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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: No


D`tang are fierce pack creatures that can be found on any number
of jungle worlds in the galaxy. They form packs up to 28 memebrs
in size, which break up into smaller 3-4 member hunting parties.
Many hunters and expeditionary forces or even just casual explorers
have run into D`tang and many have been injrued or killed. D`tang
will work togetehr and try and at the least bite an oponnent to
get their posionous venom working in the oppnent's veins. It's
possible for a small group of people to fend off a hunting group,
but no party has ever run afoul of an entire pack and lived more
than a few hours afetrwards.

Type: Pack Hunter
        Dodge 4D+1
        Sneak 5D  
        Search 5D
        Climbing/Jumping 6D+1
        Brawling 3D+2
        Stamina 6D

Special Abilities:

Claws: STR+1D damage
Teeth: STR+1D damage
Posion: D`tang have posionous venom in their teeth. Consider
the poison to have a paralysis intensity of 3D (the victim
must roll Strength or stamina to resist the poison). The
intensity of the poison increases by +1D for each hour, up
to a maximum of 6D; the poison can be counteracted by medicines
found in any medpac. When rolling for the poison, if the
poison beats the character's roll by 0-3 points, the character
is stunned. If the poison beats the character by 4-9 points,
the character is paralyzed and is incapable of voluntary
movement. If the roll beats the character's resistance roll
by 10 or more points, the character becomes mortally wounded,
and if the roll beats the character by 15 or more points, the
character dies.

Move: 12
Size: 1 meter tall

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