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Darth Bane (Human Sith Lord)

Darth Bane (Human Sith Lord)
The Colossus

The Colossus
Holowan Laboratories IG-RM bodyguard and enforcer droid

Holowan Laboratories IG-RM bodyguard and enforcer droid
Pyke Boss

Pyke Boss

Type: Arakyd Observation and Recording Droid
Dexterity: 1D
         Dodge 5D
Knowledge: 1D
Mechanical: 1D
Perception: 2D
         Search 5D
Strength: 1D
Technical: 1D

Equipped with:
         Repulsorlift Drive
         Human Range Optical and Audio Sensors
         Telescopic and Microscopic Optical Sensors
         Audio Discrimination and Extended Range Audio Sensors
         Sensor Data Transmission Unit
         Simple Vocabulator (Droidspeak only)

Move: 22
Size: .4 meters tall
Cost: 1200 (new); 400 (used)

Description: This droid from Arakyd, who later became famous for their Imperial Probe Droids, has been in production for many decades, and is used for visual and audio recording and transmission. They were most famously used in the Republic Senate, but have also been used for many decades by broadcast stations for recording both inside and outside programmes, useful in helping lone reporters and for sweeping visual shots above and around locations. Because they may be used for recording in war conditions, these droids have some evasion abilities, allowing they to try to avoid incoming fire, however they are fairy obvious and have no ability to hide or sneak beyond simply becoming inactive. These droids are fairly simplistic in their intelligence, but although they only speak in droid speak, they can develop complex personalities, and many journalists wouldn't work with any other of these droids except their own. Still popular enough to continue production, these droids are a simple source of money for Arakyd, and are the only thing stopping the corporation from slipping completely into Imperial military production.

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Text completely by FreddyB. Image is by LucasFilm, copyright resides with them.
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