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The Seventh Sister

The Seventh Sister

Zeon Mobile Suit Pilot

Zeon Mobile Suit (MS) Pilots have greater skill on average than their
Federation counterparts.  Usually able to operate many different kinds of
MS, the Zeon suit pilot will usually prefer to use one type of suit, and may
specialize in it.  Considering the fact that there are some 7 different
kinds of Zeon MS, there is a wide a selection to choose from.  Zeon MS
Pilots are usually more affiliated with batles in space, as opposed to on
the ground, and -1D is taken from all MS skills when Zeons engage in
atmospheric battle.  However, should a pilot choose to specialize in ground-
oriented MS like the Gouf, the penalty doesn't apply, but they get -1 from
the MS skills while piloting in space.

Type: Zeon MS Pilot
                  Blaster: Blaster Pistol: DL-44 (3D+1)

                 Survival: Space
                 Tactics: MS Combat

                Mobile Suit Piloting: (Any Zeon suit): 5D
                Mobile Suit Gunnery: (Any Zeon suit): 5D          
                Mobile Suit Shields: (Any Zeon suit): 5D



             Mobile Suit Repair: (Any Zeon suit)
             First Aid
Move: 10
Force-Sensitive: ?
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 1

Equipment: Normal Suit (+1D physical, +1D energy), Normal Helmet (+1D
physical, +1D energy), DL-44 (4D damage), Rank Code Cylinder, Zeon
Medallion, Zeon MS

Background: You are totally loyal to the Zeon cause, and feel that it is
your solemn duty to protect the people of Zeon from the slow-witted tyranny
of the Federation.  The best way to do this is to annihilate the Federation
by going on the offensive and wiping them out to the last man.  You know
that the time for this must come sooner or later...and you're going to be
first in line to volunteer for the mission.

Personality: Intensely loyal to Zeon, you see yourself as her sword and
shield, protecting her from her enemies, and dealing out the necessary
chastisments to those enemies.

Story Factors:
Space Combat Specialization: Since Zeon pilots feel more affinity for space,
they receive -1D when fighting in the atmosphere or on land.  If they
specialize in a ground-oriented MS like the Gouf, the penalty is revoked,
but they receive -1 when fighting in space.

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