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Huyang (Droid Lightsaber Instructor) {as of Ahsoka}

Huyang (Droid Lightsaber Instructor) {as of Ahsoka}
Double-bladed spinning lightsaber

Double-bladed spinning lightsaber
TK-3338 (Human Stormtrooper)

TK-3338 (Human Stormtrooper) (Hardware)

Chapter 2: Cyberware


Description of game terms:

Model: The model or version of the cyperware.

Type: The classification of the cyberware.

Surgery: An operation is necessary when installing a piece of cyberware, but the complexity of the operation varies. A person installs/operates a piece of cyberware into the body of another person by using the medicine: cyborging skill. If the medicine: cyborging roll is lower than the cyberwares surgery difficulty, something have gone wrong. The result of an operation gone wrong can be estimated by finding the difference between the medicine: cyborging roll and the difficulty on the “Surgery Failure Chart”.

The cost and resting period for each type of surgery is following:



Resting period

Very easy


4D hours



8D hours



1D days



3D days

Very difficult


1D weeks



3D weeks

Difficulty noticing: The difficulty noticing the cyberware when using perception or search. Auto, means that the cyberware is so obvious that you cannot help notice it, and impossible means that the cyberware is only visible on scanners or by surgery. A cyberwares Difficulty noticing may be raised or lowered one or more difficulty levels, by increasing or decreasing the cost of the cyberware by 10%. Example: The Difficulty noticing a specific piece of cyberware may be raised from moderate to very difficult, by increasing the cost by 20%. While another piece of cyberware may have it’s Difficulty noticing lowered from impossible to easy, by decreasing it’s cost by 50%.

Skill: Some types of cyberware use a skill, these are listed here.

Cost: Basic cost of the cyberware. Add cost of the surgery.

Availability: Availability of the cyberware.

Game notes: Special notes, penalties and bonuses are noted here.


Surgery Failure Chart

Medicine: cyborging roll < difficulty by:

0-3: The cyberware has not been installed properly, and every time the wild die comes up as a 1, on any rolls related to the cyberware, it will not function the next 1D minutes.

4-8: Something is wrong with the way the cyberwaer is connected to the patient. 1D weeks after the operation the cyberware will break down.

9-12: The cyberware is out of control, reacting randomly to non existing commands from the user.

13-15: The body’s immune system is resisting the cyberware, and rejects it as foreign. The cyberware cannot be used, and unless removed, the user will become very ill (-1D to all rolls) in a matter of 1D days.

16+: The operation has gone totally wrong, and the patient have died.


Cyber sensors

Night vision eyes

The night vision eyes features electronic light-amplification, allowing the user to see in anything but total darkness without any penalty. Fog and smoke affect as normal.

·  Night vision eyes

Model: Electrobody 648/C night vision eyes

Type: Cyberware eyes

Surgery: Moderate

Difficulty noticing: Easy

Cost: 2,500

Availability: 2


Parabolic hearing chip

The inside of the ear is removed and replaced with a advanced sound chip. The user can ”zoom in” on a particular distant sound or area, filtering out background noise.

·         Parabolic hearing chip

Model: PH chip

Type: Cyberware hearing aid

Surgery: Moderate

Difficulty noticing: Difficult

Cost: 1,000

Availability: 2

Game notes: +2D to perception when listening for specific sounds.


Thermografic eyes

The user of thermografic eyes is able to see by sensing temperature differences between objects. When using the thermografic vision the user suffers no penalty for fog, smoke or darkness. However, thermografic vision is colour-blind, and objects of same temperature show no contrast, generally a ten degree difference in heat is needed to distinguish objects from their background. While using thermografic vision the user cannot see the normal visual spectrum, and switch counts as an action.

·         Thermografic eyes

Model: Cydeal v.05 thermografic eyes

Type: Cyberware eyes

Surgery: Moderate

Difficulty noticing: Very easy

Cost: 2,500

Availability: 2

Game notes: While using thermografic vision the user suffers no penalty for fog, smoke or darkness. The user gets +2D to search, when looking for warm (living) objects.


Zooming eyes

By using the zooming ability of these cyber eyes the user can have his eyes zoom in on objects of interest. The user may perform certain analytic and scientific tasks without instruments.

·         Zooming eyes

Model: Cybernology outcome zoom eyes

Type: Cyberware eyes

Surgery: Moderate

Difficulty noticing: Easy

Cost: 2,700

Availability: 2

Game notes: All search- and perception- oriented skills are increased by 3D when using the zooming eyes to view areas more than 100 meters away, or to view objects less than 30 centimetres away.


Cyber headware


Adrenaline increaser

An adrenaline increser is placed in the head of the patient to artificially increase the level of adrenaline, when the increaser is turned on. The result is more strength and better reflexes.

·         Adrenaline increaser

Model: Cybernology V2 Adrenaline increaser

Type: Headware

Surgery: Difficult

Difficulty noticing: Impossible

Cost: 1,200

Availability: 2, R

Game notes: When the adrenaline increaser is turned on (counts as an action) the wearer gets +1D to perception when rolling initiative, and +1 to strength.


Balance enhancer

The balance enhancer is a piece of electronic balance equipment, operated into the brain and connected to the users balance nerve. The electronic balance will give the user near perfect balance, but if the device for some reason shuts down the user is left with no sense of balance at all.

·         Balance enhancer

Model: Electrobody 464/F Balance enhancer

Type: Headware

Surgery: Very difficult

Difficulty noticing: Impossible

Cost: 3,500

Availability: 3

Game notes: The user rolls 7D when moving on narrow or moving surfaces.


Cable jack

A cable jack in the head allows the user to read from and operate datapads and pocket computers by thought. The user needs a cable to connect to the datapad or pocket computer.

·         Cable jack

Model: Cybernology V5 cable jack

Type: Cyberware cable jack

Surgery: Difficult

Difficulty noticing: Difficult

Cost: 1,500

Availability: 2



By installing a comlink in the head, connected to a speaker in the inner ear, the user is able to receive radio transmissions. The user can switch the comlink on and off, and change frequencies by thought. The comlink can only receive not transmit.

·         Comlink

Model: Eylan 0111001 Comlink

Type: Cyberware comlink

Surgery: Difficult

Difficulty noticing: Impossible

Cost: 300

Availability: 2



The ECS, or experience chip slot, is among the most advanced technology in the galaxy. The chip slot is used to hold ”experience” chips (EC) that gives the users brain access to lots of artificial ”memory” about a specific subject. With the ECS you can do and know things you never have learned. Because an experience chips ”memory imaging” encoding differs radically from actual memories or learned experiences the user may already have, the ECS must override the users own reflexes, experiences and memories, forcing the user to rely only on the ECS and EC.

·         ECS

Model: Catal/05 ECS

Type: Headware

Surgery: Very difficult

Difficulty noticing: Moderate

Cost: 8,000 (a EC cost 5,000 for each die in it’s die code)

Availability: 4,X

Game notes: Each experience chip holds information about one subject, to a certain level, represented by a skill and a die code. When a Experience chip is put into the ECS, the user must use the chips die code, when using the chips skill. The ECS can only hold one chip at a time to avoid brain damage. Examples of experience chips:     

Alien species 6D, Buisness 5D, Demolition 3D.


Slave module

The slave module is a cruel invention, used by few slavers and corporations. All parts of the brain containing personality and memory, is removed to make room when the module is inserted into the users head. The user is left only with the brain parts controlling the body and the most basic instincts and reflexes.

When fittet inside the head, the module works like a simple droid “brain” using the “host”  body to carrie out the commands of  the modules owner.

Persons controlled by a slave module is sometimes refered to as cyberzombies, and is often used as guards, or labor workers. The use of slave modules is illigal in most systems.

·         Slave module

Model: Catal/01 Slave module

Type: Cyber headware

Surgery: Very difficult

Difficulty noticing: Impossible

Cost: 1,200

Availability: 3, X


Cyber limbs

When wearing a cyber limb, the wearer uses the limbs strength to resist damage rather then his own strength, if the limb is damaged.


Cyber arm, simple

Replacement metal arm. Servo assisted hydraulics allow the carrying of heavier items.

·         Simple Cyber arm

Model: Electrobody 834/D Cyber arm

Type: Cyber limb

Surgery: Difficult

Difficulty noticing: Auto

Cost: 4,000

Availability: 2

Game notes: The simple cyber arm has strength 3D, when resisting damage. The arm adds +1D to the wearers lifting and brawling skills, this bonus also applies to melee and brawling damage.


Cyber arm, heavy

Extremely heavy cyberarm making the wearer a deadly opponent, even if unarmed.

·         Heavy Cyber arm

Model: TokoTecnology Heavy cyber arm V3

Type: Cyber limb

Surgery: Difficult

Difficulty noticing: Auto

Cost: 6,500

Availability: 2, F or R

Game notes: The heavy cyber arm has strength 5D, when resisting damage. The arm adds +2D to the wearers brawling, and melee damage. The wearer also gets +3D to the lifting skill.


Cyber leg

Advances in foam-metal technologies have produced this cybernetic limb system.

Constructed of a lightweight plaststeel core, with iron outer coating. These artificial legs provide immediate improvement to the patients speed.

·         Cyber legs

Model: Cyber legs

Type: Cyber limb

Surgery: Difficult

Difficulty noticing: Auto

Cost: 6,000

Availability: 2

Game notes: The cyber legs has strength 4D, when resisting damage. These cyber legs increases the wearers move by 3.


Other cyberware


Cyber chest

A metal chest cage. All internal organs are shielded by metal casing

·         Cyber chest

Model: NoPainReg. Cyber chest No.6

Type: Cyberware

Surgery: Very difficult

Difficulty noticing: Moderate

Cost: 2,500

Availability: 2

Game notes: The metal chest cage acts like body armour: +1D+1 physical, +2 energy.


Cyber weapons

A cyber weapon is placed in the users body, often replacing an arm, and is connected by wires to the users brain. Many types and designs can be found throughout the galaxy, but generally any ranged or melee weapon can be found as cyber version.

·         Cyber weapons

Type: Cyber weapon

Surgery: Difficult

Difficulty noticing: Auto

Cost: Weapons price x2

Availability: 2, (fee, restriction or illegal, as weapon)


Heart regulator

Heart stimulator. Monitors and maintains the heart rate of the individual.

·         Heart regulator

Model: Onelife 569 Heart regulator

Type: Cyberware

Surgery: Moderate

Difficulty noticing: Impossible

Cost: 750

Availability: 2

Game notes: Adds +1D to all stamina rolls.


Page Layout designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Text by Benjamin Lamberth. Images are by unknown, no claim on copyright is attempted, it resides with the various artists.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

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