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BlasTech Industries Roba M-45 repeating ion blaster

BlasTech Industries Roba M-45 repeating ion blaster
Gudb (Enforcer for Bogga the Hutt)

Gudb (Enforcer for Bogga the Hutt)

Apailana (Human Queen of Naboo)

Apailana (Human Queen of Naboo)

Name: Dhutt
Type: Neanderthal Hutt

Dexterity: 4D
Perception: 3D
Strength: 6D

Special Abilities
         Fangs: Str+2D damage
         Blubbery Skin: +1D to resist damage
         Infra Red Vision: The Dhutt can see clearly at night and in the dark getting a bonus +1D to perception in these conditions.
         Light Blindness: A side effect of their nightsight is that they suffer from being dazzled by daylight and bright lights, suffering a -1D to all skills in these conditions.

Move: 9
Size: 2m tall, 4m long

Description: The Dhutt is a neanderthal version of the Hutt species, capable of using simple weapons and tools they are aggressive and dangerous creatures. It is unknown the origin planet of the Hutts or Dhutts or how these primitive creatures spread to a few dozen worlds across Hutt space, but some believe that the Hutts may have rescued the species but given the Hutt's reputation it is unknown why they may have rescued such a species. Dhutts are dangerous creatures which take great pleasure in hunting and eating any creature they can lay their hands on, and although they may be qualified as sentient no scientists have managed to test them, they have no language skills that have been observed but do manage to educate their children to the extent of their technology.

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