkside creatures faded into dormancy, Travis became even more
distant and dark.. He started by just being brooding and more gruff than usual. Then he started to become somewhat
paranoid and anti-social.  Then others began to notice his eyes were becoming deep set and bloodshot. He stopped sleeping
for more than an hour at a time, then stopped all tpogether. Hsi temper became shorts. Other jedi were fearful of a fall
to the dark side, however they couldn't find any reason for it. Then it was learned that the wound inflicted by the Dark
Jedi's dagger never ehaled, it left a strange kind of cist in it fileld with the darkside. However it had ruptured on the
inside tand the darkness had infected him increasingly. Then one day Travis went totaly off the deep end, he was angered
while trying to intermediate between a simple arfight. His clothes ripped around him and his eyes glowed bright red. He
transofrmed into a giant Daemon creature standing voer a story tall. He killed several people and dissapeared. Scicne then
there have been 'sightings' of Travis Darkcloak across the galaxy, and even during the time of the Emepror there were
those who beleived he was still alive somehow, and that when he lost his temper he turned into a Daemon. During the time
of the republic jedi did encoutner Travis but he was so far enthralled by the darkside it was felt he could not be saved.
One thing that was known, was that the transformation left him unable to use his jedi powers.

Character Name: Travis Darkcloak
Type: Cursed Jedi
Species: Lorrdian
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6'1"  (12'11")
Weight: 198 lbs
Era: 2500 Pre-Yavin - 15 Years Post-Endor

Physical Description(Human): Travis is a tall thin man who carries a very dark presence about him. He walks with a
purposeful stride and his head titlted in a way that makes him seem dangerous. Everything about him is imposing. He has
short curly black hair. He wears a laced white shirt and grey trousers. He wears a long black coat over that which sway
about his ankles as he walks. His eyes have no irises, just overly large pupils and the whites. He often wears dark shades
over those eyes. He has an almost palpable presence that pushes people back a step or two from him.

Physical description(Daemon): The Daemon is a large imposing beast. It's skin is ash grey in colour with ebony black
across the back of the wings. It has long arms with a large spike going back off each elbow and figners that end in sharp
talon like points. It's face is squarish and very angular with a mouthful of sharp teeth and a pair of horns coming up off
the top of it's ehad. It's eyes glow blood red and has a long tail coming off from between it's wings. It curls back back
with spikes made up of the same ahrd flesh that covers all it's body, at regular intervals, and ending in a sharp point
like it's fingers and elbow spikes. When the Daemon gets enraged these spikes all lite with flame.

        Archaic Guns 5D+1
        Blaster 5D
        Dodge 8D+1 (9D+2)
        Lightsaber 7D
        Intimidation 7D (12D)
        Languages 7D+1
        Scholar 6D+2
        (S)Sith Lore (9D)
        Willpower 6D
        Arcahic Starship Piloting 8D
        Astrogation 7D
        StarShip Shields 4D+2
        Starship Gunnery 6D
        Sensors 4D+1
        Starfighter Piloting 6D+2
        Persuasion 5D+2
        Sneak 7D+1 (5D)
        Brawling 6D (8D+1)
        Stamina 5D+2 (7D)
        First Aid 4D+1

Move: 12 (9 walking; 18 flying)
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 5 (3)
Dark Side Points: 3 (15)
Character Points: 42 (30)
Wounded Status:

Equipment: Dark Clothing, Lightsaber (5D), Starfighter (Model Depends on Era), Comlink.

Special Abilities:
Transformation: Under conditions of extreme anger or stress, the Daemon within Travis begins to emerge and take control.
If he does not calm down he must make an icnresignly difficult Willpower Roll each round until either he transforms or he
calms. The base dififculty is moderate, with +5 to the difficulty each round. He turns into a large Daemon creature with
the stats in parentheses ().

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