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Graxol Kelvyyn (Anx Gambler & Slave Trader)

Graxol Kelvyyn (Anx Gambler & Slave Trader)
T-1 shuttle

T-1 shuttle

Dragon-bird robot drone

Dragon-bird robot drone

Fuel Depot
Type: Graymar Engineering Corporation Fuel Depot
Scale: Capital
Length: 8km
Crew: 625
Passengers: 150
Cargo Capacity: 50,000 tonnes (normal cargo) and 2,000,000 tonnes (fuel)
Consumables: 1 Year
Hull: 6D
Shields: 6D
         Passive: 100/1D
         Scan: 500/3D
         Search: 2000/5D
         Focus: 10/7D

Transports: 4


Description: Although hyperdrive fuel is common and cheap one of the major problems with it, is that it is not present everywhere, and must be shipped and stored where it is required. Even in planetary systems where it is mined, this production usually takes place well outside of the habitable zone of the star, requiring its shipping in-system. The Graymar Engineering Corporation has built solutions to this problem for generations, building everything from small tankers for interplanetary shipping, up to these titanic stations for storing the vital fuel in deep space, or in planetary orbits. With a small crew, which is required only for monitoring and authorising the transfer of fuel, these stations virtually run themselves with the aid of a large droid repair crew. They are totally unarmed, because in the event of an attack the crew would normally abandon the station due to the danger of a massive explosion should the fuel tanks be breached, however to avoid the danger of small attacks or accidents causing a disaster of this magnitude, the stations are equipped with shields which are powerful even by combat starships standards. The station is equipped with 8 docking ports for vessels to dock to refuel, but transfer is only started after money or authorisation has been transferred over to the station. Although stations of this size are fairly rare, they are widespread, and most ship captains will have to make use of their facilities at some point in their career.

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