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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 3 Episode 20: Citadel Rescue

What is it ? : With Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Even Piell, Captain Tarkin and their men trapped in the Citadel after the destruction of their vessel, they call on the Jedi Council for help, who tells them to rendezvous on an island away from the prison, and that help has been dispatched.
Meanwhile Dooku rebukes the Prison Warden for his failures, and in an attempt to save his position and quite possibly his life he orders wolf like creatures dispatched to kill the escapees, and orbital defences strengthened to avoid any further intrusions to the planet.
They make their way to the island, and while rappelling down into the crater where it is they are ambushed by droid forces, including the wolf like creatures and Crab Droids. They defeat them, however Even Piell is mortally wounded, and gives his half of the hyperspace route to Ahsoka. The Prison Warden grapples Tarkin, preparing to hurl him into the lava surrounding the island, when Ashoka kills him.
After a battle in orbit, the rescue arrives and collects them, fighting it's way back to the Star Destroyers and safety. Back on Coruscant, Ahsoka says she promised to give her half of the hyperspace route to the Jedi Council, while Tarkin says he is under orders to give his half to the Chancellor himself. Anakin questions Plo Koon whether he gave orders for Ahsoka to join the mission, and Plo Koon covers for her.

High Points : Another excellent episode, with the two side by side battles worthy of note, with a brilliantly realised battle in space occurring side by side with the gripping and action packed battle with the escapees from the prison on the island as they wait for rescue. The tension created by the people on the ground fighting to survive to be rescued, and the forces in orbit battling to get through to rescue them is excellent and the definite high point of this episode.

Low Points : While this is a very enjoyable episode, my two faint criticisms of it are that the death of Even Piell brings the episode to a crashing halt for a few moments, while the Jedi stop to have a funeral for him. This is short and passes quickly however, so my second criticism is that the death of a member of the Jedi council is treated so lightly, there's virtually no interest by the other members of the council at the end of the episode as to how their comrade died.
So rather oddly I'm complaining that both too much, and too little time is spent on his death.
What I really think is that the time should have been spent elsewhere, the action should have been kept going after his death instead of interrupting the momentum that was building. But the sacrifice of a Jedi Master should have been more noteworthy at the end of the episode.

So what do you really think ? : I liked this episode, and cannot put my finger on why, but found it feeling more empty than the previous two parts of this story. The nearest to explaining this is that I felt that this episode was just trying to wrap the story up, tying up any loose ends, without having a story of its own. It's a bit of a vague explanation, but simply put this episode just didn't feel as satisfying as the others in this story.

Final Words : Well, we're a two parter away from the end of the season, and I'm pretty sure I've seen them before and really liked them, fingers crossed that it is the ones I'm thinking of, and season 3 can come to a close with an excellent run of good episodes.

Score : 8/10

Comments made about this Article!

09/Jan/2018 04:31:56 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

This one seemed flat. Why did the Jedi Master die? Just seemed so arbitrary, and he didn't seem to be in any danger and then he just died.

The party never seemed in any real danger, I mean, inside the custom designed anti jedi prison there can be danger. Facing random tracking dogs and random droids? 4 Jedi do NOT fear random tracking dogs and random droids. Up until the final scene where the crab droids were swarming the island, the enemy droids were just coming in trickles the party could have easily blitzed.

I did like Tarkin actually being smart enough to pick up a weapon! Oftentimes it seems people in TV are unarmed, they fight enemies with weapons . . . and they don't take the weapons.

Also . . . why don't Jedi carry blaster pistols to shoot speeder bike droids and other fliers with?

Not a favorite episode.

I also wasn't clear whether the Starfighter piloting Jedi survived or not, I hope he did.

09/Jan/2018 21:05:32 Posted by Freddy

Rather weirdly, first time I watched it I fell asleep and woke up with the impression that I'd hated it. But reviewing an episode I hadn't seen all the way through didn't seem fair, so I went back and watched it from about half way through, and enjoyed it.

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