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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 3 Episode 21: Padawan Lost

What is it ? : Anakin, Plo-Koon and Ahsoka are leading an attack on Separatist forces on Felucia, during the attack on a Separatist fortress, Ahsoka gets stunned by a Trandoshan and taken captive. A Snivvian who is also a captive explains that they are being taken to Wasskah, a moon of Trandosha which the Trandoshans use as a rite of passage for their young, and the lead Trandoshan chooses Ahsoka to be hunted by his son, to be his first Jedi kill.
Dumped from the cargo bays on Wasskah, the Trandoshans open fire with turrets to thin out the herd, and force the prey to flee. Separated from everyone else on the ship, she encounters a group of Jedi younglings who have survived on the moon for a while.
They camp out over night, and explain that to survive you need to keep on the move. They are dangerously near using the force in hate, but Ahsoka motivates them, and they begin searching for the Trandoshan camp to go on the attack, but they discover the Trandoshans are using a flying fortress, and are attacked by speeders almost as soon as they see it. Ahsoka fights the son of the leader of the Trandoshans high among the trees, causing him to fall and a broken branch pierces his chest killing him outright. The leader of the Trandoshans goes into a rage, opening fire and killing the eldest of the Younglings, and Ahsoka swears to protect the rest of them.
Meanwhile, Plo Koon counsels Anakin that there may be nothing he can do to help Ahsoka, but he should trust in her and her abilities.

High Points : This is a very enjoyable episode, action packed and with a lot going on. I've said before that Ahsoka is the stand out character in Clone Wars, being it's very heart. But seeing her in real danger, with others relying upon her not only for her skills but as a teacher as well is excellent. Ahsoka the potential Jedi Master is something we've not seen before, and although I've seen what she grows into, and seen her instruct Ezra Bridger in Rebels, this really shows what amazing growth this character has achieved. She's far more grown up than Anakin, and any losses she suffers amongst those she's now sworn to protect will obviously weigh heavy upon her young shoulders. Fascinating to watch, and very skillfully written.

Low Points : While the story is excellent, it takes a little while to get going, concentrating too long on the battle on Felucia, which is very reminiscent of battles we've seen before. The assault on a fortress looks very familiar, and just takes away time from the real story of the episode, which would just be a little better with some more scene setting.

So what do you really think ? : Clone Wars is getting amazingly good, and I'll be sad to see season 3 end. Partially because the quality has gotten so good over the second part of this season, and partially because I'm worried that as we click into another season, that the quality will reset and we'll have to wait for it to build again.

Final Words : Well, one episode to go this season, and I'm really looking forwards to it.

Score : 8.5/10

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