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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 4 Episode 11: Kidnapped

What is it ? : The pacifist world of Kiros and its Togruta inhabitants come under the occupation of the Separatists. Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka are sent to liberate the world, but find no occupying fleet and land unopposed.
Heading into the capital city, they find it seemingly deserted and manage to easily overcome the limited Separatist forces occupying the city. The commander of the Separatists, a Zygerrian Slaver, calls on Obi-Wan to meet him to discuss surrender, which Obi-Wan does. However rather than surrendering, the Zygerrian calls on Obi-Wan to surrender, claiming to have bombs planted across the city near to the Togruta colonists. Opening his radio link, Obi-Wan allows Anakin and Ahsoka to overhear this, and they set off to disarm the bombs. To keep the slaver distracted, Obi-Wan invokes ancient Zygerrian personal combat oaths and takes a beating from the Zygerrian until Anakin and Ahsoka are finished.
When they are done, he defeats the droid forces observing the combat and calls on the slaver to surrender, who reveals that there is one bomb left, and flees. While Obi-Wan disarms the bomb, Anakin and Ahsoka chase down the slaver, catching up to him aboard his ship, where they must fight a beast he has captured, and eventually capturing the slaver. They then discover that the Togruta colonists are all missing, and in all likelihood have been taken back to the Zygerrian homeworld for slave auctions.

High Points : This is an excellent action packed episode, and happily for me shows off lots of new tech for me to stat out.

The fight between the slaver and Obi-Wan is especially good, as although the slaver is strong, there is no way that he should be beating a Jedi for so long, and when Obi-Wan reveals he has just been distracting him while the bombs are disarmed, and then defeats him in seconds, it was an excellent moment which made the scene make sense.

Low Points : There are no particular problems with this episode apart from some minor characterisation quibbles I have, and the fact that it's just setting up a new storyline for the next few episodes.

They reveal that Anakin is hostile to the Zygerrians because they were the original slave traders that sold him and his mother, so he blames them for everything. Which makes sense, but seems to have come from no-where, and I'd definite have prefered it if we'd heard about them before, instead of them just being dropped into the story. Also Ahsoka, who is impulsive much of the time, seems incredible restrained throughout this episode given it's "her people" who are the colonists, although if this means she is actually from this colony, or just that they're the same species isn't clear.
While no big thing, I just wasn't quite happy with the way the two characters were reacting, and I would liked to have seen them interacting a little more as they both have legitimate reasons for disliking the Zygerrians.

So what do you really think ? : I enjoyed this episode, while not as beautiful as the last few episodes, it's still visually interesting with the Togruta colony having it's own style, and as mentioned above a bunch of new vehicles to flesh out the galaxy.

Final Words : I'm interested to see what happens next, perhaps the characterisation I was looking for between Anakin and Ahsoka will occur as they try to rescue the Togruta colonists, and we'll be seeing the Zygerrian homeworld, which will provide another chance for a interesting new world and environment.

Score : 8.5/10

Comments made about this Article!

12/Feb/2018 06:13:29 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

I found it very weird they gave Ahsoka goggles for the bike scene . . . . and she doesn't wear them!

12/Feb/2018 18:06:42 Posted by Shadowkhan81

you forgot to mention the Zygerrian hatred of the jedi, how the jedi took down the Great Zygerrian slave empire!! and
that Zygerrian Slaver was enjoying beating the crap out of Obi-wan

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