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Star Wars

Sith Uprising Campaign

Part One

Echoes of Darkness

        "It has been four years since Endor, the remnants of the Empire are shattered and thinly spread, The New Republic has gone from strength to strength, even managing to recapture the heart of Empire, Coruscant. Although the fighting has not been easy and the Republic is still recovering from years of civil war, the remains of the Empire are crumbling from within, and the New Republic can look forwards to a new age of peace and prosperity. However, unknown to the Republic old enemies are allying together to seize it before it can recover. A single cryptic message is their only hope of recognising the menace before its too late.

        To help deal with this threat a group of heroes from the days of the rebellion have been summoned from their homes, gathered together once more and racing towards Coruscant not even knowing what awaits them."

         The players have recalled to duty by Crix Madine, they have been chosen as the most capable for taking out a new threat to the republic, both he (as the commander of republic intelligence) and commander Skywalker (as the last of the Jedi) have the utmost confidence in them. But for the moment they are still gathering information.

         To aid in this information gathering the players must depart immediately for Onderon, Onderon is currently held by the remnants of the Empire. The planet has only one city, a sprawl covering an area a thousand miles square and reaching down into the planets crust several miles. This city now serves as the headquarters of an Imperial Warlord, Grand Moff Dern Quixx. Dern Quixx is not actually a Grand Moff, just a Moff who has promoted himself. Moff Quixx has allied himself with the Mandalore, and joint groups of Mandalore and Imperial ships are raiding into Republic territory.

         Individually these forces could be held back by the Republic Fleet, but combined they are too powerful. Fortunately Moff Quixx's second in command, Admiral Daybio, has been in contact with us, he is unhappy with an alliance with the mandalore given that they have been the enemies of the Empire and the Republic before it for over 4000 years. To this end he has provided us with a few useful items. First he has informed us that the Imperial Fleet will be away from Onderon on a raiding expedition for the next week, second he has given us the pass codes that will allow a ship to pass through the defence shield around Onderon, and thirdly he has provided a master code for the doors in the imperial garrison base that Quixx uses as his headquarters.

         Onderon does not have a commercial spaceport as all commerce was shut down by the Empire at the beginning of its rule over the planet, so you will have to land elsewhere and find a way into the Garrison Base. Admiral Daybio expects us to use this information to kill Moff Quixx, allowing him to seize control, but we have other plans. What we want you to do is to capture Moff Quixx and bring him back here, he has information about the mandalore, and what the Empire wanted from Onderon when it seized control of the entire planet. We also want you to leave this recording of the message from Admiral Daybio, and copies of the Master code and orbital shield code to incriminate him and cause a fragmentation of the imperial forces in that sector allowing Republic forces to gain control quickly and without a great deal of bloodshed on both sides.

         So your mission is simply, get to Onderon, use the code to pass through the shield, gain access to the Garrison Base, grab Moff Quixx, Sabotage the planetary shield generator, get back to your ship and return here. Any questions?

         They are provided with an R2 unit (R2-K0 (Artoo-Kayzero)) pre-programmed with the course for Onderon and the return journey. They will also be provided with Speeder bikes for the journey to and from the city and their landing site.

         For their journey the players can use a ship of their own, however if they have no ship they are taken to a warehouse, in this warehouse is stored vessels used by Alliance Intelligence during the Galactic Civil War, most of these vessels are damaged and would require repairs to be of any use, also many are too small to carry the entire group of players. However an Omega Class Transport is available and functional, and has the added advantage of being an Imperial vessel.

         Whatever ship they choose to travel in, is prepped and they depart, speeding up from the surface of Coruscant and making the leap to Hyperspace. The trip lasts 3 days, and they leave hyperspace to see Onderon ahead of them. The planet is large and has four moons, and from the computer records you see that two of these have an atmosphere but access to one of these, Dxun, is prohibited by a Jedi edict dating back to the days before Onderon joined the republic, and the other is too dangerous to land on as it is populated by the flying beasts that occasionally plague Onderon itself.

         An Imperial Star Destroyer sits in orbit above the capital city, and as they approach a channel crackles open demanding that they transmit their identity code, if their code is not transmitted within 10 seconds the destroyer will open fire (Count down until a player says that they are broadcasting the reply, the destroyer will cease fire when they broadcast the code, however it should help motivate the players in the future). After they transmit the code the Star Destroyer replies that the shield will be dropped on their approach, and as they fly down to the planet their sensors confirm that the planetary shield is indeed dropped as they descend.

         A successful sensors roll (15) is needed to locate a landing site, record the roll, this is how difficult it is for someone else to locate the ship. The trip by speeder bike takes a few hours and night falls soon after the journey begins, a repulsor lift operation roll (15) is required or they hit something (failing the roll damages the speeder bike, 1 point- no damage, 2 points light damage (the bike is slower), 3 points- heavy damage (the bike can only move at half speed), 4 points- severe damage (the bike can only move at a crawl), 5 points the bike is destroyed. Missing it move than this leads to personal damage 6 or 7 points stunned, 8 or 9 points wounded, 10 or 11 points incapacitated, 12-15 points dead. As they get close to the city the jungle gives way to a large open plane with the high city walls jutting up a mile or so away. AT-AT, and AT-ST walkers patrol the area between the jungle and city, and high above some large flying creatures can be seen roosting on the 500-meter tall walls.

         As they watch they can see a massive gate opening to admit an AT-AT, this is the most obvious way into the city. Sneak rolls are necessary as they dodge between cover and approach the gate, ducking inside as the gate opens. A single stormtrooper guards a platform 10 meters above the ground, and disposing of him, allows them to pass through the doorway at the end of the platform into the streets of the city. (It is entirely possible the players will think of another way in, its just that this is the most obvious. My players used a combination of Forgery, Faleen Pheromones and the Force, to trick the Stormtroopers into allowing them into the city as returning Imperial Intelligence Agents.)

         The nighttime streets are quiet, and they soon make their way up through the levels to the top of the city, passing through layers of quiet streets. Sneak rolls (15) or encounter a 5-man stormtrooper patrol. Emerging onto the top level they find themselves overlooking the spaceport, 5 Lambda Class shuttle sit in a perfect row, alongside 2 Sentinel class shuttles.

         At the side of the runways and landing pads is the unmistakeable hexagonal shape of an imperial garrison base; its three hangar bays open to the sky. There is an electronically alarmed fence around the compound, and stormtroopers are obvious as they patrol around the landing pads. A Security (15) roll is necessary to defeat the detection systems on the fence, and another sneak (15) to avoid the stormtroopers. They soon arrive at a set of blast doors at the side of the Garrison base.

         Inside is a short tunnel leading to the centre of the building; to one side is a set of stairs leading upwards. The shield generator sits in the middle of the base where the AT-AT storage facility usually is, the corridor the players are in opens out into this. Sneak (10) rolls to get through the base undetected and they find themselves outside Moff Quixx's quarters. As they enter the passcode into the panel beside the doors, they are spotted by a Stormtrooper who with a "Who the hell" punches an alarm panel. (How the players decide to override the shields, and get to the Moff's quarters is completely up to you, but the aim of this part is to emulate the sequence on the Death Star out of the original Star Wars movie.)

         Sirens start wailing and the sounds of booted feet start ringing down the corridors, inside the Moff's quarters they find Moff Quixx along with two people in an unknown design of armour. Moff Quixx's quarters consist of a large bedroom with a luxurious four-poster bed in the centre, large greel wood desk and a heavily padded Ewok leather chair sit next to a computer terminal moulded into the wall. At the far side of the room glass doors have slid into the walls opening out onto a balcony, hanging in the air outside is a skiff.

         Moff Quixx dives for cover beneath the desk, drawing his Blaster pistol which slides out of his hand in a graceful arc landing at the feet of (Random player), his two compatriots however don't appear to be as clumsy. The players must disable the door behind them or 10 stormtroopers will burst in (followed by another D/6 worth each round).

        2 Mandlorians

         After the fight Moff Quixx surrenders to the players, but the only way out (unless they try a bluff) is on the skiff outside the window. As they cruise away 3 Stormtroopers get to shoot at extreme range (difficult), the players of course will want to return fire. The skiff zips across the surface of the city, and soon come to the wall, flying off the edge they start dropping rapidly until they reach the 20-meter flight ceiling of the skiff. High above them on the walls they see a 5 of the birds they saw earlier leaving their roosts and following the skiff. (Realistically, the skiff cannot make the transistion in height from the top of the city, and the War-Beasts cannot fly as fast as a skiff, but for cinematic action we`ll ignore both these facts and just get to the action.)

         As they fly closer they see red armoured Stormtroopers seated on their backs, these are an elite squad, the Onderon Storm-Riders, recruited from the local Beast-Riders, armed with better equipment, and better trained they win special treatment and supplies for their families.

        5 Onderon Storm-Riders riding Onderon War-Beasts

         After beating the Storm-Riders they soon escape, loosing any other followers in the thick jungle, and get back to their ship. From there it is easy to avoid the single Star Destroyer in orbit and escape back into Hyperspace. (If the players have had too easy a time of it, then test to see if the ship could be detected (remember that a Star Destroyer is overhead and has bonuses to its sensors), and set up an ambush for the players if it is.)

         Returning to Coruscant, they are directed to land at the Imperial Palace, and are told they will be met and their prisoner will be taken into custody, when they land they are being waited for by a Captain from the New Republic Army. He informs the players that there has been a terrorist attack, and both Luke Skywalker and Crix Madine have been badly injured and are recovering in the Palaces medical facilities, Crix Madine has asked that the players be taken to him as soon as they return. Moff Quixx is to be taken to interrogation immediately. The Captain gestures to his lieutenant to take the prisoner away before leading the way to the lift, the lift goes down several floors and the Captain leads them through a few corridors before Telling them that "General Madine is in room 8, he's been informed that you are here.", and with that he turns and leaves. (The aim of this scene is to separate the players from the Moff, so it should be played casually, defeating the players natural paranoia with a sense of routine. Also the fact that they have been ordered here by flight control, and the officers carry authentic paperwork, should help defeat any questions. My players didn`t suspect a thing.)

         The corridor is wide and well lit, with nurses and medical droids bustling about, at the end of it is room 8, which is empty as the players enter it. Asking about General Madine reveals that he's not here, no one has heard of him being injured and indeed if they contact him they discover that he is well and waiting for them to return ("When did you get back?").

         Getting to Crix Madine takes a few minutes, and he informs them that things are already in motion, the person at flight control who misdirected them has been discovered, and has been taken in for interrogation. They've already discovered that this was the work of the "Palpatine Counter -Insurgency Front" or PCF for short. They have been accountable for a number of terrorist actions since the Republic took control of the system.

         As they talk the commlink on the Generals desk chimes and when he answers it, the players hear "We've got a number and a location, unfortunately her heart couldn't take it, so we won't be getting any more. Level 11, Sector 38. They're being led by Eddyr Thomat."

         Madine switches off the commlink, "Eddyr Thomat was in charge of security at Vader's Palace, and was therefore a very trusted man. You've now got a location, go get Quixx back, and don't lose him this time. Go in ready for battle, they'll likely be ready for you when their contact from flight control doesn't show up."

         Setting off in an air speeder they quickly travel to sector 38, dropping down into the depths of the city to level 11, they soon locate the PCF headquarters in an abandoned restaurant. There are two PCF members with blaster pistols and blast vests patrolling balcony (overlooking the street levels) outside the restaurant, five inside with blaster rifles and Stormtrooper armour (painted black, under overcoats, no helmets), in the back room is Eddyr Thomat (also in Stormtrooper Armour), he carries a modified Blaster Rifle 6D+1. As soon as he hears combat he joins in, but when wounded he retreats to the back room to kill Moff Quixx. Once the rest of his team is dead he makes a break for it through a hole in the wall in the kitchen. A warehouse has a single Tie Advanced sitting it the middle of it. Eddyr makes a break for it in his TIE, jumping to hyperspace after leading pursuers through the busy traffic around Coruscant.

         PCF Members

         Dex - 3D                 Perc - 2D
                 Blaster 5D
                 Dodge/Brawling Parry 5D
         Know - 2D                 Str - 3D

         Mech - 2D                 Tech - 2D

         Eddyr Thomat

         Dex - 5D                 Perc - 4D
                 Blaster 7D
                 Dodge/Brawling Parry 7D
         Know - 3D                 Str - 5D

         Mech - 4D                 Tech - 3D

         Moff Quixx is glad to see the players (he was being interrogated and was going to be killed), and says he'll tell then anything if they get him away from these crazies. Taking him back to General Madine, he is interrogated for a day or so while to players are resting up.

         The players are called by Crix Madine, who tells them that Moff Quixx has been most helpful, and has told them that the Mandalore have agents working in the Empress Teta system. They are attempting to capture various records and artefacts used by a group that once ran the Empress Teta system, the Krath. They are seeking this information due to problems they are having with their other border, this is the reason they have not been fighting the Empire, because they have been at war for the last few centuries.

         The Empress Teta system remains neutral currently, but their government remains on friendly terms with the republic so you shouldn't have too many problems. I've gotten this official request from Mon Mothma, asking their government for aid, in thwarting the Mandalorians. And he hands over a datapad with a recorded message on it, and asks that they set off immediately.

         Again they board their battered freighter and launch from coruscant, the R2 unit once again is pre-programmed with the co-ordinates for their destination.

         The journey takes 2 days, and emerging from hyperspace they see a fleet of 15 battlecruisers sitting in orbit around Teta 4 their destination. They are hailed by one of these (the MD Fang). "Arriving vessel, this system has been claimed by the Glorious Mandalorian Empire, while trade will be allowed to continue all vessels will be boarded so taxation and customs control can be enforced. Cut your engines now and prepare to be boarded."

         The players can work their way through this however they want, but will probably have no cargo to fool their way through. Vessels don't actually land on the world of Teta 4, they dock with skyhooks.

         Wandering around the port area of the Skyhook they will hear the story of what happened, The Mandalore fleet arrived 4 days ago, the government handed over control of the system and was assured that trade would be allowed to continue (Empress Teta is a corporate system). The changeover has gone smoothly, there have been some trouble that was put down brutally, but on the whole it has been peaceful.

         The players can ask about for Krath information, not much is known, there is a Krath display in the Empress Teta museum, showing pictures of the brother and sister that ran the group, telling how they took control of the system, and then both died in squabbles with their allies, allowing the Jedi to restore order to the system, there is also an example of the battle droids they used. (Although the players will never find out, the Mandalorians have seized this system in an attempt to find out about the Krath Wardroids that were used 3000 years before to kill hundreds of Jedi. The Mandalorians hope to use them against the Sith, unfortunately, the Jedi were only massacred because of overwhelming numbers and surprise, so this is a deadend for the Mandalorians.)

         A day after they arrive a second fleet emerges from hyperspace around the planet, 50 dark dreadnaughts, and a massive vessel 5 kilometers in length, the Jedi in the party feel a strong surge of the Dark Side as it arrives, and a strong feeling of foreboding, something terrible is going to happen, and the feeling they should leave.

         As they reach their ship they feel the skyhook shudder from weapons fire, and as their ship rockets out of the skyhook they see that the new fleet is firing on the Mandalorian one and one the orbiting skyhooks. The players are attacked by a wing of 3 Sith Starfighters, these will abandon their attack after 3 rounds and attempt to return to a Sith Dreadnaught before it makes a hyperspace jump out. Gravity wells have sprung up from all of the Dark Dreadnaughts, and a massive surge of power can be detected from the massive Battlecruiser. As the last of the Mandalorian ships is destroyed the new fleet goes to hyperspace. As the players prepare to do the same the Massive battlecruiser hails them, a red faced alien with points of skin hanging from his face. "Jedi, this is Mazzic Omag, Captain of the Sith Battlecruiser Scythe, take what you see here back to your leaders, a new golden age is beginning, and the destruction of the Republic will herald its start."

         And as the communication ends the players see a projectile fired at immense velocity streak from the front of the Scythe, then massive energy shields form around the ship radiating brightly.

         The projectile impacts with Teta 4 seconds after it is fired and the planet tears apart, massive fragments being hurled off into space momentarily before they are vaporised by the massive shockwave of energy released from the planet.

         The shockwave races outwards passing over the Scythe, who's shields glow more brightly as they disperse the energy. As the players jump to hyperspace to avoid the shockwave, they notice the faint outline of a dagger like fighter as it jumps also.

         Arriving back in Coruscant they are debriefed by General Madine, and told that obviously their services will be required over the coming days, in fighting the Sith threat.

         He also reveals that they were recalled because an Old Republic scout vessel arrived on Coruscant a couple of weeks before, the Jedi who was piloting it died moments after landing it, but before he died said "Danger, a new golden age", when Luke Skywalker was summoned to because the man was a Jedi, he sensed strong dark side emanations coming form him. Commander Skywalker thought this meant that the Sith had returned. Madine and Skywalker were sure however that the Sith and Mandalore were working together, as they once did long in the past, but this seems not to be true. They still aren't sure how the Krath fit in, but have other priorities now.

Experience awards are 10-15 points, points for roleplaying, planning and not shooting everything.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Text completely by FreddyB.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

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