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Chapter 5: Returning to Kujets Tomb on Dathomir

What is it ? : Cal returns to Dathomir with his new lightsaber in hand, and heads back to the Tomb with only a few opponents, Nightsister Zombies in the way. But as he enters the tomb, he is confronted by a couple of Ordo Eris bounty hunters, who he rapidly defeats. Heading inside he once again confronts the illusion of his master, Jaro Tapal, but puts his lightsaber away and Tapal knights him as a Jedi instead of attacking.
Inside the tomb, Cal solves another couple of puzzles, which are easy by this point, and speaks to Merrin, who he convinces of his intentions and to help him against Taron Malicos by offering her his lightsaber. She explains how she was only a child when a lightsaber wielding warrior cut down her family, her people, then Malicos came offering her revenge.
Malicos confronts Cal, who can see Merrin appearing behind his opponent, as Malicos tries to tempt Cal once more with the power within the tomb, engaging his lightsabers when Cal refuses. With the help of Merrin, Cal defeats Malicos, his toughest opponent yet, and when he is vulnerable, Merrin calls on the rock of Dathomir itself to swallow and entomb the fallen Jedi warrior.
Finally reaching the core of the tomb, Cal finds the Astrium he has been seeking, and Merrin tells him she is happy for him having discovered a way of bringing his people, the Jedi, back, but her people are lost forever. Cal tells her of the words of Prauf, to go out and find your place in the galaxy, which Merrin takes onboard, offering to come with him and help. Nightsisters and Jedi do not travel together, but they must adapt, and shaking hands they head back to the Mantis. As they do, Merrin questions Cal on his companions, explaining that Malicos wanted her to kill them, but they were no threat, so she refused.
Once aboard, Merrin is introduced to Cere and Greez, who have their problems with her, but trust Cal, so welcome her aboard.

High Points : Merrin is a brilliant character, with a great sense of humour, making a fantastic companion, however I really do wish she was introduced earlier, because even if you travelled to Dathomir first, it isn't possible to get Merrin as part of your crew until this point in the game.

Likewise, Malicos is a surprisingly charismatic opponent, and although he isn't anything particularly new, a fallen Jedi, who embraced the Dark Side to save himself and confront Vader and Palpatine. He does provide a menacing presence, and is both evil and pathetic in degrees, which makes you almost feel sorry for him at the same time as knowing the need for his defeat.

Low Points : The confronting of Cal's fears, and their embodiment through the illusion of Jaro Tapal, seems to have been won too easily. There's no major revelations that Cal has really had, and the lesson is similar to that in the Dark Side cave Luke enters in Empire Strikes Back, that taking a weapon in means a fight, and sometimes a Jedi must know when not to fight.
I really feel as if Cal's feeling of failure had been based on something more concrete he could have really confronted, some real flaw within himself that he had to accept or rid himself of.
But instead, Cal thinks he failed his master because he was young and inexperienced, and realises that while yes he was, that's not a failure. It's just a bit weak and far too obvious.

So what do you really think ? : With the goal of his quest in hand, the game definitely feels like it's wrapping things up, all that's left is the shocking twist, and the defeat of the villains, who at this point just consists of the Second Sister/Trilla Suduri, so we're getting close to the end.

Final Words :

Score : 8/10

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