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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: JEDI AND SITH WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENTEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Hand of Siberus
Type: Sith artifact, Gauntlet
Culture: Sith
Locations: A vault, Jedha
Affiliation: Sith, Jedi Order
Cost: Not Available for Sale
Availability: 4,X

Game Notes: A force empowered gauntlet, which grants the wielder abilities, by accessing the Dark Side of the Force. In use it grants the wielder +4D in all Force Skills, and access to Force Lightning and perhaps other Dark Side Powers. This allows a power boost to a Force User, or access to Limited force powers for a non-Force User. The wording of the Force Powers should be read carefully and applied as such, so Jedi using this artefact for Force Lightning will get a Dark Side Point, however Sith or Non-Jedi will not.

Description: The Hand of Siberus was an ancient forbidden Sith gauntlet that was a Sith artifact kept by the Jedi Order in a vault inside the Final Protector statue on Jedha. It shared its name with an individual, who, according to legend, was a Sith known as Darth Siberus. During the Battle of Jedha in 382 BBY, the Sephi Tey Sirrek took possession of the gauntlet and the Path of the Open Hand's Leveler fell to its power. Sirrek's use of the gauntlet saved the life of the Jedi Vildar Mac but Sirrek suffered memory loss as a result of its use.

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