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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Waran Val
Species: Kel Dor
Gender: Male
Height: 1.45 meters
Skin color: Orange
Affiliation(s): Matukai, Convocation of the Force

DEX 2D+1
        Blaster 3D+1
        Brawling Parry 5D
        Dodge 5D
        Alien Species 4D+2
        Bureaucracy 6D
        Cultures 4D
        Languages 6D
        Streetwise 5D+1
        Value 4D+1
        Bargain 5D
        Command: 4D
        Investigation 4D+2
        Persuasion 5D+2
STR 2D+1
        Brawling: 3D+1
        Repulsorlift Operation 3D+2
        Computer Programming/Repair 4D
        Security: 5D

Special Abilities:
        Low Light Vision: Kel Dor can see twice as far as a normal human in poor lighting conditions.

Story Factors:
        Atmospheric Dependence: Kel Dor cannot survive without their native atmosphere, and must wear breath masks and protective eye wear. Without a breath mask and protective goggles, a Kel Dor will be blind within 5 rounds and must make a Moderate Strength check or go unconscious. Each round thereafter, the difficulty increases by +3. Once unconscious, the Kel Dor will take one level of damage per round unless returned to his native atmosphere.

Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Y
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 3

         2000 Credits, Expensive Clothing, Comlink, Concealed Blaster Pistol (4D)

Description: Waran Val was a Kel Dor individual who served as the Matukai's representative on the Convocation of the Force on the moon Jedha during the High Republic Era. At a meeting of the Convocation around 382 BBY, Waran attempted to attack a Yacombe envoy who had traveled to Jedha to apply for membership onto the Convocation. After the allegiance of the Yacombe was discussed by Sirené, the Fallanassi representative, and Susalee, the representative for the Lonto, Waran questioned why the Yacombe did not speak for themselves to confirm. The Disciples of the Whills representative, Elris Florent, then reminded Waran of why: the Yacombe they did not speak but through their proxies, and added that the Matukai already knew this fact.
Incorrectly believing the Yacombe were still followers of the dark side, the Kel Dor then admitted their surprise to Florent that a Disciple of the Whills would vouch for a dark sider, adding they should know better, and launched forward with their ax to attack the envoy in an attempt to defend the light. As Waran moved to attack, they attacked Susalee in the process, but was ultimately stopped from reaching the Yacombe by the interference of Jedi Oliviah Zeveron. Waran told Zeveron to stand aside, though they refused, and pointed out that whilst the Matukai claimed to protect the light, the envoy was the only one not fighting, whichs stopped Waran and the other representatives. The incident, however, had persuaded the envoy that Jedha was not suitable for the Yacombe, and left.

Comments made about this Article!

15/Apr/2024 19:59:11 Posted by

Wait a minute. He was the Matukai representative at the Convocation. The Matukai were a group of Force-sensitive individuals. Wouldn't this mean that he would be Force-sensitive and perhaps know some Force powers?

15/Apr/2024 21:26:36 Posted by Freddy

That's what I wondered too, because I also remember the Matukai being a Force sect, like the Jedi, Sith Shimura Monks, etc. But that's all Legends now.
The Disneyverse description is "The Matukai were a religious group active during the High Republic Era. Around 382 BBY, they were represented on the Convocation of the Force by the Kel Dor Waran Val." So not Force Sensitives anymore :(

16/Apr/2024 03:47:17 Posted by GMOverkill

It doesn't say they're NOT Force-Sensitive. Only that they're a religious group. So I suggest making them a Force Sect as well.

Friendly greetings,

16/Apr/2024 07:57:44 Posted by Freddy

Yeah, the waters are pretty muddy here. As it makes clear the "Fallanassi" are Force Sensitive, and that the "Church of the Force" are not force sensitive, and both of those were present at the Convocation as well.

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