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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: No


A Re'tak is a very nasty predator which is commonly found through out the
Galaxy's jungles, although its planet of origin is unknown. The snakelike Re
'tak has a pair of hind legs positioned approximately a third of the way up
its cylindrical body. These legs propel the Re'tak at an incredible speed
allowing it to strike without warning. Its head is roughly triangular in
shape with a pair of forward facing hazel eyes and a pair of sensitive
nostrils. The Re'tak's head and back are covered in tough green scales,
while its light brown belly is unarmoured. They have a limited ability to
regenerate wounds that they suffer, making them very difficult to kill. The
Re'tak primary weapon is its sharp triangular teeth which can tear its prey
apart in moments.

Re'taks tend to operate independently, only coming together to mate each
year. Like most reptiles they lay eggs after mating and are reared by the
mother. A typical nest usually comprises of two or three eggs, and when
hatched the mother looks after the hatchlings for the first six months of
their lives. Re'tak eggs are a delicacy on many planets, and it is thought
that this why they were spread throughout the Galaxy.

Type: Jungle Predator

Special Abilities:
      - Teeth: STR+2D
      - Natural Armour: +1D to resist all types of damage when hit on its
        head and back.
      - Regenerate: A Re'tak ignores the effects off being Stunned, Wounded,
        Incapacitated or Mortally Wounded. Although they still counts as being
        Stunned, Wounded, Incapacitated or Mortally Wounded. In addition, every
        five rounds the Re'tak heals one 'Wound Level' (i.e. from Incapacitated
        to Wounded). The Re'tak may not regenerate from the Killed level.

Move: 17
Size: 2-2.5 meters long

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