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Name: Vonta Shuttle
Type: Niwt Industries Vonta Class Shuttle
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 55 Meters
Skill: Space Transports - Vonta Shuttle
Crew: 3, Skeleton 1/+15
Passengers: 40
Crew Skill: Space Transports 5D, Starship Gunnery 4D+2, Starship Shields 4D
Cost: 12,000 (used)
Consumables: 1 Month
Cargo Capacity: 200 Tons
Hyperdrive Multiplier: NA
Hyperdrive Backup: NA
Nav Computer: NA
Space: 4
Atmosphere: 250;800kmh
Maneuverability: 1D
Hull: 5D
Shields: NA
         Passive: 15/0D
         Scan: 25/1D
         Search: 45/2D
         Focus: 2/2D+2


Description: The Vonta Shuttle is a design dating back many thousands of years, and was used by the Old Republic for carrying cargo between massive orbital transports and planetary surfaces. Larger than most modern shuttles, the Vonte does not have significantly more cargo space than them either, this is due to the very low technology used in its construction to keep its price low. Fluidic control systems, basic Ion Thrusters, no hyperdrive and no shields, means that the vessel is very poor in comparison to modern vessels. However this also means a very low price, and with its abundance of cargo space, owners can modify and upgrade this vessel to a very great degree without eliminating all of its carog hold. The Vonta Shuttle was common in its era, operating both from bulk transports and from planets, but the intervening centuries have not been kind to the vessel and it is now fairly rare to encounter a ship of this class.

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Text completely by FreddyB. Image is by "Bob the Dinosaur", copyright resides with him.
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