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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 7 Episode 8: Together Again

What is it ? : Back in their jail cell, Ahsoka, Trace and Rafa pass the blame around for their current predicament, and Ahsoka tells the sisters that she has a plan, but they must trust her.
They are taken to see the leader of the Pykes, who asks them once more for the Spice, only to be told by Ahsoka that the sisters know where it is, and she will remain while they collect it as she knows where their family is and that can be used as a threat against them if they do not return with the spice.
The Pyke leader allows this, commenting when they leave the chamber to his assistant that he knows they are lying, but his life is in danger if he doesn't get the spice back from his own boss.
The two sisters take their ship, and discuss how Ahsoka knows they have no family, and has just saved them by sacrificing herself, but Rafa says she won't allow herself to be in Ahsoka's debt like that, so makes a plan to get the spice for the Pykes, by stealing it from the Pykes. The sisters head to a Pyke loading facility, and con the dock foreman that they are authorised to collect a load of spice. Their deception is eventually discovered, and they have to fight the manager of the facility, a Trandoshan, and manage to escape with their shipment.
Meanwhile, Ahsoka uses the force to leave her cell once more, and locates an armoury, finding a load of explosives, which she proceeds to plant around the Pyke facility. She hears the Pyke leader speaking, and sneaks nearer only to find him communicating by hologram with Darth Maul.
She taps into a computer system, and discovers that Maul is on Mandalore, but she is discovered by the Pyke leader, who realises that she is not just a spice smuggler, and as she fights to escape he recognises her as a Jedi.
After she is caught, she is taken to be interrogated, but the sisters return with the spice shipment to trade for Ahsoka, but the Pyke doesn't trust them, thinking they are Republic agents since they are allied with a Jedi. The sisters are shocked at the revelation that Ahsoka is a Jedi but work with her to escape when the detonators she planted explode causing a distraction.
They board their ship and flee, chased by three Pyke starfighters, Ahsoka mans the guns and takes out two of the fighters before their shields and weapons are disabled, but Trace plays chicken with the last fighter, causing it to swerve and crash into a mountainside.
Their ship leaves Oba Diah followed by a Mandalorian starfighter, and returns to Coruscant where Ahsoka tells the sisters that since the Pykes believe they were Republic agents they won't search for them. The group is then approached by Mandalorians, the leader of which reveals she is Bo Katan Kryze, and that they have a common enemy, showing Ahsoka a hologram of Maul.
Ahsoka says makes peace and says goodbye to the sisters, leaving her speeder bike to show that she will return and departs with the Mandalorians.

High Points : Another solid episode which wraps up the current 4 episode arc, and leads us nicely into the next, we get some good action with Ahsoka sneaking around planting explosives around the Pyke facility.
And we get some nice character growth from Rafa, as she refuses to allow herself to be in debt to Ahsoka, so comes up with a plan to rescue her in return.
And I enjoyed the sisters making up with Ahsoka, but did find it stretched the point a little when they told her that she represents what they hoped a Jedi would be like, when in reality she's just been a bit moral about their life choices and lied to them.

Low Points : Okay, I have to lead with the biggest mistake in the episode as exclaimed by my son "Holograms don't work like that.".
While Ahsoka is sneaking around the Pyke base, she spots the Pyke leader talking to Maul over a hologram, when suddenly Maul senses something and turns to look where Ahsoka is hiding although sees nothing. But holograms don't work like that, since every time we've seen them in the past, the two people talking can see each other but not their surroundings. So what's Maul looking at? A coffee table in his lair? Because he can't see the room the Pyke is in!
While it's a tense moment, it's a ridiculous one, since holograms don't work like that!

Also, Maul?
Last time we saw him, Palpatine was hauling him away, saying he had a plan for him. Now I know that he eventually ends up in charge of the Crimson Dawn in Solo: A Star Wars Story. But we still have no idea how he gets out of prison. Maybe we'll find out how he got out in the next few episodes, but if we don't I'm going to be seriously angry as we still don't actually know how he survived The Phantom Menace.
Oh and while I'm moaning, why don't they ever use Peter Serafinowicz to voice Maul? He's currently in the states doing the Tick so he can't be too hard to find. (I'm probably only saying this because I'm such a fan of his as a comedian, and kind of feel that LucasArts need to make it up to him after they made him buy his own tickets for the premier of The Phantom Menace! (you're voicing the Bad Guy in a Star Wars movie, and they make you pay for your own tickets to the premier. . . )

So what do you really think ? : I enjoyed this one a lot, a nice ending to this arc, and not entirely how I thought it might end, as I thought that Trace and Rafa would get taken along on the next story, their underworld skills proving useful when Ahsoka and Bo-Katan go up against Maul and his underworld allies, plus providing them with a view of the evil that the Jedi are up against and helping them see that the Jedi aren't exactly what they thought.
But it's a solid story, with good action and leads us nicely into the final arc of the series.

Final Words : So, four episodes to go, and one final arc to go.
The write up for next episode mentions that Obi-Wan and Anakin have to decide whether to help Ahsoka against Maul, or to go after Palpatine. So I guess we're into Revenge of the Sith territory here, with Anakin and Obi-Wan's decision made clear by the beginning of that movie. But my thoughts are they'll send help to Ahsoka in the form of Rex, accounting for where the two are during the events of the movie, a more graceful moving of the pieces into place than Star Wars often does.
But we shall see next week . . .

Score : 8/10

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