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Chapter 7: In the Name of Honor

What is it ? : Boba meets with Fennec and Din Djarin at the ruins of Sanctuary, and discuss their plans to fight the Pykes. The defences all rely on the freetowners, who Din believes that Cobb Vanth will be able to convince to help, not knowing that Cad Bane has already shot Vanth. Boba wants to retreat to the Palace to hold out there, but the mods convince him that the town needs his help so he should remain at Sanctuary.
Meanwhile Cad Bane meets with the Pykes, telling them that Boba has no other friends to call on, especially after the Pykes reveal that they slaughtered the Tuskens. But they are still hesitant as getting him and his few allies out of Sanctuary could be costly, but Cad tells them he has a way of luring Boba out.
Bane arrives at Sanctuary, and reveals to Boba that the Pykes killed the Tuskens, hoping his anger will cause him to act irrationally, but Fennec calms him down. But as he leaves, Boba is called by his forces around the city that they are under attack as the gangs have broken their agreement with Boba and have turned on them. The mods are under attack by the Aqualish, the Gamorreans by the Klatoonians, and Black Krrsantan by the Trandoshans.
The Gamorreans are forced to back off a cliff by overwhelming numbers, while the mods are forced under cover by blaster fire, and Krrsantan goes down under a swarm of bodies. Boba sets Fennec free to help out, while he and Din hold out at the Sanctuary. Din tells him that the gangs have done the common sense thing, and Boba responds that he expects Din to do the same, but he refuses to abandon Boba, as he has given his word, and that is the way.
Meanwhile an X-Wing sets down at Peli Motto's hangar, she thinks its the authorities so begins to bluster about having put in for the relevant paperwork, but sees that inside the cockpit is Grogu, brought here by R2-D2, returning him to Din Djarin as the child has chosen the Mandalorian vest rather than the lightsaber.
The mods are under heavy fire, when they are told over their comlinks to keep their heads down by Fennec, and she snipes out all of their opponents, telling them to get back to Sanctuary, they thank her, and she comments that she appreciates them being polite.
At Sanctuary, Pyke forces are moving into position, and the Mayors Majordomo who is still with Boba offers to bargain with them, but Boba's terms turn out to be leave or your blood will water the sands of Tatooine turning it lush and verdant again, but this is just a distraction so him and Din can use their jetpacks to get an advantage over the more numerous Pykes.
Their armour takes hit after hit, as even their advantage is countered by numbers, or at least it is until they are reinforced by first the returning mods, then Krrsantin shaking off wounds and Pykes clinging to him, and finally by the people of Freetown, who want to avenge their fallen marshall.
The tide of battle turns, or at least it does until the Pykes release two enormous battle droids, with heavy cannons and almost impenetratable shields. As his people are forced to retreat, Boba asks Din to delay the battle droids as he has a way of defeating the giant droids, and he jet packs off.
Splitting up, one droid follows the Mods, the Freetowners and Krrsantin, while the other follows Din, who meets up with Peli who is bringing Grogu to him on a droid pulled cart, and the two share a moment as they attempt to flee the droid. The others are cornered behind a wall with no where further to retreat to as the Pykes and droid bombard their cover.
Din attempts to use the Darksaber against the shield, but it cannot pierce it, and he is pinned to the ground, and the droid is going to kill him with its armoured legs, but Grogu pulls a part out from one of its legs using the force delaying it. But as it recovers and goes to strike Din once more, it pauses as a massive beastial bellow is heard as Boba returns riding his Rancor.
The Rancor and droid battle, and the shield is weakened enough for Din to pierce the shield with the Darksaber and attack the droid, allowing the Rancor to tear it to pieces. Boba leaves to deal with the other droid, arriving just in time to hurl it into a building, and although the Rancor takes some wounds, it defeats the droid only for Cad Bane to stroll out.
As Boba attacks him, the Rancor is frightened back by a flamer burst in its face from Bane, and Boba is knocked from his saddle, allowing Bane to further frighten the beast forcing it to flee.
Din attempts to deal with the raging Rancor, but although it cannot pierce his armour with its teeth, it is prepared to crush him, until Grogu calms the beast and makes it go to sleep, before curling up next to it and going to sleep himself.
Boba and Bane face off in a classic gunfight, and Bane proves faster, although Boba's armour holds, but as Bane closes to remove Boba's helmet to kill him, Boba strikes with his gaderffii stick, seemingly killing the older bounty hunter.
At Mos Eisley, the Pykes have heard of the rout in Mos Espa, and are preparing to leave the planet, but the gangs and mayor complain. But before they can deal with their dispute, each is taken out by Fennec shand, who shoots each, before hanging the Mayor and stabbing the head of the Pykes.
Later, Boba and Fennec walk through the streets of Mos Espa, Boba has respect from the townspeople, and children offer him fruit to eat. He says to Fennec that they are not suited to this life, but she comments if not them, then who, before they meet up with the Mods and Krrsantin, and the group shares a joke.
In space, the Mandalorian and Grogu are aboard Din's new ship, and Grogu taps on the canopy with the handle from the Razor crest, only for Din to refuse. He repeats more insistently, until Din gives in and hits the turbo, and they streak off through the stars.

After the credits we see Cobb Vanth in Boba's bacta tank, with the Mod engineer activating his tools standing next to him. . . .

High Points : While it has it's flaws, I really enjoyed that episode, with it having one of the best running battles in Star Wars history, with the Battle Droids and Rancor both looking amazing and giving us some real wow moments. We actually end up feeling for the Rancor, as it takes wounds from the droids, and then is frightened off by Cad Bane.
And there's loads of great moments and lines throughout, from Peli Motto's "Grogu, that's a terrible name, I'm not going to call you that.", to the now iconic "This is the way." from Din Djarin.

Low Points : With the shown survival of Cobb Vanth, death continues to be worthless in the Star Wars universe, especially as I've already heard it mentioned that Cad Bane shows signs of life after he is stabbed by Boba (something I personally missed).
And while it was great for the action, the shields on the Battle droids seemed a little too powerful. While I know they should be impervious to energy weapons, the fact that they block Din Djarin from physically attacking the droids seems wrong, we saw droids walking through Gungan shields back in Episode 1, and Clone Troopers roll grenades through Droideka shields in the Clone Wars series, as these are usually ray shields, which have no effect on physical objects. I also expected Peli Motto's weapon to have more effect as she was using what looked like a Jawa ion gun, which should pierce energy shields (as seen in The Empire Strikes Back), and have a great effect on droids.
I can see why they did it, but it's annoying when they break the established rules of the universe (and for anyone who says that continuity doesn't bother them, then equally they should have no problem if Harry Potter turned up with Doctor Strange and Gandalf to save the day using magic, because if consistency in storytelling doesn't matter then stories don't have to make sense).

So what do you really think ? : I really enjoyed it despite it's flaws. It was action packed, with excellent effects and dialogue. While not what I probably expected or wanted from a Boba Fett show, it was entertaining and definitely worth my time.

Final Words : Well The Book of Boba Fett has been a somewhat erratic series, with Boba not really featuring in a couple of episodes, and the worlds slowest speeder bike chase, among other flawed moments. But I generally enjoyed it, even if mainly it serves as an appetiser for The Mandalorian season 3, which I'm now really looking forwards to.

Score : 9/10

Comments made about this Article!

12/Feb/2022 05:31:40 Posted by David Gipe

While I did think Jawa ION rifle as well with Motto's weapon I noted that it wasn't the kind of cyan-ish blue. Though I guess in ESB it wasn't that and the blue is more from various EU sources. In any case I assumed it was more of a "Hand Cannon" than ION rifle. If it was inteded to be Jawa ION weapon then I fully agree that it should of pierced dem shields.

As for the droids didn't Djarin mention "projectiles are too fast" in regards to shields? Even if not given the era do you think it could of been a Particle/Ray "Deflector" Shield? Though even with me putting upa bit of defense. I would of preferred ray shields myself especially since they seemed to have CQC to surprise people inside the bubble. That would of been exciting!

12/Feb/2022 20:45:51 Posted by GMOverkill

I wanna see the stats of the "Mod Gang". :)
Friendly greetings,

14/Feb/2022 08:52:06 Posted by Freddy

I totally accept that the missile weapons were going too fast to penetrate the shields (although isn't that a feature of shields in Dune?), but Din Djarin hacks at the shield with his Darksaber and cannot walk through it, and Black Krrsantan punches it with his shock gloves, and cannot breach it. This is definitely different to how we saw shields work in the Prequels, where the Battle droids walked through the Gungan shields with only a little resistance.
And it was something I really liked, as it made sense of The Empire using Walkers rather than Repulsorlift vehicles, as the Walkers could push through shields (as presumably they did on Hoth), giving them an advantage over Speeders which would just crash into the shields.

It's possible different shields work in different ways, it just annoyed me as that scene in Episode One, made the use of Walkers suddenly make sense, so was something I really liked.

15/Feb/2022 14:47:32 Posted by asikari

Yes, shields in Dune deflected the fast attack, but allowed in a slow one. Somewhere I heard this allowed air molecules to penetrate the shield even at a walk so the user could breath, but upon my recent reread of the original book didn't find that reference in the text - maybe in the glossary? Of course, energy weapons resulted in a feedback loop destroying both attacker and defender, and resulted in a reasonably large field of destruction depending on the size of each.

Various forms of the Star Wars d6 rules implied that particle shielding was included in the hull rating and were always on. The shield rating only protected against energy weapons.

16/Feb/2022 09:57:12 Posted by Freddy

The feedback loop from lasers in Dune I remember well, "The Holtzman(sp!) Effect", wrote that into RPG I ran for a while (Laser weapons were better, but if you shot someone with a Holtzman shield, you basically got shot back).

I've not seen it explained how Shields work in the RPG, but I've always taken it that shields protected against all attacks except Ion weapons, I've never seen it that Proton Torpedoes or Concussion Missiles would penetrate shields.
But even though I've GM'ed Star Wars D6 for 20 years, I don't think I've ever dealt with Missiles in combat ever, so I could well be wrong, I have a vague memory that there's some kind of difference between them and energy weapons, because they move slower so take time to hit a target, but can't remember it off the top of my head.

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