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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 2 Episode 11: Lightsaber Lost

What is it ? : Ahsoka and Anakin are in the seedy area of Coruscant, apprehending an arms dealer who is selling weapons to the separatists, when a pickpocket steals Ahsoka's Lightsaber.
She sets off to locate the thief, and with the help of Jocasta Nu locates an old Jedi who is an expert of the underworld of Coruscant. He helps identify the thief quickly, but insists on accompanying her, telling her that she can learn something from taking things slowly like he does.
Locating the thief using the force, the elderly Jedi, Tera Sinube, tells Ahsoka the reason she couldn't locate the thief is because her anxiousness to locate her lightsaber was masking the anxiousness of the thief.
They interrogate the thief, and find he has already sold it to an assassin, but by the time they reach the assassin he has been killed. They speak with the assassins girlfriend who tells them he was killed by a group of thugs, but on searching the apartment they find a female with Ahsokas lightsaber who flees across the rooftops. While Ahsoka is in pursuit, Tera realises something doesn't match up, since they had been told that a group of men had killed the assassin, but Ahsoka is following a female, so he plants a tracker on the girlfriend.
Following her, he collects Ahsoka after the female she is following is picked up by the girlfriend, they flee through the city and arrive at a hover train station, and the female with the lightsaber boards a train with Ahsoka still following, and takes a family hostage with the lightsaber. However, Tera has already arrived at the next station, and apprehends her as she flees.

High Points : This episode isn't as great as the ones before it, but isn't a fall to the poor quality that Clone Wars can fall to. The character of Tera Sinube is excellent, and has many Yoda like qualities without being a complete clone of the character. He's constantly a step ahead through intelligence (spotting the error the girlfriend of the assassin makes, and heading to the next station to cut off the female with the lightsaber.

Oh, and as a dad, I loved the dad joke quality of the joke that Tera says to Ahsoka when they first meet.

Ahsoka: "The thief was definitely from one of the water planets!"
Tera: "Ahhh, so there was something a bit fishy about him."

Low Points : While Clone Wars is targeted at kids, this episode felt particularly preachy. The message of respect your elders, they may not be fast but they are wise is just hammered home a little too strongly for my liking (something Clone Wars has been guilty of before with the exact same message).
But apart from that, I don't really have any major complaints, it moves along at a good speed, and Tera is a decent character I'd like to see more of, a Jedi who doesn't really go out and fight, but lends his knowledge and wisdom to those younger.

So what do you really think ? : While it was nice to get away from the war for an episode, this one felt a little like it was treading water and it all felt a little inconsequential. Although it did make me think that any Jedi who left the order would end up rich, at 20,000 credits a lightsaber, ex-Jedi could easily earn a fortune churning out a lightsaber every couple of months.

Final Words : I totally understand why they got away from the war and tried to do something a little different, but it might have been nice if it hadn't felt so unimportant, perhaps the storyline of the arms dealer they were arresting at the beginning might have had a little more weight. An alright little episode, but one I won't remember.

Score : 7.5/10

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