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Wullf Yularen

Wullf Yularen
Kid Malmash (Shungbeek Pilot)

Kid Malmash (Shungbeek Pilot)

Knights of the Old Republic 11: Reunion, Part 1

What is it ? : Jarael and Camper are in disguise on the banking world of Telerath, they are attempting to access one of Gryph's bank accounts which is locked because he is wanted for helping Zayne. They are pretending to be a noble and his assistant with a similar name to gain access to the account, and are told how Telerath is part Banking World and part Luxury Resort to attract those who don't like the impersonal touch of other banking worlds such as Aargau.
A droid introduces them to their banker, and Camper builds up his role, disparaging Gryph's name to the banker, while Gryph listening in over a comlink is annoyed that of all the things that Camper has forgotten, he hasn't forgotten that Gryph was late paying him one time.
They then realise that Camper has forgotten the datapad containing the account codes, but are shocked as he recites the long number without error. The banker is happy that Camper is not Gryph and has the access codes, so tells him that it'll take around a day to unlock the account, but that is a formality now.
As they leave they are observed by two bickering Ithorians, who leap out to kidnap their target, and Jarael leaps to Campers defence. However they are not the target of the kidnap, it is the Banker.
Hearing the disturbance and fighting, Zayne races from their ship to the site of the kidnap and spots the Ithorians and intercepts them. He leaps in their way to stop them fleeing, only to recognise the kidnapped banker as his father. . . .

High Points : While the plot in this issue doesn't amount to much, the banter between the main characters is brilliant, Gryph threatening to sack Zayne when Zayne mocks him. Camper telling the banker the vile character that Gryph is while knowing full well that Gryph is listening in. It's funny, but also reinforces the closeness that this group now has formed, they're not just a group forced together, they've become friends.
I also really liked the way they differentiated Telerath from the other banking worlds, and found the response that the Banker gives when asked why there isn't more security hilarious, as he tells them the security is for the money, not the customers, a very corporate point of view.

Low Points : While I'm a little disappointed in the lack of storyline in this one, that's compensated by it being the set up for the rest of this story, but the fun dialogue, and by the gorgeous artwork. But if I were to pick faults, I suppose the co-incidence of bumping into Zayne's dad across all of the planets of the Republic would be the one I'd pick, even though we know by this point that the Force is conspiring against Zayne, so has made this co-incidence happen.

So what do you really think ? : It's a fun issue, there's some action in it, and as mentioned above it's lovely to look at. I enjoyed this one, mainly for the banter between the main characters, as it's nice to spend time with a group that genuinely seems to like what they're doing, and enjoy spending time together, despite their protestations to the contrary.

Final Words : This has the feeling of a little sidequest rather than a major plotline, so I expect it to be wrapped up in an issue or so. But it's nice to have something slightly more light hearted and comedic than what we've seen, to show that this series can do more than just tragedy and danger.

Score : 8.5/10

Comments made about this Article!

05/Jul/2024 11:58:57 Posted by

If it's not enough that the Force is conspiring against Zayne, the group is proving something as well: With friends like these, who needs enemies.

And we're introduced to the Moomo Brothers, whom I refer to as the Boobie Brothers. Between this issue and the next, you'll find out why.

12/Jul/2024 00:15:57 Posted by Freddy

I'm really liking the tone of these comics, it's lighter hearted than most, with Zayne, and often his opponents being completely incompetent, rather than the super efficient protagonists of most Star Wars series.

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