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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 4 Episode 18: Crisis on Naboo

What is it ? : Obi-Wan, still in disguise, Cad Bane, Count Dooku and the other bounty hunters arrive on Naboo to kidnap Palpatine. They discuss their plan and get into place, meanwhile the Jedi put their plans into action.
Obi-Wan lets Mace Windu know what's going on, but even with this help, the Ray Shield around Palpatine gets dropped, Palpatine gets stunned and disguised as a Senate Guard, and Bane loads him onto a speeder and escapes with Eval. Meanwhile other bounty hunters, one of which is disguised as Palpatine get caught. Obi-Wan chases down Bane, letting Mace and Anakin know where they're going, and the Jedi, with Obi-Wan revealing his identity rescue Palpatine and capture Eval and Bane, but Dooku is nowhere to be found.
Obi-Wan is suspicious about Dooku's non-appearance at the rendezvous, and returns to his sniper den, finding that the case he was given his sniper rifle in was bugged, revealing that Dooku was aware of his identity.
He races to catch up with Palpatine and Anakin who are supposedly attending a dinner in Anakin's honour for the rescue, but they have been ambushed by Dooku and some Magnaguards. Obi-Wan and Anakin destroy the Magnaguards and chase Dooku off once again.

High Points : This is an excellent ending to this storyline, and wraps things up with a brilliant piece of action.
Especially of note is the complexity of Eval's plan, and how well it is thought out. With the bounty hunters disguising themselves as senate guards, so when Palpatine is stunned, there is a reason for them to rush him out of the area to "safety". Adding to this the fact that one of them swaps identity with Palpatine, so the Jedi wanting to keep Palpatine under their protection follow the wrong person, while the real one is smuggled away as an unconscious and unimportant guard.
The plan is really solid, and deserves to go well, however, sadly the writers gave it a little push which takes away some of it's glory.

Low Points : Many of these are nitpicky, as I truly enjoyed the episode, but a few points did niggle me.

For some reason when the Jedi are having a briefing, the holographic map of Theed suddenly flips 90 degrees, so the city looks as if the streets are on a cliff face, there's no dialogue given for why this happens, and no one seems to be bothered, but it's a little weird.

Obi-Wan and the bounty hunters use a Holo disguise machine which seems way too powerful. It not only allows them to swap their appearance at will without any mechanism, the one device cloaks the entire team, works on each one while they are not near to it, and although it flickers, it never does it at an inconvenient time to give them away. The last one can be seen as luck, but one device which can cloak a squad, not only covering them with a disguise, but hiding parts which would normally be outside the disguise (like Banes hat while he's disguised as a Senate guard).

Evals plan is amazingly good, but I have to pick fault with it since it was put together before the Jedi presumably amended their plan and added extra security on discovering there was a plan. Plus very conveniently despite there being casualties in the last episode, there are exactly the right number of people for the plan, it's just all a little too convenient and takes the shine off what is an excellent plan, by making it rely on luck.

So what do you really think ? : Really enjoyed this episode, it had a nice couple of twists, the plan was well conceived and executed, and the action was excellent. Anakin is a little childish on discovering it was Obi-Wan who had decided he shouldn't be told of the fake assassination, and I'm really unclear as to what Palpatine wanted to achieve through all of this, I really can't see what he gained going to all of this effort.

Final Words : Well, four more episodes to go this season, and I'm aware that we're finally returning to the Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress storyline that hasn't been touched on since last season. I hope it's worthwhile, and I'll actually be impressed if they manage to tie the Deathwatch plot to hurt Dooku since they were given his location.

Score : 8.5/10

Comments made about this Article!

11/Dec/2019 07:00:51 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

Thank the Force this story arc is over!

I liked how Anakin was properly upset with Kenobi. Good that didn't get swept under the rug.

If Dooku had trusted in Bane and made the rendezvous he would have succeeded, Bane pulled the job off, he got Palpatine to the location

Considering they knew that Cad Bane, dude who infiltrated the Senate itself and took Senator's hostage was involved, the security was not impressive. 3 Jedi? You started out on Coruscant for this trip , you couldn't find any more loose Jedi?

They also are really bad at security, they let Kenobi get into sniper position

I kind of get the feeling Mace Windu really doesn't care if Palpatine dies or not, you can always get a replacement Chancellor

Anakin telling Ahsoka to focus on Padme makes sense for Anakin, but doesn't help protect Palpatine

Last episode Dooku assured people would be no more than 5 survivors so had exactly the number they expected to have

It occurs to me this episode basically had bounty hunters being legit bounty hunters more or less, trying to extradite Palpatine to the separatists is legit bounty work!

27/Dec/2019 10:08:33 Posted by Freddy

There are many times in the Clone Wars series which remind me why you shouldn't put a bunch of Warrior Monks in charge of your military and security as they have no applicable training.

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