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SC-X2 (Astromech Droid)

SC-X2 (Astromech Droid)


Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 4 Episode 20: Bounty

What is it ? : Asajj Ventress at a bit of a loose end after being rejected by Dooku and having her entire family and tribe destroyed by Grievous and a CIS Invasion, ends up on Tatooine in a bar getting sexually harassed (#sithtoo). She kills her harasser, and ends up being recruited to take his part in a "bounty hunter" team.
The team consisting of Ventress, Boba Fett, Dengar, Bossk, C-21 Highsinger & Latts Razzi travel to the world of Quarzite, where they are to protect a chest during a train journey. As the train makes it's journey it is attacked by Ninja's riding giant millipedes, the Bounty Hunters fight well, but eventually only Boba, who keeps trash-talking Asajj, and Asajj are left. The chest gets opened to reveal it contains a young girl being sold into service away from her tribe, which resonates with Ventress.
She puts Boba in the chest and makes the exchange at the end of the Journey, splitting the cash with the other Bounty Hunters, and sells the girl back to her tribe, keeping that cash for herself, and sets off in search of her future.

High Points : First of all I must complement the setting, the train is a brilliant setting for most of the episode, you get a feel of the layout as they are under siege from the raiders, and as they lose control of each of the cars you can feel the loss of ground. Also as they get thrown from the train, it allows the characters to be out of the episode without being killed, they are just left behind as the train speeds onwards.

While it's nice seeing Boba, Dengar and Bossk again, the two highlights of the episode are the other two bounty hunters, C-21 Highsinger & Latts Razzi. Razzi is a female hunter who uses a "Scaled Grappling Boa", which in use is a sort of bladed hooked whip, she has an agreeable personality and is fun to watch. C-21 Highsinger however is amazing, he's incredibly powerful (as a droid he seems capable of doing a personal death blossom, releasing accurate laser fire in every direction), he speaks only in his own variant of droid speak, and seems half HK-47 and half Chopper.

Although obviously very derivative, I actually really enjoyed the Kage Warrior Raiders being Ninja rip offs. While their origin was obvious, they were different enough to be interesting, and who doesn't like Ninja.

Asajj Ventress's growth as a character continues, although I'm concerned about how much they can change the character in what remains of the series, this is an interesting development which I hadn't seen coming, and it will be interesting to see whether she gets a redemption for her previous actions.

Low Points : Once again, there are Bounty Hunters, being paid to guard a chest, a chest containing a body. If only there was a name for people who guard bodies, oh well Bounty Hunters will just have to do.

When Ventress is hired for the mission, they are told it's because the plan requires 6 to complete. Why 6? Boba and Bossk and their employer guard the main carriage, C-21 Highsinger & Latts Razzi guard the second carriage, and Dengar and Ventress on the rear carriage. What are C-21 Highsinger & Latts Razzi guarding that's so important? Surely the more firepower at the back stopping them reaching the train, or the more actually protecting the chest the better? And they put Ventress and her swords at the back, where she's only useful once the train is boarded, the plan sucks, and I don't see why 6 is the magic number without which they couldn't attempt their mission.

Why the hell is the teenage Boba in charge? He had an interesting storyline developing, with him connecting with his Clone brothers, but not quite, but that's been put aside for one where he's being taken seriously without having proven himself, which is a great pity.

And speaking of Boba. how the hell is he out of prison? At the start of the previous storyline, Boba was in prison, providing a distracting riot to help Cad Bane escape. But now here he is, free as a bird. I know I joked about the terrible security in that prison, and how there was only a single lock between the prisoners and escape, but it looks as if I was actually completely accurate.

The Ninja attack on the train is done from Millipedes which can somehow keep pace with a hover train, not just for a short sprint, but for almost the entire journey. While it's possible, it makes me wonder why all travel on this world isn't Millipede based?

So what do you really think ? : I enjoyed this episode a lot, it was a nice side quest for Ventress on her path to redemption, and I'm enjoying this plot line a whole load.

Final Words : Well, Savage Opress is back next episode for the final two episodes, I hope the story continues to be as interesting as it has been for the majority of this season.

Score : 9/10

Comments made about this Article!

24/Dec/2019 22:19:25 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

Asajj would have done much better if she actually drew her swords ahead of time instead of mostly resorting to fisticuffs

Razzi is a villainess who is actually cute!

Bossk seems awfully chill

Boba is such a jerk, if he is going to be a cool villain he needs some work

27/Dec/2019 10:11:34 Posted by Freddy

Loved this episode, but Boba felt a bit crowbarred in as if the writers felt they needed to add him due to his popularity. But he really wasn't needed.

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