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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Old RepublicSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Clone Lieutenant Hilo
Homeworld: Kamino
Species: Human (clone)
Height: 1.83 meters
Affiliation(s): Galactic Republic, Grand Army of the Republic, Galactic Empire, Recovery Strike Team
Move: 10

Dex: 3D
            Armor Weapons: 5D
            Blaster: 6D+1
            Dodge: 6D
            Brawling Parry: 5D+1
            Missile Weapons: 5D
            Vehicle Blasters: 4D
Know: 3D
            Intimidation: 4D+1
            Survival: 5D
            Streetwise: 4D+1
            Willpower: 5D
            Value: 5D+1
            Tactics: 5D+2
Mech: 3D
            Jet Pack Operation: 4D
            Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+1
            Starship Gunnery: 5D
            Walker Operation: 4D+2
            Space Transports: 4D+1
            Astrogation: 3D+2
Perc: 3D
            Command: 4D
            Hide: 5D+2
            Search: 5D
            Sneak: 4D+2
Str: 3D
            Brawling: 6D
            Climbing/Jumping: 5D+2
            Stamina: 5D+1
            Swimming: 5D
            Lifting: 5D+1
Tech: 3D
            Armor Repair: 4D+2
            Blaster Repair: 5D
            Computer Programming/Repair: 4D
            Demolitions: 6D+2
            First Aid: 4D+2
            Security: 6D+1
Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 4

Equipment: BlasTech DC-17m Blaster Rifle (5D+2), DC-15s Blaster Pistol (5D), Katarn Class Armour (+2D+2 Physical, +1D+2 Energy, -0D+2 Dexterity)

Description: Clone Lieutenant Hilo was a clone commando who served in the Galactic Empire as part of Clone Commander Wolffe's Recovery Strike Team. A human clone of Jango Fett who had served the Galactic Republic, Hilo participated in a battle on the B'Omarr Order Monastery against the Clone Underground movement around 18 BBY. Despite Hilo's training providing him with undying loyalty, Hilo was not afraid to question Wolffe's sympathies when his commanding officer allowed the Clone Underground forces to escape, with Hilo also willing to let the traitors go once Wolffe explained himself. Additionally, he quickly relayed important intel to his leader during combat.

Hilo was born on the extragalactic planet Kamino, as a genetic clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett, Hilo eventually came to serve the Galactic Empire as a clone commando with the rank of Lieutenant. Around 18 BBY, Hilo was dispatched to the planet Teth as part of a Imperial Recovery Strike Team tasked with recovering the rogue clone Omega after her escape from Mount Tantiss. Informed that Omega was in hiding with anti-Imperial insurgents, Hilo and the other Imperial troopers were unaware that such insurgents were rogue clones belonging to the Clone Underground.

Deployed to Teth aboard two Rho-class transport shuttles, Hilo, Clone Commander Wolffe, and a mixed unit of clone and non-clone stormtroopers arrived to find the B'omarr Order Monastery, which was engulfed in flames and surrounded with dead rogue clone insurgents; the result of an attack by the Imperial clone assassin CX-2. Commander Wolffe chastised the assassin for his use of extreme deadly force and ordered him to follow his commands. As the Imperials headed into the monastery, Hilo and a stormtrooper discovered a hidden passage and reported their findings to Wolffe, who ordered the passage to be sealed to pin the insurgents inside. Hilo then followed Wolffe and a contingent of troopers in attacking the insurgents from an exit point below the facility, though the rogue clones were able to escape the monastery in a leech vessel. The clone assassin, operating separately from the strike team, shot down the vessel, causing the rogue clones to crash in jungle surrounding the monastery.

Hilo and the Imperials boarded their shuttles and pursued the rogue clones into the jungle. Eventually Hilo, Wolffe, and the remaining clone stormtroopers were able to corner the insurgent clones by a cliffside. Hilo watched intently as rogue clone Rex, who knew Wolffe from service together during the Clone Wars, pleaded with Wolffe to let them escape, which the Clone Commander reluctantly allowed. As the surviving rogue clones escaped in their ship, the Remora, Wolffe ordered the Recovery Strike Team to recover the fallen bodies of the Clone Underground's forces before departing Teth. On this, Hilo protested, stating that the rogue clones were traitors of the Empire. However, Wolffe countered that, as fellow clones, they were owed basic dignity. In response, Hilo nodded and complied with Wolffe's instructions, returning back to their shuttle along with the surviving clone stormtroopers of the strike team.

Personality and traits
A clone of the Jango Fett, Hilo stood at 1.83 meters tall. He was not afraid to question Wolffe's sympathies when his commanding officer allowed the Clone Underground forces to escape. Nevertheless, he complied with Wolffe's order to recover the fallen bodies of the Clone Underground. Additionally, Hilo was a diligent and effective soldier who relayed important intel to his leader quickly during combat.

As a clone commando, Hilo was equipped with white Katarn-class Commando Armor, a backpack, and a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.